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A soothsayer dies, we now have people on the pulpit saying one man of God died. So, we need to know whether someone behind the pulpit still has the truth. We need to investigate it quickly at this time. Someone that said his experience of salvation is that he got born again from his mother’s womb.

My God! Even Ezemo( a witch doctor) they do good. There are times when they are generous. They give goat, they give rice and say go and eat.

That was a person’s salvation testimony, that he got born again in his mother’s womb and someone argued that he is telling the truth. I don’t know what is happening.

Even though if we were charmed, if it is a spell. No spell is that strong to make us change the goal post of salvation because of a philanthropist.

We no longer understand the basis of our belief system. For your information, the man in question was a soothsayer and it was a spirit of divination that was at work. I know in the Spirit and I have seen many of his victims still come to us for deliverance.

I have been in a struggle, yes I speak from a struggle.May God give you understanding.

Hallelujah! Okay we are still in 1 Samuel 28:3. If you have not been in a struggle, you don’t have a testimony. I have been in the struggle. We have been labouring, pulling men out of the pit. I know how many cases of deliverance we had to do, people, jinxed under his spell.

People who appeared on his TV and then they run here for deliverance. And, there is no camera to capture the back end of the reality. May you not be a TV man, may your life not be on TV in the name of Jesus.

We have been in the struggle. Ladies that have been used to service that altar. In our day, if you can buy a good suit and you look kept, and you can say hallelujah.

Even the ‘demonial’ that was possessed with demons was able to call the name of Jesus. In this day of the iniquity of the sanctuary, the gift we need for survival now is called the gift of discernment.

I was praying from early hours of the day and it was 4:15am that God gave me the charge. Meanwhile, don’t be afraid for me. I am ready to die as you are seeing me. I have looked round and I discovered that if I die now, it is okay.

So don’t worry about me, this people have a network. No, with what I have seen, there’s nothing left. If you have seen what I have seen, you will not be afraid. I am terribly ashamed.

I Samuel 28:3-7, this is a situation of lack of alignment, all the organs of your receptacles will not pick Divine frequency if you are not in good terms with God.

If you find yourself in this condition, you are in a state of emergency. You need to admit yourself in the hospital called the grace of God.
In that hospital, they don’t give out cards. It is the patient that writes his own condition and takes a bed and put drip.

You know in the fountains of dreams, it has its own economy. God can expose a lot of things through dreams and revelations.

The likely end point of anyone that operated in Divine authority, that was actually stripped of Divine authority is because before God strip a man, it takes a very long time of long suffering and warnings must have been communicated, feedbacks, signs must have been manifested, and the person gave deaf ears to and then God now say, alright, you want to use My grace to do what is unrighteousness, then I am going to remove my Name.

Because the guy has been operating under authority, and he has been a great actor in the scheme of things, he will need to continue the action. It’s not likely to say that God has left me, let me step down. He will look for a way to continue.

The next time you quote that scripture ‘ the gifts and calling of God are without repentance’, you need to balance it. You need to know what to say because what you think that scripture is talking about is not really it.Because you will find out that people were relieved of their kingdom, they were relieved of their grace, they were relieved of the authority they operated in. Even before Judas had come, his prophecy had gone forth, ‘his bishopric, let another take.’

So, because this guy is used to action, he is used to activity, the authority of the Lord was withdrawn from him. He had to keep the action going, he ended up in a demonic dimension because there’s a close relationship between fleshly manifestation and demonic dimension. Because, some of you may wonder, last two weeks when I came to him, he was burning with the flame of God, what happened to him now?

This Christianity we are talking about is an every day thing. You wake and say, yesterday I surrendered my life to You, today I have not changed my mind. My feet will not go to places You don’t desire, my hands will not take things You have not sent me to take. I am here to do Your will. That is what you do every day.
You pray prayers like heart-check prayers every week; look into my heart, try me.
So this guy, who once enjoyed Spiritual authority subsequently, now has to find compatibility with the kingdom of darkness.

This is the point where every believer who wants to remain in the Faith must pray for the Spirit of discernment. It is because of this possibility, that all followers of Jesus Christ needs to be humble before Him.

If you put yourself in situation where people can’t talk to you, you know when you are erring, you will never know. You need somebody’s prayers, you need somebody’s input.

Most of us brag about our relationship with God. Infact, there is one preacher I know in Abuja, he said if God wants to speak, He will come to him.All those things are fake. God may choose not to speak to you.

I can tell you that as bold as that preacher was when he made that statement, it is a lie. I have graduated from that stage where I will only be at the receiving end and preachers will be speaking. I came to a place where I can ask Jesus myself.

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