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I see some young pastors…TB Joshua is dead and they are busy writing negative thing about the man on facebook. I pity for you!

Don’t criticise a level you have not reach. I used to preach against people wearing trouser those days, I use to criticise people flying private jet those days, now I discovered that I even need a private jet to travel to Owerri because the road is not safe..

Those of you criticising TB Joshua, you can’t get to his level and you can never make the impact he has made…

All those people talking against him, just make sure you don’t die. Because when you die, it is people like us that will talk against you.

No humanity, a man died and you are speaking rubbish on the Internet, how do you want his wife to feel?

He has wife,
He has children,
He has followers,

You know the worst, the people that said the most about him are from this country.

Most of the things today, we see the prophetic, is TB Joshua that brought it into existence.
*Move of spirit with hand..
*Sharing of rice in the church..

It is now pastors began to give. Before now, pastors are stingy… their children are looking fat and their members are looking poor..

Which pastor will carry offering and pour on the ground and tell one member to pack it and go? TB Joshua started it.

A man that is worth over 50million dollars, you are speaking against him.. I pity for you..

Chris Okotie can never be my role model… more than three wives, run as presidential candidate since I was in primary school… He can’t model me, he’s a confused pastor. He’s a pastorpreneur.. The only thing he has is English language. And he’s talking against a man that has impacted people, men that their passion for God is what even consumed them. TB Joshua was sick for two days before he died. It is his passion and was still laying hands on people..

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