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Praise the name of the Lord; I am so excited to write on this topic today, it’s been a while, I have wanted to really write about it, but today is a good day to do so, now to the issue of the day.

Apostle Johnson Suleman is a true prophet of God in Nigeria, he used to be a son to the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory, he was raised in the faith under the leadership of the ArchBishop and this exposed him to the practical Christianity that is known for the Power of God.  Apostle Johnson Suleman is a man that has made full prove of his calling without any doubt, he is indeed an Apostle, if we look through the book of Acts of the Apostles in the bible, the APOSTLES are known for signs and wonders, miracle is the order of the day when they come to town, they go from one place to the other preaching the Gospel, and the Bible says, God working with them, confirming their words with signs and wonders following (Mark 16:20).

So it is appropriate and expected to see many signs and wonders in the Apostolic ministry, there is always a strong manifestation of the Holy SPIRIT, because their goal is always God and his kingdom, that is the ultimate of their calling, and that is why you will see that they raise very mighty Christians, who also work in the Power of God, that loves the Lord and have great relationship with God which can be seen by all, this is what true Apostolic calling is meant for.

Now, the good thing for Apostle Suleman is, he has the gift of prophecy, so he operates both as an Apostle and a Prophet, and God has not fail to confirm his words, his prayer and his ministration has been characterized by tangible manifestation of God’s Presence and Power. He is also a man of God gifted in Healing, he as ministered so many healing both live in the service at Omega fire ministries Auchi and also in his crusades across the world, he has also ministered healing on air before, this was even more common during the Lockdown when he had to minister many times online, and people are connecting from all over the world, he as command people’s plague and predicament to be healed and it happened on the spot, I have seen and heard so many testimonies of people getting healed as Apostle pray for them.

I remember as a young CHRISTIAN who was on fire for God, I use to listen to Apostle Suleman while I was in Campus, infact his teaching as help to shape my CHRISTIAN LIFE and Spiritual Understanding and above all, my Prayer Life, this is a true man of God that God as called and ordain for this generation.

Now, there is a little controversy going on as regards to the Miracle Money Thing, especially on social media. I want you to understand something, I have seen Apostle suleman prayed for women in labour, who has been pregnant for more than 1year with no delivery and they delivered instantly, I have seen him pray for a dead child in a church service and the child came back to Life. So dimensions that are more than money, are not strange to this man, he as walked them in reality, but it seems our generation only have a problem with the supernatural when it comes to the issue of money, I had to go on youtube and watch the video myself to see how it happened, the man of God told the people to lift up their hands and phone, and they obeyed, he prayed supernatural provision of money by angels into people’s bank account, and the God who confirms the word of his servant and fulfill the counsel of his messenger came on the scene and confirmed that declaration and people started receiving miracle alerts on their phone immediately, from thousands of naira to Millions of Naira, now it did not end there, he also went to U.S for crusade, guess what? The same manifestation happened again, and because God is not an author of confusion, people started getting alerts in Dollars, they were getting paid in Dollars, miracle money ran down into people’s bank account.

There was a woman, who said immediately she got the money, her bank blocked her account number, because the money that came into her account as exceeded the limit of what the account can receive. This means, God gave her the same kind of miracle he gave Peter at the Sea shore, whereby, the fishes were too much and the boat of Peter began to sink. ‘

There are many things God can do when there is a man to pay the price and there is a people to believe, the Bible says, with God all things are possible(Matthew 19:26) and also says, all things are possible to them that believe (Mark 9:23), so what we believe matters!

I am still shocked and surprise at the kind of rebuke, criticism and hatred that was displayed by people on social media, Youtube videos about the miracle money thing, people find it hard to believe that God can provide money miraculously, but they can believe God for healing or any other thing, this is wrong, if you cannot believe God or if you don’t know God, that is why he raised prophets and Apostles, they are there to teach you the ways of God , to show you who God is and how he works, you cannot not know God by yourself, because your experience is too small to capture all the possibility that is available in God.



I was glad when another man of God recently did a video and made it clear that he was also in the service that day and he received #600,000 miraculously.

I remember some times last year, I was broke, and I needed money badly, so I prayed to God for provision that day, guess what? The following morning, I got an alert of #45,000 and I don’t know where it came from, the money landed in my account, and till today, nobody has called me to ask if I saw any money, the bank did not reverse it either, that was when I knew, this is a miracle! So God providing for his people is not completely a new thing or a shocking thing as it were, God is able to do anything, if we dare to believe.

If Yahoo yahoo boys can do fetish things or go diabolic and money look for them, some of them dead body bring money to them at midnight,  they do terrible things with the devil just to get money by all means, how much more God’s people, God is very very equal to task, he is able to provide for his people, especially when we turn to him for help, in the wilderness, he fed the children of Israel with manner for 40years, he provided for them supernaturally, that same God is still alive and that is why he said in Daniel 11:32, they that know their God shall be strong and do exploits, so by the knowledge of God, we are made strong for exploits as Christians.

It is foolishness, carnality and unbelieve that make people to criticize such kind of video, why do you have a problem with the manifestation of God’s power? You cannot help God, he is equal to the task, he is able to do it by himself, that is why he is the almighty, Pastor Adeboye told us a story of how he asked God for $5, and God provide it, he asked for $50, God did, he asked for $500, God did, he asked for $1000, God did, then he asked for $5,000 and God did it, I mean the provision came instantly right there in his hotel room in United states, so this miracle money thing is not new to God, God as always manifest himself to his people, he can send humans to bring money and if he so wish, he can also send angels to bring money, he is the almighty God, he does what pleases him.

Let us believe God the more, he is a Big GOD, let us believe him the more and seek to know hi the more, so that he can prove his almightiness in our lives, God bless you, Amen.

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