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-Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘THE POWER TO GET WEALTH’. (Part 1)
The Kingdom is founded on laws. A law refers to a modus operandi, a system of operation. The Kingdom of God is systemic in its operations. There is a governmental system, how God administers power in this Kingdom. If you want to walk in authority in this Kingdom, you must understand the system of administering the power of God. There is also an economic system in this Kingdom and it is based on laws.

For a very long time, there has been a conflict in the Body of Christ as to what the real keys for prosperity is in the Kingdom. The spiritual laws of wealth and abundance are potent but they are not the only laws.

There are spiritual laws of wealth and abundance and physical laws of wealth and abundance. Both these spiritual laws and physical laws are called Kingdom laws, they are two sides of the same coin.

Psalm 112:1-3, 1 Timothy 6:10 (This is the scripture that the devil has used for many years to punish believers. This scripture has been greatly manipulated, it has been used by well meaning sincere preachers as a way of discouraging people from having any passion for financial resources, misquoted largely and then misinterpreted). Lust for money is the strengthener of every kind of evil desire; that means evil desire is weak, when it collides with money, it can be strengthened. That means money helps to reveal the heart condition of a man.

Money is the root, the root means where it gets its nutrients and strength from. The love of money, not money.

The word love there is a Greek word that is translated ‘eros’ which means an ungodly affinity, a desire that is inordinate, that is not scriptural; that when you have an obsession for money to the point where nothing else matters not even the purposes of God. The Bible never says money is the truth of all evil.

1). The first spiritual law of wealth and abundance is the “Law of Absolute Surrender”.
Job 22:21-26, Proverbs 23:26
Until God vets the state of your heart and conclude, don’t trust whatever you think your heart tells you. The heart of a man is dangerous; until God vets your heart, you’re not ready to do business with Him.
2 Corinthians 8:5
There are many people who are merely doing flesh driven transactions in church. Most of our givings are not potent because they come from a heart that is not surrendered to Him. If God does not have your heart, you are not ready to prosper God’s way.

I have prayed many times and even as I’m on this stage, as a man of God, I am praying it that if there is anything God gives me that I cannot give Him back, my prayer request is that may it never come to me.

Don’t say amen for me, I’m praying to God, you pray your own prayer and tell God and say, Lord if you are going to give me a car, a house, an estate, it doesn’t matter what it is, if it will take your heart away from God and make you too arrogant, anything that makes your knee too far from the ground is dangerous for you. If you started the journey with God on your knees, even after ten years as a billionaire, let Him find you on your knees.

What God is teaching us tonight is very powerful and I plead with the Body of Christ, let us once again respect the place of surrender more than tithing. You can bring tithe like a bribe from a carnal standpoint that just seeks to use God as a ladder and climb, you have wasted your money. That thing is donation.

The tray that carries your tithe is the purity of your heart, not what you are dropping. Make up your mind to train everybody you know, yourself inclusive to never be ashamed of surrendering everything to the Lord. When your heart belongs to Him, He can trust you with anything and not be afraid. God is still looking for treasurers.

His last official treasurer disappointed Him; He’s still looking for people to manage this money for Him.
Having access to tremendous resources and having your mind sane is profound stability. Can you still cast your crown when you become an elder?
2). The Law of Tithing (Leviticus 27:30).
The reason why people argue about tithe is because they think tithe is all about money, tithe is not all about money.

There are two reasons why I think the tithe issue has become a controversy in the Body of Christ:
a). It is because of the way we men of God drum it. We drum it because we need the money and because there have been a lot of misuse and extravagance with God’s money. .

People have played all kinds of games with God’s money at the expense of people’s sacrifices and God’s people are not dummies. When they watch and they see the value you are producing does not match the kind of affluence and extravagant you are communicating, someone will be sensitive enough to ask questions.

Tithe was supposed to be a mechanism according to scripture to cater for priesthood and to cater for the building of the Lord’s house. Within the boundary of contentment and vision and integrity, ten per cent is what God people bring and should be sufficient to run the activities of the ministry.

Malachi 3:8-1
There are three platforms that qualify to be called a storehouse:
i). A store house means your place of primary, spiritual nourishment.
ii). A storehouse also refers to any ministry that is committed to the salvation of souls and the transformation of lives.
iii). The storehouse can also by extension refer to an individual, a minister who is committed to the salvation of souls and the equipping of the saints.
There are seven Prophetic blessings that follow a tither:
i). God will open for you the windows of Heaven.
ii). He will pour out a blessing that you will not have room enough for it.
iii). He will rebuke the devourer. The devourer is a waster that comes to bring all kinds of waste on legal basis to your life.
iv). He shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; it can be your business or life.
v). Your vine shall not cast her fruit before time
vi). All nations shall call you blessed.
vii). You shall be a delightsome land.

3). The Law of Giving (Seed time and Harvest).

The law of giving is a foundational spiritual law (Luke 6:38, Genesis 8:22). Seed time and harvest means that the economic system of the Kingdom runs on the principle of seed time and harvest. Anything you do not have; it is because you do not plant the seed for it.

Seed here does not mean money. If you want a harvest of kindness, sow the seed of kindness. There are seeds and there are corresponding harvest. Honour is the seed for a harvest called access. Good understanding is a seed for a harvest of favour.

Diligence is the seed for lifting. So, it is about understanding seeds and harvest.
2 Corinthians 9:6-8
In the Kingdom, one of the ways we sow is by giving. One of the ways we reap is by receiving. There are different kinds of giving with different levels of harvest allocated to them. We have:
a). The worship offering (Deuteronomy 16:16).
b). Kingdom investment. This is one of the major spiritual platforms that fulfills the spiritual laws of wealth and abundance (Haggai 1:2-6).
c). Seed faith – connecting your seed and your faith for a desired expectation.
d). Prophet Offering.
e). Sowing to parents; both spiritual and physical.
f). First fruit.
g). Sacrifices and vows.
There are return channels when you practice the spiritual laws of wealth and abundance. There are three principal ways that God gives answers to you as touching your obedience to spiritual laws:

a). Favour with God and Men. The proof of favour is not just money, the proof of favour is access to the hearts of kings and men. Favour is men willing to participate in your success.

Please do not downplay the place of favour, every time you touch your pocket and you see money, generally speaking there are only two ways money comes into your hand; favour and value. The favour of God is powerful. You can sleep in the prison one night and wake up a prime minister because favour was upon you.

Many of us who are trusting God for land and structural establishment above and beyond savings, it us the favour of God that gives men land (Psalm 44:3, Esther 2:15, 17, Exodus 3:21).
b). Wisdom.
Wisdom has five dimensions but two of them are most important when it has to do with wealth; divine direction and divine strategies. (Job 29:1-4)
c). The Blessing. It is a very powerful spiritual quality that functions like a magnet. It has an assignment of attracting to your life; people, opportunities and resources. The blessing is a dimension of the operation of the Holy Spirit that rests upon a believer, activated by engaging these principles.

You can step into a city and every good thing will begin to gravitate towards you. I prayed these things in my life because I knew that without these things, ministry will be as if God didn’t send you.

You know what it means to do ministry in this City, without this revelation, you are in trouble except if you want to serve Satan or go to an idol.

I came from a background where no one has risen in our family economically speaking. We all love Jesus but it looks like nothing seems to happen. I bring you a word of hope, in this Kingdom, we know that there is hope for a tree. What I’ve taught you now has nothing to do with being a preacher or a business man. The spiritual laws of wealth and abundance are responsible for the arrival of financial resources in your life then the physical laws of wealth and abundance are responsible for the management and the multiplication of financial resources. When you are looking for financial resources, it is engaging these spiritual laws that bring them to your life, when they now come, if the only thing you know are the spiritual laws, you will keep having momentary breakthroughs. One testimony and then you have another one next year. Everything God gives man; He stimulates that operation and plants in it the principle for continuity. It is called the ability to replenish. You cannot be wealthy if you are only fruitful. You must sustain the ability to replenish.
You may have come from a background where the whole family was in a room with roof leaking and yet in your dreams and visions, you see yourself standing before nations, feeding nations, funding the work of the Kingdom, single handedly building churches; the way out is not just to do business or investment or a job. The first principle is this revelation; all wealth come from God and belong to Him. It will reach you through men and the wealth and the abundance in this Kingdom, you are only given stewardship over it. Therefore you remain humble and grateful and then you understand that Kingdom is founded on laws, not superstition. Absolute surrender, the law of the tithe, the law of open Heavens, the law of giving and then favour comes for you, wisdom comes for you, the blessing that is already upon you is activated through your obedience to these laws and all of a sudden, financial resources begin to come to you. One man coming as sent by God can hold your hands and you can climb a ladder that took people ten years literally in one day.
It took 430 years to be in captivity but it didn’t take up to one day, that night could not the king sleep and then he drove them out and gave them gold and silver and everything. They left with joy and honour and dignity. How about Mordecai? That night could not King Ahasuerus sleep and he said, bring me the Chronicles, when they opened it; who is in the chamber there and it was that beast called Haman. He said what should be done to such a man and Haman thought he was the one, so he gave the best recommendation. God knows how to lift you, yours is to trust him and just to obey.
Please rise up on your feet.
Lord, give me the grace to do all that I have heard today .


  • I declare that this week is blessed for you. May the mighty hand of God rest upon you. By next week, you’ll return with testimonies in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • I declare by voice of prophecy, that from tonight, let there be strange financial testimonies to the glory of God; for many of you, supernatural debt cancellation, supernatural jobs in the name of Jesus.
  • May God connect you to the men that He will use to lift you in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • The Lord bless you, the Lord increase you in Jesus name.

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