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Apostle Joshua Selman Sermon at Koinonia,September Miracle Service

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-Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia,
September Miracle Service.
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord.
Can you lift your voice and ask the Lord for a marvelous visitation tonight? Father, give me a visitation tonight in the name of Jesus.
Father do us good tonight and let Jesus be glorified. We have declared as an act of faith, the Bible says every one that asketh receiveth; every one that seeketh findeth and to him that knocks, the door shall be opened.

In the name of Jesus Christ, let us return with testimonies tonight, in Jesus’ name we have prayed.
God bless you. Good Evening and welcome to our Miracle Service for the month of September.

I welcome every one of you; indeed it is a good thing to be in the house of the Lord. I really celebrate and salute all who have come especially from out of this Country, the Lord bless you.

Thank you for your sacrifice in the name of Jesus. Let’s particularly celebrate our dear Bishop from Asaba, Bishop Jude, let’s honour him. God bless you Sir. Please help me honour Dr. Kester all the way from Canaanland, God bless you Sir.
God is a miracle Worker; God is a glorious God.

A miracle is an interruption of the normal course; the normal course of things, the way they usually should be.

It was God that made the law and it is within His power to create a system around and above it. Truly speaking, God is a miracle Worker. A miracle happens when an act of God comes to defiles the natural course of things and that’s what will happen to somebody tonight in the name of Jesus Christ.

Let me start tonight by reminding us that God is a miracle Worker; He is a wonder-working God. It is wonderful to know that He is love, He is the Lamb, He can be a friend. In fact, it is wonderful to know that based on our oneness, the Bible identifies Him as a brother but there is a dimension of God that we need to know tonight as a miracle Worker, a wonder-working God.

Zephaniah 3:17, Psalm 62:11.
These two scriptures establish the fact that God is a Miracle Worker and God is a wonder-working God. But you see, the way God works among men is that He works through men. He works His wonders, signs and His marvelous acts through men.

He has chosen that system as an act of His power and His intelligence that as mighty as He is, He has chosen to reveal His power through men. That means that if there are no available vessels, a territory may not seem to witness the kind of power that scripture proposes that God has. That does not mean He does not have the power; it means the vessel who can give Him the allowance to find expression may not be there. So when it has to do with the lifting of men, it takes the mighty God and yielded vessels.
If you leave the mighty God alone, men will not be able to see His power. It takes the mighty God in partnership with yielded vessels: the formula is the Spirit and the bride say, “come”. The Spirit can say come but if there is no bride on earth saying come, there will be no manifestation.

The Spirit can say be healed, if the bride does not echo the same, Ezekiel said I prophesy as I was commanded. When God spoke, the bones did not obey; it was until a man echoed what God has said then the bones began to move, this is how it works. God was already speaking, prophesying into these bones and yet the bones kept quiet as though they did not hear God but when the yielded vessel repeated what God said, the Bible says there was a sound. So God is a miracle Worker, a wonder-working God but He works through men.
Isaiah 62:1-8
It takes God and yielded men, not powerful men. The men look powerful because His power flows through them.

Many people focus on the Almighty God but then they forget that His power flows through yielded vessels.
2 Kings 6:25-33, 2 Kings 7:1-17
Whatever you have on earth is only useful when God really has helped you from the realm of the spirit. The king was saying, “I am king but I can do nothing if the God of Heaven does not authorize help for you”.

Once upon a time on earth, people were so poor that a woman looked around, no animals and she looked at her son, that she stayed nine months to have him and said, “you know what? Son, I love you but we are about negotiating your destiny”.

They boiled one whole son and two women ate the son.

By the next day they wanted to boil the other one and then the other woman reminded herself that, “I went through too much to have this child” and she ran away.
That was the subject of controversy.

The Bible says when the king heard the words of the woman, he rent his clothes and he passed upon the wall and the people looked and behold he had sackcloth upon his flesh, what a responsible king! What are you ruling when all the children are been eaten by their mothers?

The king was angry because he was smart enough to know that this God they talked about; “I don’t know Him but I know He is not that wicked. If He has not moved, there is a yielded vessel who has refused to allow this to happen” and the king was right.

The is something about pain and prolonged situations that are negative; they can begin to deflate how far you think God can go as far as His might is concerned, you can start reducing your standards as far as what you know God can do. Know that the moment a word comes from God and is accurately declared to men, miracles begin to happen.
2 Kings 7:3 – there were no available men and God found four leprous men. I told you that when it has to do with God, you don’t need to be powerful, all you need is for you to be yielded.

You cannot associate power with four leprous men as far as bringing a harvest to a territory is concerned.
It’s a terrible thing when God is against you, anything can fight you when God is against you.
God is a mighty God, He can not only save individuals and families; He can save cities and nations in one day. God works through men.

God is mighty but His Almightiness, the fullness of the potential of His power is only seen when there are yielded vessels.
Hosea 12:13
Do not ask how God will visit you tonight, that’s not a wise question. Yours is to believe the dynamics of His manifestation. God is like a movie Director; He can use anything to make His word come to pass.
2 Chronicles 20:20
There are two entities to believe:
a). Believe the Lord, the creator of Heaven and the earth; the Almighty and all powerful.
b). Believe the vessel that He uses. You can believe His prophet and not believe in the Lord – that is idolatry.

You can believe in the Lord and not believe in His prophet; your answer will remain in the realm of the spirit.
If you believe in His prophet more than you believe in the Lord, you are already practicing witchcraft and idolatry. In order of priority, you must believe in the Lord but you will not believe in the Lord God, you must believe in the Lord your God. This is my message tonight.

The Lord that you must believe in must be your God for Him to work. You cannot believe in the Lord, one creator somewhere. The Lord that produces this kind of result for you must be the Lord who has become your God.
You can believe in the Lord, the God that your mother worships that you have refused to surrender your life to. Tonight, before you begin to see the miracles, He wants to be the Lord but He wants to also be your God. Many people believe that He is the Lord but they are not interested in having Him become their God. In this Kingdom when it has to do with exploits and results, it is the people that do know their God. There is a relationship component to exploit – your God.
Tonight, you have come to the Lord whether you believe Him or not, He is still Lord. The earth is the Lord’s. There are Four conditions for anyone to be called lord over a territory according to Psalm 24:1.
Psalm 24:1 gives us the litmus test if we must call you lord:
1). The Earth (Physical environment)
2). The resources; the fullness of the earth.
3). You must control the mind’s system.
4). You must have influence over the inhabitants.

If you want to take over a territory for Jesus, these must be the four things you look over: dominion over land, dominion over the resources within that territory, dominion over the mind control systems and influence over the inhabitants.

This is all what Satan looks for. When Satan comes to a territory, he wants to empower men who will own physical land because there is a dimension of faith and dominion that is tied to land.
If you believe in the Lord, the mighty God of Heaven and then you believe in His servant, the Bible clearly tells you that you have fulfilled the condition that makes for possibilities. Most people believe in the Lord but He has not become their God.
When you go to a herbalist, in an attempt to provide solutions, do you know that he does not need a relationship with you? You don’t even need to know his name. How many native doctors have given their names to people? They don’t care because the point of contact is just your need; it’s not a relationship. But you see, when you come to this God, He’s not just interested in giving you a miracle, power, job, healing etc. He feels it is an insult to give you those things first. The first thing He presents is Himself.
He is not ashamed to come and live within an individual so that you don’t just call him the miracle Worker alone, you can also call Him your God.

When you meet Jesus, the first thing He gives you is not miracle, money, cars, job; the first thing He gives you is Himself. You can reject Him; He will still respect your choice – this is the marvelous thing about Him.
I was preaching somewhere and I was giving them an illustration: imagine for instance, let’s say for example you have been calling me since yesterday, Apostle I need to see you, it is an urgent issue and I asked what is the issue? Imagine that you came up to me and all of a sudden, your attention was on my shoe or my clothes and I said, okay, I’m here. And you said no, “when I said I wanted to see you, it was not really you. I wanted to see your clothes through you” and you keep looking at the clothe and said, tailor, just get this measurement.

That’s all I really want. Imagine the disappointment, all those calls were just because you wanted something and not the person. So we pray and fast, God come now and when He shows up, we say not your face. “Where is your hand, that’s what I’m looking for? I heard that at your right hand there are pleasures. I don’t want the left, give me the right hand quickly, let me get the pleasures and be on my way”. It may look very funny but Jesus is speaking to many of us right now.

Believe in the Lord your God. You have believed in the Lord but can He become your God? You have come with pain, all kinds of issues, we’ve been having this miracle service for years but there is no single month; ministry has taught me that there is no exhaustion to the reality of human needs, even if you are to hold miracle service every day, you will still have people as though they’ve never received from God because the needs of people keep increasing.

As one problem is solved, the devil now tries to come to cause another problem again. Just when you are celebrating, then he tries to bring sickness. But now, thanks be to God which always causes us to triumph.

The first ultimate and greatest deliverance and healing and prosperity is to come and receive this gift of Himself; God offers you Himself.


  • In the Name of Jesus, I decree and declare that every planting that is not of God in and around my life and destiny, be destroyed right now.
  • Lord, as you are visiting me, let the power of God reach my family and loved ones in the name of Jesus.
    James 4:3, Matthew 6:11
  • Open your mouth and mention every area you need a visitation, no assumption.
  • I pray right now for everyone in ministry and has not been producing the kind of result that Bible says should follow; right now in the name of Jesus, may fire from Heaven rest upon individuals. Let there be an ignition from the realm of the spirit. Take that fire now, let there be an impartation of the grace for power in the name of Jesus.
  • For those of you in the prophetic ministry, receive fire upon your destiny, the hearing ears, the seeing eyes; step into the grace apportioned for you in the name of Jesus.
  • It’s time for your family to arise, may God locate you! Young and old; saviours arise by the power of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus Christ. May the power of God come upon you in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Every family here having any charm or any curse or any ordinances, any fraternity with darkness; may the fire of the Holy Ghost land upon that family in the name of Jesus.
    -Every spirit that would not let you go, in the name of Jesus be released now.
  • Every altar sitting on anybody’s life, yokes that will not let you go; by the power of the Holy Spirit, may the fire of God locate you wherever you are in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, You anointed us to be extensions of Your healing power to the Nations and right now, I pray over Your people; many have come desiring to receive, many have come desiring to be healed of all kinds of diseases and sicknesses.

The Bible says how God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and even with power and He went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed. Right now, I decree and declare everyone here who is oppressed, I command the spirit that is backing infirmity to begone now in the name of Jesus.

  • In the name of Jesus Christ, let there be healing for you right now.
    Pain on the head, severe migraines, the Lord is healing right now.
  • Pain around the joint areas, let there be a miracle right now in the name of Jesus.
  • Every cancer or any kind of cancerous growth, we curse you now in the name of Jesus. HIV, AIDS, be healed in the name of Jesus.
  • Partial or total blindness, I command that eyes to open now in Jesus’ name. Anyone who cannot walk, I decree and declare by the power of the Holy Spirit, let life and strength come upon your limbs now in Jesus’ name.
  • There are many people connecting from several hospitals; I decree and declare in the name of Jesus, let the power of God from here through the airways, let it come upon you and bring you life in Jesus’ name.
  • Father we declare, let there be miracles: Turn everyone’s mourning to dancing, sorrow to joy in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Embarrassing financial conditions, we turn that shame and that reproach to honour in Jesus’ name.
    -Every financial door that has been closed over everyone here, in the name of Jesus, causing all kinds of constraints and inconveniences let that door be opened now!
  • Financial doors be opened now for individuals, institutions and families so that you will have supplies that will give you the opportunity to focus on your walk with God and your destiny in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Any one here who is in any kind of debt; personal debt, cooperate debt, in the name of Jesus the Son of the living God, by the power that raised Christ up from the dead, come out of that situation now!
  • Every one who has promised to help you and has forgotten about you, in the name of Jesus, right now, here at this miracle service; I decree and declare, let the book of remembrance be opened concerning you!
  • There is a garment of favour that an individual can wear and you can wear and move and everything around you will attest to the fact that you carry that garment. Every garment of shame and reproach, prophetically I remove it from you right now and I decree and declare for your shame, may God grant you access to the garment of favour; favour in the city and in the country, favour in the morning, afternoon and night in the name of Jesus Christ!
  • Any addiction that the devil is using to trap you because many people’s finances go because of all kinds of addiction. I decree and declare right now, any addiction that is trapping your life and destiny; the power of that addiction over your life, let it be broken now!
  • Any family here that is under siege; troubles everyday, joblessness, weakness, death. In the name that is above all names, I speak over every family here represented, step into a new season of favour!
  • I pray for your spiritual life, I decree in the name of Jesus, for someone’s prayer life here that is yet to catch fire, I release my faith with you, from tonight spiritual laziness that will now allow you to pray, fast or study scriptures, let the spirit behind it leave your life now. I declare fresh fire over your spirit man; fire for prayer, Word study and fellowship in the name of Jesus Christ!
  • Finally I pray for you, we are stepping into October, everything you saw at the beginning of this year that your hand has not yet handled, between the remaining days now and the end of September; I decree and declare, you will enter October with that expectation in your hand in the name of Jesus Christ!
    Wave your hands to Jesus Christ and give Him praise tonight.
    Father we honour You and we bless You in Jesus’ name.
    Pictures courtesy: KOINONIA Abuja

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