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Apostle Joshua Selman Sermon “WITNESSES”

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-Apostle Joshua Selman on ‘WITNESSES Part 2’ at KOINONIA

Pray in the spirit for one minute. Father our hearts are open to receive. Grant us grace. We have come to learn, we have come to be built. Are you praying?

The entrance of Your Word gives light and understanding unto the people. Hallelujah.

This is the house of God, this is Koinonia. We’ve been on a series. The series is aimed at helping us to become effective Kingdom ambassadors and we call the series Witneses. We considered part one last week, just a quick recap and then we begin to build tonight as we prepare to pray. Hallelujah.

We did establish last week that believers are classified according to Scripture in two ways. There is a classification that is based on identification and there is a classification that is based on function, that the Bible let’s us know that we are one with Christ for instance. It reveals to us the implication of our oneness, our ability to be one with Christ and then the Bible also let’s us know that every privilege comes with responsibility so it calls us kings, fruit bearers, light, salt, priests, a chosen people, a royal priesthood and then in Acts 1:8, He calls us witnesses.

We established that a witness is a validator of a claim, one who has knowledge about a matter, witness is one who is able to provide testimonial evidence of what he or she claims to know.

Every witness has a responsibility of providing an evidence. An evidence is a token of fruitfulness, it is used as an instrument of validation. An evidence is a means of establishing a validity of the fact. Hallelujah.

Then we began to talk about the making of witnesses. We spoke a bit about how witnesses are made, that believers do not just become witnesses in experience by default, there is a season and there is a pathway that every believer should follow, must follow and we’ll take it from there tonight.

Matthew 4:19
So God is a maker of men but He only makes those who follow. The assignment in the making of a witness is to be an effective follower. Praise the name of the Lord.

In building a believer to become a witness, there is a system of growth and a system of building that that believer must submit to, to be wholistically built to stature enough to represent the purposes of the Kingdom.

Please listen, it’s important if you want to be used by God, being available is wonderful but not sufficient. You must be available and usable.

To be available means you’re yielded, you’re ready to serve His purposes, you have been trained and equipped. So here’s how it works, when God finds a man, He calls that man, your calling is not to ministry, your calling is to serve the purposes of God, your calling is to God.

Everytime God called, He mandated that they follow Him. It is when you’re sent that you’re sent as a witness. You’re not called as witness, you’re called as a follower, a disciple.

Just because you’re called does not mean you’re sent. There are many people who are called but they’re not yet sent. Your call can be genuine but you can send yourself into perdition, into perils, into failure. Hallelujah.

There is a spiritual system by which witnesses are trained and are built and we must learn how to submit ourselves to that system of making. It’s a painful process and it’s a process that requires that you obtain power from God, you must remain until the dealing is finished. If you jump the school of the Spirit, if you jump classes in the school of the Spirit, the class you jumped, you will pay for it with your failure in the future.

In the secular you can jump classes and read up during an exam and just write and pass but in the school of the Spirit every class has a destiny implication and you must submit yourself.

One class can take you two weeks to complete, another class can take you five years to complete. Are we blessed tonight?

The Throne Room gives us a picture of how things happen in Heaven and everything in Heaven as you know by now reflects God and different dimensions of Him. Everything in Heaven is the reflection of the glory of God. The angels, the Living creatures, the Elders, the splendor, the excellence. Everything in Heaven speaks of the glory of God.

It is interesting that among the many features in Heaven are a set of beings that the Bible calls the 4 Living creatures. Have you read that in the Scripture? For a long time I wondered what those guys were doing in Heaven. What they are there for exactly, I didn’t understand for a very long time.

Revelation 4:1-7
If you understand the mystery of these creatures that stand before God then you will know how to stand before God as a faithful witness. There is no record that the witnesses sit. They always stand before God. They present themselves before God.

These 4 Living creatures were interesting creatures and for a long time it bothered me. What would these kind of supposedly ugly creatures be doing before God? I thought there should be better creatures that should be looking at God. The elders were not even before Him but these four creatures having the face of a Lion for one, having the face of a cow for the other, having the face of a man and then having the face of a flying eagle and then I would later learn that those four Living creatures represents the different dimensions that every believer must pass through in order to attain stature and maturity.

Those 4 living creatures represents the school of the Spirit. These are the dimensions that you must be trained in to be able to stand before God as a living witness and as a man of stature. We’re talking about the making of witnesses.

1- THE FACE OF THE LION. The lion here very quickly talks about dominion and royalty. The Bible calls the lion the king among the animals that move on land. Are we together? Lion talks of dominion, power, splendor. So when you begin your dealing in the school of the Spirit, listen carefully, you’re exposed to your rights in Christ. You’re exposed to your authority in Christ. You get to understand that you’re not a nonentity, that you’ve been raised up with Christ according to Paul’s gospel in Ephesians, that you have been made to sit with Him. You’ll understand that you have capacity to legislate on the parliament of Heaven. That is the face of the Lion. The training that cultures you into the understanding of dominion.

Every believer who wants to be used by God as a witness, you must be able to understand the dimension of the training that is represented in the face of a lion. You must know who you are in Christ, you must know that you’re not a victim of situations and circumstances. That you have been exalted, raised up with Christ but if all you know is that you have be exalted in Christ, you have been raised, if that is all of the dimensions that you know it will come with a side effect, the side effect is pride.

The awareness of the kind of privilege and the kind of honour that God has given to you and just leaving it like that will end you in pride. There are several people, “I know who I am”, you’re right but then you’re wrong eventually because they do not know that authority in the Kingdom has a purpose.

Authority without a purpose would lead to destruction. You cannot invest so much power to men and women and not connect to purpose. It is dangerous to empower people without giving them a purpose.

Luke 22:25-27
The face of the calf talks of servanthood. A calf or an ox was used to plunder the land. Now when He teaches you that you’re mighty, you’re a king, you’re a priest, you’re not a nonentity, then He let’s you know that the purpose of that authority is for service.

Authority is not for subjugating people, it’s to serve the purposes of the Kingdom. The purpose of authority is for service. We’re obsessed with dominion but then that consciousness still destroys us because we do not know that the purpose of dominion and authority in the Kingdom is for service. If the only thing you know is the face of the lion you’re in error. The imbalance that comes with the face of the lion is corrected by the face of the calf. So while I know that I’m a great man, I am anointed, I have power, I have dominion and seated with Christ, leaving that believer like that will lead to imbalance, to pride like it’s happening to many people in ministry, in business etc.

So He let’s you know that you’re a servant, that the reason why He gave you money, He gave you influence, He gave you ministry is to have the privilege and the honour of serving God’s people.

Ladies and gentlemen, believers listen, you cannot help the kind of honour, the joy in my heart every week and every time I have the privilege, the rare privilege of serving you the truth of God’s Word. I have been doing this for many years and yet every week it a privilege. It is for this cause that I travel around the nations, I travel around this nation and regardless of how stressful it is I am motivated by the fact that as we continue to work in the consciousness of this authority, this dominion power we realize that just being a king without service makes you a wicked king and an irresponsible king.

God demonstrated that He was king by showing us that He was Lord of the universe but He came down and He served. If all you have is authority and dominion and you do not have the heart of a servant, you will not go far as far as being a witness is concerned. This is a principle that is true for ministry, for business, for government, for purpose of power in service. If you’re unwilling to serve there is no need looking for power.

The face of an ox, but then the lion just knowing that you’re a servant alone has its own side effect. The side effect is that you can serve and serve and men can take advantage of you because of your humility, people will use you, will take advantage of you for their selfish reasons and then He introduces the third face that gives you balance. That even though you’re a servant with so passionate love for people, you’re human.

3- THE FACE OF A MAN. It speaks about your humanity.
John 11:35
The Bible is not afraid to show us the humanity of Jesus. Interesting, simple but very deep. Resurrection wept, the Word of God wept. It is powerful to know that when He walked upon the earth as a man, He was not a super human. He was hungry and He let us know that He was hungry. He cursed a tree because it wasted His time and did not give Him food. The humanity of men.

You’re a lion, you have dominion, you’re one with Christ. Why have I been given that authority? The authority is given for service, whilst you serve, you live in the world of men that is mad with selfishness, they will walk you out, they will kill you if need be so He teaches you that whilst it is true that you’re a servant, you’re human. It is okay to cry.
Hebrews 4:15
Compassion is the ability to be touched with the feelings of people’s infirmity.

So Jesus was a man.
Hebrews 2:16
Listen your humanity is an advantage, it let’s people to appreciate the all surpassing power of God in you.

You know for a very long time in the body of Christ especially, it has looked like an embarrassment for anointed people to reveal their human nature and members are very wonderful but interesting people because they can look at you and say “I can’t believe it, you’re eating swallow” and you feel guilty for being human and you say “No no no, I just decided to break my fast of 500 days just for one day so I will continue”. What in the world is wrong in saying I’m hungry? Now they wake you up by 2 or 3 and say “Wow I’m disappointed, why should
I be sleeping and you’re sleeping too? You feel guilty, you apologize for sleeping. Many people have paid the price for strangling away their humanity. Jesus wept, Jesus was hungry, Jesus grew, Jesus was pained.

Many people love Jesus because they don’t know He was once human. Do you know why those who lived in His days hated Him? Because He expressed His humanity very seriously. He entered the temple one time and He saw people exchanging and they were making money from the house of God, He did not go to the Roman government and say “Look I’m zealous, I came from Heaven. Are you aware of that? The Bible says He was angry. The zeal of the Lord was upon Him and He took a whip and whipped them. Hallelujah.

Your humanity is a blessing. It makes people to be able to see you and know that truly there is an earthen vessel. It is the excellency of the power that is of God. Your humanity will give you balance.

I’ve shared my story here very very funny. Years ago I use to feel guilty, people will tell me “Remember apostle, you were sent to us, you told us that God sent you to us”, and I would feel guilty, sometimes tired and sleepy and people will sleep, they will rest, they will refresh, they will come and meet me and say “Look I need counseling, I need this”. Let me tell you when my deliverance happened, I entered a Catholic Church and you know they have a crucifix there and the Lord asked me to look at that crucifix, I looked at it with passion and for the first time I truly realised that it was not me that died on that cross. I am only a witness. I will give you a Scriptural proof of what I’m saying.

John 1:6
This is a deliverance for us. Yes sir, you’re not Jesus Christ, you’re not the King of glory, you’re one with Him, your dominion is shared dominion not absolute dominion. Please hear me, when you’re tired rest, when you’re hungry eat, when you’re pained cry, when you’re happy rejoice.
The face of a man is also in the throne room.

There are preachers who have gone through all kinds of things, bereavement, issues with their families and people look at them and as though it’s a sin to be human and when you see the man of God crying in his office, “What is happening? He says “You cannot imagine we need 1 billion, 5 billion to complete this project, I don’t even know where it’s coming from, I am overwhelmed”. You hear religious people “I am disappointed, have you forgotten that God is still God? When people cry don’t be too quick to stop them. Jesus wept. He didn’t forget he was God when He was crying.

Jesus had to query his father “Eloi Eloi Lama saba thani” it meant if men turn away from me will You also turn Your face? Jesus expressed His pain, when He was on the cross he said “I thirst”. You thought He’ll just be hanging there and say “You’re wasting your time, when it’s time to die just take my life”. No.

You’re royalty, the purpose of that authority is to serve. No matter how great you are, no matter how blessed you are, no matter how transformed you are, days will come in your life when your humanity will have to find expression. Maybe you may lose a loved one and for the first time you find yourself silent. Listen to me, when you find people in that state, do not say “Where is your God? Hold their hands and as you cry with them, let them know that everything is going to be alright. This is the definition of compassion. The ability to be touched.

Don’t go to a place where people are mourning the dead and say “Where is the dead body? Don’t act like that. Even if you want to raise the dead comfort those that mourn first. Are we blessed? Our humanity.

There are times when you’ve not been paid your salary, four five months. It’s true that you’re a man of faith but right now you look at your children’s school fees, you look at real issues before you and there are times you can go to the place of prayer and find yourself leaning on the window.

There are many people today who cannot pay their rent, many peoples breakthrough will come cheaply if only they will open up their hearts.

When you’re with someone who can help you, “What is happening? “Look I had a fight with my wife this morning, can we stand in faith and agree? Man of God wrote five books for marriage and this is what is happening? no. Listen I’m not saying this to be sarcastic, you have to be very careful otherwise men will push you to a point where your life will become a disaster.

Listen to my teachings “Why Revivals Die”. There’s only one reason why revivals die. The humanity of men. Jesus wept, Jesus was hungry.

There is God-like expectation that people bring on leaders and it’s wonderful, we must rise to point where our lives are modeled but we must be careful. In the midst of that, we’re men.

So you see a man driving his son to school and someone looks at him “Man of God you’re driving your son to school? And he says “From today, driver will drive my child”. After 5 years the child is closer to the driver than the father because he’s doing ministry and the consciousness of being a lion will not allow him to connect with his child. By the time the child becomes a teenager he calls his father uncle because he says “You don’t have a say in my life, you did not invest in that relationship”.

We’re men, we have needs, you need money for school, you need a house, you need a sense of progress. Do not just spiritualize everything and turn it down. There are times that even the great cry and when those moments come cry with honour.

Your own plane is still moving and you will definitely arrive at your destination.

It talks about the duality of your nature. The eagle that lives both on land and in the air. It reminds you that even though you’re human the presence of the Holy Spirit has created an advantage that you’re natural but you can be supernatural.

It’s said that when the eagle wants to renew it’s strength it will rise to a high altitude when the feathers are old. The eagle will rise to a very high altitude and be there for a very long time, it will defeather itself and shed off the old feathers and survive the cold at that altitude until new feathers begin to come and then when it is fit,it doesn’t just fly, it soars. Soaring means it will study the currents of the wind and it will follow it.

Listen to me, it is true that we’re humans but God did not leave us to our humanity. “I will not leave you comfortless”, so He gave us the Holy Spirit. In the midst of pain you can find strength. In the midst of stress you can be renewed. So it’s not an endorsement to just be happy about your humanity and to live there. You’re divine. It is this divine nature that made the patriarchs of old to stand at the face of death and even though naturally their humanity should feed them with fear, they did not denounce Christ. An energy that the men who killed them could not explain where it came from.

The eagle. They stood untill death. Some of the Apostles were turned upside down, some were hung and killed and they stood. If you realize that you’re divine, that even though I am human, yes this is the man Joshua Selman but there is divine power that can come upon us.

It is with that power that we can heal the sick, it’s that power that grants us the grace that even though we’re humans, we can comprehend truth at a level and a dimension that is not given to ordinary men. The excellency of His power, the workings of His grace in our lives will clearly show that even though we’re humans we’re divine.

This is why ordinary people can build supernatural things, businesses, ministries. This is why although we’re humans, I can speak to you and say “In the name of Jesus may the spiritual climate over you change”, and it will change because I’m not alone and I’m not all human. There’s a divine component. The Bible calls it that treasure that is in earthen vessels.

So don’t move around just saying I’m human and allow sickness to ravish you, and allow failure to defeat you. There is an advantage that we have in this Kingdom of Light.

We’re royalty, kings and priests. We’re servants, serving the Kingdom with a our hearts. We’re humans, we can go through the things that happen to men. There are battles but we will never be defeated because there is the face of the flying eagle.


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