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  • Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo at COZA Seven days of Glory, day 2. Empowerment day of Obedience.
    Yesterday afternoon, I was meditating on the word victory, I was in serious meditation. Lord, why is it that Christians are not walking in the Victory given to us, You said you will make us the head, you didn’t say we will swim there, you said you will make us the head and not the tail, you said Above Only, and not beneath. Do you know the meaning of that? it means you will never come down. So which means you are not part of the people that are afraid or saying I will come down, I will go down,Above Only is God’s declaration for us.
    Before your battles came, Victory was there already, God said I lead my children into a Triumphant entry , no matter how bad it is, no matter what you are scared of or how it happens, your victory was planned already. No wonder the Bible says, thanks be to God who always leads us to triumph. Am the one who teaches you to profit, and lead you in the way you should go. To a child of God, never say never. There is a way out, whatever you are trusting the Lord for, in this seven days of Glory, don’t just be storming heavens with prayers, It is powerful to pray, but also listen out for instructions. Prayer is not a monologue, but a dialogue, always listen to instructions. Don’t just inquire on what you should do, listen to instructions.
    I remember the first time I started releasing my faith to hearing God, but yesterday, I listened to a set of instructions,do this, do this, do that, and boom, did you see the harvest of souls? This is the way God leads us to Victory. Never belief the lie of the enemy that says you are in the New testament,you don’t need instructions, those who are led by the spirit are the matured Sons inheritance can be given to. You must be led.
    No matter how much you can speak the language I speak, there is a way I will speak to my children,and you will never hear, they will just understand. There is a body language, that God will not utter any word, you will just understand, you know what to embrace, you know what to retreat from embracing.
    If God cannot lead you, you are dangerous to be sent. You will become a loose cannon, but in the name of Jesus, you are a guided missile. I said you are a guided missile!
    What makes people to loose battles is inability to hear instructions. Your Victory is shrouded in instructions. That demonic concept that says you are engraved, no instructions,the law of Moses canceled it, then curse of the law taken out, but instructions, infact, you are wired in the New testament to hear God clearly. Say I will never be stuck.
    The Lord said to me,there is an individual who loves God, serves God faithfully, but has this spirit of stubbornness. You need to crack the stubbornness, be the pliable type. Stubbornness is like the sin of witchcraft. You are so made up, stubborn, even when you see things in scripture, you follow your feelings. You need to start doing what he tells you to do. What the Lord Tells you to do atimes doesn’t please you, but you must do it. Rebellion will shut down the holyghost in your life. Stubbornness is a favor killer in people’s life .
    There is an issue God has placed a finger on that you havs refused to yield to. This is the issue, you know what blesses me the most is when I hear the devil in the Bible. Satan confessed, there is a fence around Job. Don’t be bothered about Satan, what has God told you, and Job was In the Old Covenant, how much more we that are In the Glory that excelleth.

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