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Greetings Pastor Bola, I don’t know if I can learn from you and others, hiding behind the anonymity of socia media. This is a topic i find difficult to ask friends because I don’t want to expose myself unnecessarily.

I am 55 and work in a bank where I sit down eighty percent of the day, facing the screen. My wife is 53, works in an insurance company. She is on the religious side of life and kind of love Church and we are blessed with five children. Three girls and two boy. The first three have graduated, one doing his post graduate, two in NYSC.

When I was about 49, I noticed that my sexual staying power began to deplete. I can hardly last two minutes. About five years after, I mean now, it’s worse. Immediately I penetrate her, after one or two thrusting, I cum. I have patronised so many Alagbo (herb sellers) to no avail. If you come to my house, I have all manners of herbs and agunmu, all to satisfy my wife sexually. No result.

Although she keeps saying she is not bothered about sex, I should keep my mind away from it. She is concentrating on prayers, her children, and Christian race, but we hear what happens everywhere, how married women go after younger men for sex because their 2-minutes noodle husbands can’t satisfy them at home.

I also hear so many men talk of their sexual virility at home, I hear guys say at 55, 57, 58, 60, they still do two rounds. Why me? What is wrong with me Uncle Bola? Are these guys telling lies or just boasting or its true? I know you are in your 50s also, do you still do two rounds? Can we trust our wives not to cheat outside on account of we two minutes noodles husbands?

I have asked my doctor, he said if a man is on hypertension drugs, it kills sexual agility. I have been in BP drugs in over 15 years! He also said age is another big factor in poor sex and that most men, immediately they hit 50s, they become very poor in sex. He said I should go and do my findings and keep my mind at rest. He said if my wife wants me to be doing two rounds, three rounds, she doesn’t love me, she wants me to die quickly.

Pastor Bola, I feel for my wife. When she is getting aroused to enjoy the sex, that is when I cum and I will start apologising. She doesn’t talk or even show anger. This is a wife who doesn’t want me to touch her clit in foreplay. Just to suck breast. So what else can i do to make her cum like those days when I do two, three rounds easily. Now I can’t.

Pastor, pls attend to me fa (as you always say).

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