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As a young Prophet my greatest gift is not in giving prophecy but getting man’s heart fixed on God from there, my job is done.

Does that mean I don’t hear, see or know; big NO.

I just answered the question someone was trying to ask.

To the church and the nations be my prophet, the Lord told me one day when someone said Bro Joel, you don’t have any gift nor power.

I may not tell you a single thing but I have sorted many things as you talk with me.

It’s not weird, we are built for the same purpose in different ways.

Someone once said on this blue app, are you even a prophet, my response was simple, I am contented with God knowing me as His son.

It was an answer to the question he was asking God if I am His son or one of the charlatans.

Why you speak, by privilege, I answer the question behind your questions.

Forensic prophecy is the lastest scam in town that shall ruin many young and confused folks.

95% of genuine prophets(old and young) I know don’t jump about giving prophecy everytime.

Is it wrong to give prophecy, CAPITAL NO!

Is it right to give Prophecy, YES.

What’s my point, every situation requires the right response as the Lord leads you.

I once preached for a dear colleague and senior friend, God told me teach them.

I felt embarrassed that it is an opportunity to display the spirit of the prophet but the Lord said teach.

I am still thanking God that I did till today.

When I returned to my base, the Lord told me, they don’t need what you want to give them, I am their Chef and dietitian, you’re just their waiter.

A.T Joel

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