(Audio Sermon)Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘SUPERNATURAL PRESERVATION’ (Part 1)






– Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘SUPERNATURAL PRESERVATION’ (Part 1).

Majesty we worship You. The God of all flesh, King of kings, Lord of lords, we honour You in the name of Jesus. Every time we come before You oh Lord, we come because we love You. Every time we come before You, we come because we trust You. Every time we come before You, we come because we acknowledge that You are God and that besides You, there is none other. You are not one of them, You are the only One. Oh Lord, we pray that tonight’s encounter will be one that will last for the rest of our lives.

I pray that as Your Word comes, let it come with fire from Heaven and oh God I pray that as this oil comes upon Your people, let it usher them into a new season entirely. We declare that forever You will be glorified in this place, for in Jesus name we pray.

My spirit is fired up this night in the name of Jesus Christ. I believe in the power of God’s word. God is not a herbalist, He works through His Word.

Take away your eyes from the oil and look up to Jesus. The oil came from a plant and the oil does not anoint until it is anointed itself.

Supernatural Preservation, I want to share tonight on a very deep mystery and then we’ll pray. The Lord put it in my heart to help us understand the mystery of preservation, how the saints are preserved, how we are kept supernaturally. There are drugs that when you take, they are originally meant for maybe antibiotics, they are meant for certain things but because of how serious those drugs are, they will go round and also check and verify, par aventure there are other things that need to be corrected.


Essentially it is an impartation for preservation but I can assure you that the anointing will not see an area that is yet to reflect the life of Christ and leave it like that. So, expect that more than being an anointing for preservation, it would be an anointing that first preserves because that is the prophetic word but it will extend to every area of your life in the name of Jesus.

Isaiah 54:14
Let me announce to you that when we teach like this, it is not only a sermon to us; the principalities and powers assigned to attack are also forced to listen to what we are teaching. So, when we are making declarations like this, you are not the only one who is hearing it.

Every spirit and every devil and every enchantment and every yoke that is programmed against you is also hearing. Because when God speaks, everything hears. Even what is not alive becomes alive to hear Him. When God speaks, everything hears.

Psalm 79:11
There are actually people who are walking on earth today alive but they have been appointed, like I give you an appointment and I say, resume next year. You are already appointed but your resumption is next year. It means there are people walking today, they have been appointed but the date has not yet come but in the realm of the spirit, it is done already. Can you imagine such evil in our world? It’s a different thing that one just stumbled and the person died but there are people who are alive now, if you check the realm of the spirit, you will not find them among the living, they have been appointed to die.

When you have been appointed to die, anything can kill you. Let me declare over someone here:
– For you and for your loved ones, every manifestation of darkness that has vowed that you will not see the end of 2021, I cancel that evil report now!

When they give you an appointment, you have the right to reject it. You can appoint me now and say, you want me to be minister of something. I can say, “I’m not interested.” That means if you are given an appointment and you keep quiet, it is a way of receiving it.
– Anyone that digs any pit for you, that you will not live the fullness of your life, I decree and declare; like it happened to Haman, so it will happen to them in the name of Jesus Christ!

2 Timothy 4:18, Psalm 91:1-8
In this Kingdom, we rise, we reign, we thrive and we excel on the strength of our knowledge, depth of insight that we have. I was so blessed when our aunty and our mother, the woman who came and gave a testimony about the fact that she no longer have a need for fear because light came by the Spirit of God.

A believer who is ignorant, not ignorant of what he/she want; ignorant as to the way God designed this system. That person will live a defeated life perpetually even if that person is already in Christ. Because this Kingdom is a Kingdom that is activated through knowledge (2 Peter 1:3-5). It takes knowledge to walk in the reality of all that the Bible says you are and that you have. Just knowing that you are this and that you have this is not sufficient, you must have high level of spiritual illumination.


God does nothing outside of His word, He does nothing without His word. To preserve, there are three thoughts that are captured in the idea of preservation:

1. To preserve means to maintain something in its original state. When we say you are preserving something, it means that you are about maintaining that thing to ensure that the original state is not compromised.

2. To preserve gives the idea of stopping from corruption or decomposition. When we say something is preserved, it means that you are stopping it from corruption or decomposition. We preserve food by using salt, refrigerator, all because we want to stop it from corruption and decomposition.

3. To preserve is to keep alive and to make something last. God wants our fruit to abide.

Let’s define preservation now;
Preservation is defined as being kept from the reach of danger, harm, tragedy, and loses. We live in a very disturbing and very turbulent times. This is no news to anyone who has been alive for at least one year. It takes that short a time to know, to see and to appreciate the evil that is in our world.

The Bible did not leave us in the dark as to the fact that even though God’s intention for the earth to be an expression of His love, because of the presence of an adversity and an agenda that is anti-God, anti-Christ and anti-believers, the world has today from a spiritual standpoint becomes a place of evil, doom and the saints in light need to receive superior spiritual orientation to know how to live in this kind of world.

1 John 5:19, John 10:10
There is something about Satan, whatever you see him doing in your life, it is not the last thing he intends to do. Satan has the determination of a bulldog. If you see him touching your finances, do not make a mistake that it will end in only your finances. That is only the starting point. That is why you do not wait for him to advance before you crush his head with the Word of God. There are many people who allowed the attacks of darkness to stand until it gains ground, then we begin to come up with a fire brigade spiritual approach.

1 Peter 5:8
Apostle Peter gives us in a very graphic representation, the ministry of Satan. That means, you will never truly see him sit down doing nothing. He said be sober, be vigilant. Be vigilant requires that you are discerning, you are alive in the spirit. Satan is not your friend, neighbor or one who just doesn’t like you so well.

He calls him your adversary. Your adversary means one who is determined to bring you down. Satan has a determination that has never changed and will never change towards you. There is no manifestation of love in satan.

The reality in world today calls for this level of spiritual understanding to know how to preserve ourselves. I’ve shared with you here about people who go to bed and they have dreams. I don’t know how many of these sets of people I’ve prayed for in my lifetime. Where someone will inject them with a syringe (HIV) in the dream, they will wake up, feeling a slight pain and just sweep it under the carpet, only to find out a few months later that they have physical HIV, not spiritual HIV. I know someone who was slapped in the realm of the spirit in the dream and he woke up with the mark. I know a gentleman who I once prayed for, he was deaf on one side of the ear and he was not born that way. What happened? He heard like someone was calling him and he answered and that was it. Paul said, there is as it were many voices and he said, no of them without significance.
– You are in for an experience this night in the name of Jesus!

Our world is a wicked world; it is an evil world. This is not to plant fear, this is exposing you to the fact that in truth, we are not alone. Don’t think that satan has some personal reservation for you. Just because he has not come, he’s trying to attack those who will help you first before he comes. I don’t mean to scare you but believers must learn this.

There is a lot of spiritual ignorance in the Body of Christ without the understanding of the way these things work. If believers must be matured, we must be exposed to the whole counsel of God and that includes knowing what to do at times like this.

I was told one time that someone was driving on high speed in the night and he had his light on fully and the next thing, it was like darkness just came upon him, he did not see where he was going and the last thing he heard was a head-on collision with a tree.

He survived even though he had serious injuries and he told me, “I am not a bad driver. I tried turning my steering, it did not turn.” You think that is lack of professionalism? A man who has been driving for 10-15 years. The whole world lies in wickedness. What of someone who is the only child of a woman and he is done from school, graduated with a first class.

In his way to go back home, a bike man just comes out from nowhere and crushes him and he dies. I once heard a man of God, I was listening to his teachings and he was teaching particularly about this scripture of those appointed unto death and he said how that someone was going to rush to fly into another nation and then he missed his flight and he heard that the plane crashed and he was saying: “Thank God.

I was preserved.” He took train and then the train crashed again. You see how that is? – Appointed unto death.

Not to scare you but respectfully speaking, how about doctors that make mistakes and administer a treatment to someone that should not be? It was when the person is almost dying that they now discover mistakes and by that time, the damage control could not be done again. We live in a wicked world. You don’t have to hurt anyone, you don’t have to look for anyone’s trouble. There is a vendetta that predict your existence. You are in the middle of an ancient story. We live in a world where if you are not taught and mentored and you do not sustain high level of spiritual intelligent, you will find yourself speaking things like; “Who did I offend?” That is not the condition for attack. The moment you are born, you are qualified to receive an attack from Satan. He believes that everybody who comes to the earth is a threat.

Brothers and sisters, we must understand the Kingdom keys allocated for our preservation if we must survive this world. There are people who have had the opportunity to eat certain things and after that, they found out that there were poisoned, some died and some are still living. The way the world was 30 years ago, 20 years ago, even ten years ago is not the way the world is today. Until the Church comes to that state where prophecy becomes experience, we must have knowledge of this truth to be able to stand and to last.

Many young people now, the moment they become successful, they become afraid because it looks like there are some spirits that only wait for people to be successful in families to kill them. Once you are not successful, you can remain alive provided you are suffering. But let God lifts you to any position that is notable, then you’ll start seeing strange and wicked and devilish activities.

There are territories where people don’t live long. The oldest person there can be fifty years or fifty-five because there are spirits that destroy people. The moment you are celebrating your 50th birthday, those altars are activated and you find healthy people who have no track record of sicknesses, mysteriously fall sick until they are destroyed. It’s almost a risk to be successful in our world today. Your fear is not to maintain the success. Your fear is to remain alive. There are people today who don’t travel to the village, no matter what happens. I’m saying this so that when I show you the keys and as this oil comes upon you, you will know what to pray and know what to reject from your destiny.

I came from a region, ministerially speaking where I studied the history of ministries in that region and it is almost as though ministries do not survive up till three to five years of relevance. They’re people like that. Businesses or ministries don’t survive after 3,4,5 years. Something must happen and bring the ministry down. So you see a lot of people whose yesterdays were better than tomorrow. Preservation, being kept from the reach of danger, harm, tragedy and loses.

I want to share with you five keys that can activate supernatural preservation over an individual, organization, territories, families. Please I want you to learn this and add it as a collection of the Kingdom mysteries that you have. These are the arsenals that make for our victorious living in the Kingdom.

1. The new birth experience (Ephesians 1:19-21, Ephesians 2:4-6). Coming to church does not save, having a Christian name does not save. Being around Christians does not save in itself. You must encounter the Son of the living God (1 John 5:4-5). Whenever we talk about the new birth experience, most people think it is just an initiation into a religion founded by a man who was called Jesus.

In as much as we love and continue to love all those who have not met Jesus Christ or are not interested in that relationship with Jesus Christ, we will continue to love them most assuredly and most sincerely but I tell you the truth, except by the mercy of God and then the covering that comes from other believers but on their own, anyone who is not saved, Satan has legal access over their lives (Isaiah 54:14)

2. Faith in God. In addition to being saved and your encounter with Jesus the Son of the living God, you must have faith in God. It is only those who walk by faith that get God’s kind of result in this Kingdom (Habakkuk 2:4, Romans 1:17, Galatians 3:11, Hebrew 10:38).

Faith is your conviction, the assurance and the depth of conviction and persuasion that you have about God and the integrity of His Word backed up by your action of obedience to prove that you believe. It is not just believing; believing is part of the equation of faith.

You can believe and still not have faith.
2 Timothy 1:12 – by faith, you commit your life, destiny, finances to God and you know that He’s faithful to preserve against that day (Hebrews 10:39, Psalm 16:1, Psalm 86:2).

3. Encounter with Light (the Word).
When God was restoring creation from decadence, the first thing that happened was the restoration of light (Proverbs 2:11). You must make up your mind as a lifetime project that you will fight spiritual ignorance from your life. Because for as long as you remain in the darkness of ignorance, no matter how sincere and how well meaning you are, satan will continue to prevail over you even though you are in Christ (Psalm 40:11, Mathew 4:4, Psalm 91:4, John 1:5).

I’ve given this example many times, let me give it again; that if a room has been left dark for ten years and then another room has been left dark for five years, another for one year and then another one for one month and then one week and then one day and then a few hours. If you connect all of those dark rooms to the same switch, the moment you put the switch on, which of the rooms will come up first? So, light does not have respect for how long darkness has been. At the instance the light comes, it means that even if it has been 100 years of captivity, the moment the light comes, you can be sure that a 100 years problem will look like the one that started this morning.

When the devil wants to waste your life and destiny, he exposes you to any other thing but light. You can be exposed to a body of truth that carries on a semblance of light but in the realm of the spirit, it does not sustain the power to bring you true liberty.

You have to be equipped with the knowledge of who you are and the Knowledge of what you are able to do in Christ and then be exposed to all the arsenals of victory that have been given to the believers in Christ. You are not going to manufacture any weapon of victory just by yourself. They are already there.

Please obtain grace this night to damage every spirit of laziness that will not allow you stay with God’s word.

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