It started 12years ago when we got admission into the school, we were all glad to be a student of the only school of Prophets and Evangelist in Africa.

It is like a mini military camp, discipline in all aspects.

Our first drilling was on humility, we were filtered until ego and pride took impromptu race with jet speed out of our lives.

It is a place where slumbering will beg you to let go of her.

It is a place where boys are turned to men.

Laziness alacrityly wandered out of lives.

At Babajide, we had series of drills which mode us according to God’s purpose.

The great Prophet and former General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, David Olulana Babajide had a revelation around 1964, a palm kernel was thrown into a dry land and suddenly palm tree sprang up until the whole world was filled with it.


By that vision, years later, he was led to Imo, Ilesa, Osun state where the school started.

It is only meant for special force in the kingdom army.

It is predicated on raising men who can stand for Christ everywhere.

A student from Babajide is trained for all purpose and all places.

A 2(1/2) inches mattress was where two persons slept with a side of our bodies. This is to stop us from slipping into slumbering.

We tuck-in our shirt 24hrs just like military men with our shoes close by.

We bathe by 3.30am and by 4.00am everybody must have started personal morning devotion.

God fearing men but fearless before men are raised in the midst of dross removing.


It is a place where prayers is a lifestyle and routine, the weakest man in Babajide can take a city on his kneel of prayers.

The present CAC General Evangelist Prophet Hezekiah was forged in the kingdom fire of Babajide.

There is a major drill on contentment, it kills greed and coveteousness. We were taught to depend on God for all things. We were baptized at the pool of this important virtue.

The academic part of the school is topnotched, those who can not read and write were taught from the scratch before teaching them the majors of ministry.

Those who can read are helped to understand Christianity from the very foundation and forged to pass the message to the whole world in humility.

It is not a place for the faint hearted, it is for those who thirst for more of God.

One of the many things I learnt at Babajide was the very raw faith that I live and share with millions around the world today.

We were taught to share out of our little with others. This drill is to get rid of all forms of selfishness.

Materialism of all sort was murdered right there after the drill on Jesus our perfect example.

One thing that have refused to live me is, you see what you chose to see and learn what you chose to learn in the great school.

I saw men with academic degrees live with men who were never in school for a day, old men with boys, young men with young adults. For 2yrs we dwelt like siblings.

This is a place where terminal disease were terminated on the altar of faith and prayers.

A place where the stubborn were transformed.

No matter how bad you are, Babajide will make you a better person.

I saw raw display of God’s power and gift,

I saw exceeding grace, favour and mercy.

Everyone recognize the respect and honour that comes from any student from that great institution.

We were taught the principle of accountability, justice and holiness.

If you want to see the worst transformed into a kingdom soldier, Babajide is number one of such place.

There is hardly any part of the world where you will not find a minister of the gospel who is a product of the great Babajide School of Prophets and Evangelists.

I celebrate these men, Pastor A.A Abayomi, Pastor John Babajide, Late Pastor Ajewole, Pastor Hezekiah Ogunlowo, Late Pastor Ilori, Pastor Oguntona, Pastor Omotosho they impacted us positively for the Kingdom work.

It is exactly 10years today that we graduated from the prestigious school of Prophets and Evangelists, the first in the whole world with Christian virtue for all seasons.

On behalf of set 17, I say thank you Jesus for your grace and favour. You kept us strong.

A.T Joel.

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