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Breastfeeding is the activity of feeding a baby or young child with milk from the breast of a lactating woman.

Irrespective of what you have heard or know about breast feeding there’s no dispute or argument on the fact that breast milk remains the best and most complete meal of infants (that’s children that are under the age of one), research has confirmed that breast milk is the best meal an infant can have.  As a matter of fact the infant formula or whatever we have now is not yet to be a perfect replacer of breast milk.

However, with evolving medical, social and economic states in our world today, many may argue about infants been raised successfully with infant formula and many other alternatives, fine! This now brings about the question, do breast feeding worth it? 

Why should I breast when there are other means to feed an infant?

Anyways, answers will be provided to different question people ask about breast feeding, and we will also talk about concerns some do have about breast feeding.

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  1. WONT BREAST FEEDING MAKE MY BREAST SAG? Oh really, you can see how many got concerned with sagging of breast rather than the wellbeing of their babies, yeah breast sagging is what most woman detest and never wish they have, but I tell you breast feeding or no breast feeding you will still definitely have the sagging of breast. And I tell you breastfeeding is an uncommon factor that causes breast sagging, trust me. You might want to ask me then what is it that cause breast sagging. I tell you breast sagging is not only cause just by one factor; in other words breast sagging is as a result of many interplay factors, a lot are involving. Breasts sag after they lose their elasticity with resultant laxity (weakness) of the tissues (structure) which supports the breasts and are caused by a lot factor.
  2. WHAT IS MY BENEFIT IN BREAST FEEDING? According to health experts, they states that there are economic, social and health benefit in breast feedings.
  • It improves social bond between a mother and child.
    • Women who breast feeds have reduced risk of having cancers both breast and ovarian cancers.
    • It saves you money since it is provided free of charge.
    • It could help you lose some pregnancy weight.
    • It requires no special storage techniques since it is your breast.
    • It is a form of natural family planning.
  1. ISNT BREAST FEEDING PAINFUL? Paining is not the true state of breast feeding, because research makes it known that it actually gives a pleasurable sensation. I will like you to ask someone who is breast feeding, or who has breast fed before to confirm. However, if you are experiencing a pain while breast feeding your baby, it is advisable you visit your doctor.
  1. WHAT DOES MY BABY GET FROM BREAT FEEDING? Wow! I tell you a lot, because, firstly it is provided readily available, it is nutritionally complete for the baby, which enables the mother to transfer some immunity to the baby that will help him to get more resistance and fewer prunes to some disease, and enhance the baby’s bond with the mother.
  2. WILL I PROVIDE SUFFICIENT BREAST MILK FOR MY BABY? Medical experts help to understand that first few days after delivery, the volume of breast milk may actually be scanty. But that doesn’t call for panicking at all, but it is advisable to continue breast feeding, because the more stimulation of breast during breast feeding and even the cry of your baby stimulate more milk production and release.

I tell you of the truth that breast feeding has a lot of good to do both to the mother and baby, you can’t despise the place of breast feeding in raising a healthy and proper child, nothing has its match to the breast milk produce by the mother not even infant formula, trust me.


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