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Spirit travels on vibration and because the demon knows, he now gathered his agents that have money who are his Apostles and gathered money to put a program together that access your eyes and your ears and you sit down from morning till night downloading demonic spirit and you say you are having fun, whereas you are downloading demonic spirit, so 500 young ladies that watch the Big Brother Naija go to sleep with 500 other men, they don’t know it is a recruitment camp for agents of darkness.

We need to understand spiritual intelligence, a demon don’t need to appear to you before you are demonized, you can be demonize from your television set if you don’t know what you watch, you can be demonized from the internet if you don’t know what you watch, because spirits travels on vibration, sound wave and light wave, a lady doesn’t know she has become an agent, she went and snapped herself almost naked and put it on Facebook and say is her birthday, she doesn’t know that is ministry….because there is such a thing that is called the appearance of a harlot.

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