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The Word of God is true and every word from his mouth is ye and amen, his word does not lie, it does not fail, it can never fail, God is so mindful of his children, I know there trials and test of life that makes it look as if, does God really care? Does God really think about me? Brethen, I am here to tell you that God thinks about you always, God cares a lot about you, he will not watch you fall and fail.

No matter what the situation maybe saying, find comfort in the word of GOD, because God can not lie and his word can never fail, he says, before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

This is God speaking to JEREMIAH, but how does it applies to us? We know that what God says to one, he says to all, and every scripture is meant for our learning and profiting (2 Tim 3:16 ). So we know from the word of God that God is mindful of us, he knew us right before we were born,  this alone should give you and I confident as believers that we serve a God who cares about us, who draft our life plans right before we knew him, right before we were born, even while we were still in our mother’s womb.

So, I encourage you today, have this mindset, let this understanding sink into you, irrespective of what you may be going through right now, have an understanding that we serve a God who is equal to the task, he knew you and he as a plan for you. No matter what is happening around you, don’t let go of the word of God, because it is what guarantees your victory in the face of challenges and oppositions of life.

The scriptures we are looking at, establish the fact that God as a plan for us, he knew us right before we came to this earth, he has a purpose for sending us here, no matter how difficult what you may be going through could be, don’t forget that God has a plan and purpose for you on the earth.

Now that you know God is mindful of you and he has a plan for you here, what are you to do, to fulfill that purpose?

  1. Receive his Salvation: The provision of scriptures is made available through salvation, it is at new birth that you are enlisted to the reality of what God as promised if you have not given your life to Jesus, you are not a candidate for his blessings. The process of your manifesting God’s blessings and promises for your life starts with been born again, when you receive Jesus as your lord and savior, then you are ready to manifest his word in your life.
  2. Believe his Word : You cannot become what you do not believe, it is not enough to know that God said so, you must believe so, it is in believing that you are able to become, the bible says, blessed is she that believe, there shall be a performance (Luke 1:45), you have to believe what God says above your situation for the word of GOD to work in your favour, many times when Jesus wants to heal, he will ask the sick do you believe I can do this? When the person says, Yes lord, then he will be healed, or be it unto thee according to your faith, you cannot receive anything from God until you believe him (Hebrews 11:6 ).
  3. Pray : This is very essential, as a prove that you believe God, you must pray to God always, that is, taking his word to him, knowing that his word is ye and amen, that he cannot fail. Your Faith is strengthen when you pray according to the will of God, when you take the word of God in your mind, your faith comes alive, and when faith comes alive, God steps in, the word of God finds expression in your life when your faith comes alive, this is how to make it work. Your prayer to God is a prove of Faith in his word.
  4. Obey his Word: This is very important, most of the provisions of scriptures comes with a condition, you must find the condition and obey them for the provision to be yours, for instance, the bible says in Job 36;11, if they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasures, so you want to spend your days in prosperity? Go and serve the lord, be a worker and an active member of your church, serve the Lord in your church, this is how to provoke the blessing, go on soul winning, preach the gospel to the lost, save them and ensure they are establish in the faith, and the bible says in John 15:16, that whatever you ask the father in my name, it shall be given unto you, so when you go on soul winning, you are doing the father’s business and the reward is that, whatever you ask, he will do.
  • Keep following his ways:  Don’t pursue the Lord for the main time, pursue him as a lifestyle, make it your habit to serve the lord, to follow the master, this is how to make the word of God come to fulfillment in your life, you cannot do it periodically, follow the lord totally, follow him completely (Luke 11:28). He has a plan for you, but you need to follow him to learn of him and become like him so that his plans can be fulfilled.

For example, God had a plan for Peter to be an Apostle of JESUS CHRIST, but Peter was a fisher man, when the miracle of his encounter was going to happen, he encountered Jesus at the sea shore where he was fishing, and he had toiled all night and caught nothing, the master instructed him to launch his boat into the deep for a catch and he did, divinely the miracle happened, he caught so much fish, his net began to brake, he was astonished at this miracle and he looked at Jesus and said, go away from me for am a sinner, but Jesus said to him; Peter, follow me, I will make you fishers of men (Luke 5: 1-7). That means; follow me, I will open up your destiny, you will become the original plan of God for your life, the divine counsel and prophetic assignment on you destiny needs a preparatory process, follow me and I will walk you down to your destiny, I will mentor you to fulfill that divine plan and purpose for your life.

This is exactly the same thing with many Christians all over the world today; you really desire to become all that God as purposed for you? The follow the lord, daily, follow him by serving him following and obeying his word, doing his will, praying always.

May God give you the Grace you need to follow him successfully in Jesus name, Amen.

God bless you.

Written by Pastor Matthew.

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