Before your Invite People to your Church: Check if you have these Things!

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I am not trying to be controversial, but I want us to face the honest truth here, which is very important, in our world of today, I am glad that the body of Christ is experiencing a great growth and expansion, many people are coming to the knowledge of the truth, this is great and we give God the glory for it, but I want to address some few issues happening that have seen in some churches, it is great to copy other ministries and their strategies to grow the work of God In your own church, but before you do so, ask and check for some things in your church, be sure you have them before you invite people to come.

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Now, I am not saying you will have all the Graces and anointing that makes for signs and wonders before you can reach out to the dying world, NO! That is not what am saying, what am saying is that, we need to check some things and be sure our goal and motive for doing what we do is right and correct, because God does not judge like men does, God does not look like men look, Men look at the physical appearance but God look at the heart.

I remember some years ago, I was in a church, as a young minister and a student and guess what? I was working, I was doing so much as though I was the founder of the ministry, yet I was not. Just that I left winners chapel, when the Lord told me, it is time to start teaching and ministering to people, and in winners I have learn and master the act of evangelism, praying for souls, praying for kingdom advancement and many more essential kingdom responsibilities, so it is already a part of me to do those things, I don’t even see it as work anymore, but when I got to this particular church, even the lead Pastor was so lazy, many times we will fix prayer meeting for ministers on Saturday, but this man will not come, it is either me and one more person, but the set man will never come, yet he will be the one to preach on Sunday, but you won’t see him in prayer and the effect was obvious on the church growth, as the set man was a very lazy person and this was telling on the growth of the church, even though we are laboring as co-workers, anyway, not do distract you, let me get into the subject of the day, while you are trusting God for growth and development in ministry, what are the things that should be in place, or when you believe God to bring the people to your church, what are those things that should be in your church before the people will come?

  1. The Word of God: Do you have the word of God? Do you teach a sound doctrine? Is your teaching reflecting the nature, character and person of Jesus CHRIST? The bible says, ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free, nothing sets free like the truth of God’s word, the people of God under your leadership will only experience freedom if what you are teaching them is the truth of God’s word. A situation whereby, the word they are hearing is not propelling a spiritual growth in their life, they are not having proofs of true Christian values and character and their physical  life is not taking a new shape in agreement with the word of God, something is definitely wrong, the honest truth is, there are pastors that it is God himself that is hindering your church growth, not the devil at all, because God can see how that you are not faithful and committed in building the few ones he gave you, so why should he give you more? These and more are the things to check when you are praying for church growth, God cannot just be bringing the people, the question is, when he bring them, what do you have to offer them?
  2. Prayer: How much do you pray? Especially. How much do you pray the kingdom kind of prayer? How much heart do you have for others? Do you have true genuine heart and compassion to see others saved, delivered, liberated and freed from the siege of the devil? If others is not your priority, you are not qualify to receive men, God cannot entrust you with people if he cannot trust your heart for them. To be honest am shocked at how that people come into ministry to make money, if you want to make money, go start a Business, ministry is never for money making, it is not for gain, it is a kingdom service, the ultimate goal is to see Jesus glorified, that is what propels ministry, and if this is your desire, there is no limit to the height God can take you, if seeing Jesus manifest in the lives of people is your desire, than he is willing and ready to use you and show you to the world.
  3. Integrity:  The bible says, let everyone that nameth the name of Christ, be far from iniquity, there is  a nature, a character that is required of them that wants to show God to the world, if winning souls is your desire, there is a standard and responsibility that is required of you, if you must achieve this goal. Even though the devil is always after such people, yet if you understand this and pursue it, you will have dominion over the devil and his forces. Your conformity to the image of Christ is so paramount that you cannot replace or excuse it, it is so essential, this is what makes it easy for you to even win souls for God when you already look like him in character, conduct and way of life, it is crazy to see people go out for outreach but people outside are well dressed even much more than them, this is not right, I am specifically referring to ladies here, if your appearance does not look like Christ, don’t bother telling someone about him, even at your workplace, you must maintain an attitude that reflects your God, if truly you want people to follow you to serve your God.
  4. Overcome the Love of Money: This is another killer in many churches and ministry today, I always admonish young ministers, if you know God as called you, thank God you now know, but have a Business or a source of income, God is not an author of confusion, he does not confuse people, don’t put the people of God under your watch into pressure because you are their pastor, or because you want to meet the social expectation of life and live up to the status quo, this will only ruin you in a hurry, let us be wise and sensitive at the same time. I have seen Pastors who dupe their church members, some had business, investment with members and that was the end of their ministry, it jeopardize the calling of God upon their lives, I have also seen Pastors who build their own Houses, whereas, the church of God under their watch is still in a rented apartment, this is not good, the worse one I saw, was a situation whereby the people contribute money for church project and building but the Pastor swallowed the money, and that was the end of the ministry, immediately God cannot trust you in the area of money, he won’t bring more people because he knows all you will be thinking is how to get the money in their hand, whereas, their soul supposed to be your priority.  The honest truth is, if you serve Go genuinely and faithfully, he will bless you for real , he will open great doors unto you and the ministry in your hand is bound to flourish, nobody serve God at a loss, there is a great blessing attached to serving Jesus, we just need to be faithful, committed and trust worthy. Another major area I must address under integrity is purity, both in administration and spirituality, don’t play games, immediately the administration is not in order, God cannot move because he is a holy God, when you are not holy, straightforward, he will leave, this is exactly what as happened to many churches an  Pastors, though they are still running ministry, but God as left them, simply because they are not pure, their hands are not clean. Answers to prayer are amplified in an atmosphere of purity and righteousness, signs and wonders is the order of the day, when the environment is conducive enough to inhabit the presence of God. You can’t be playing games, living an immoral life and still expect God to be in the midst of you, this is not possible.

The bible says, Righteousness exalts a Nation, sin is a reproach, anytime we are representing God, the demand upon us is to live a life that is trustworthy, righteous, holy and acceptable, this is the only way we can enjoy the increase that comes from God, both in Ministry, Career, Business and whatever we do, I pray the Grace of God will be sufficient for us all in Jesus name, Amen!

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