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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs To Join In 2022

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I see a lot of people asking of the best affiliate marketing to venture into, well, I think it’s a good time to put an end to your curiosity and answer your most burning questions.

1. Skimlinks

Skimlinks (a Taboola company) is a content monetization network that allows you, the content creator, to passively and effortlessly monetize your content

You do what you do best – create content.

Once your content is published, Skimlinks does what Skimlinks does best: turns any product, brand mention, or merchant link into its equivalent affiliate link. You can as well visit the website of brands you mentioned in your post, copy product link you want to promote and insert in your site.

How does this work? Once you get approved of skimlinks, you’ll be given a genuine code to insert in your header (Just like Adsense) to track all sales, so as to award you your commission per sale.

With Skimlinks, you get instant access to over 24,000 merchant affiliate programs without the hassle of network sign-ups, approvals, or creating affiliate links.

Sign up: https://skimlinks.com/ (sign up as a publisher, ensure to sign up with a custom email address, example: info@yabaleft.com)

2. Amazon.

Amazon remains the number 1 market place in the world, where people shop just with a click of a button from the comfort of their couch.

It’s estimated that Amazon’s annual earnings of $232.9 billion would translate to: $19.4 billion per month, $4.5 billion per week, $638.1 million per day. Why don’t you leverage the opportunity to make some cut from this mind-blowing stats just by guiding curious and confused people to making a better purchase?.

We all know how Amazon affiliate marketing works right? Well for those who are bemused about it, create an account, create affiliate link from preferred products you want to promote on your site through your dashboard. That’s all.

But note Amazon will only approve your blog after making 3 eligible sales within 180 days.

Sign up: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

In Conclusion.

Brethren these are the two affiliate marketing programs I personally use, but I recommend skimlinks more because it houses 24,000 merchant affiliate programs. That means, when you get approved, you get exposed automatically to 24,000 merchant affiliate programs.

Amazon on the other hand is a great affiliate program to be venture into, with Millions of products suitable to all niches to promote on your site.

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