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Donkey years’ experience in catfish farming and management has taught me basic things I need to observe in my day to day consulting on catfish farms. Some of my observations are more or less basic principles of catfish farming.

Once they are observed, success is inevitable. If you want to get good results, then these basic principles of catfish farming must be duly taken care of in your farms.

I assure you, once you can observe the best practices in catfish farming as listed below, your return on catfish farming investment is guaranteed.

The following are the summary of basic best practices in catfish farming:

1. Ensure You Stock QUALITY Fingerlings/Juveniles : Good seeds, water and feed are the most important factors of catfish farming. No matter how good your catfish management skill is. Poorly bred seed can frustrate your effort.

2. Stocking more than the carriage capacity of your ponds will not increase returns on your investment but trigger unnecessary management stress. The best practice to ensure your pond is neither overstocked nor understocked is to stock your fingerlings/juveniles in a separate pond and later count and restock in other ponds. This will make you to be sure of actual number of fishes stocked.

3. Feed Your Fishes Regularly : I recommend feeding twice a day for fishes under two months old. You can limit their feeding to once a day once they are grown up. Skip feeding will not enhance consistency in growth of your catfishes. Inconsistent feeding causes a lot of distress in the long term. I have this saying, you stop feeding for one week it would take 3weeks of regular feeding to get to that point you stopped feeding. Regular feeding is important. Plan for it.

4. You can enhance your rate of returns by skillfully combining floating feed and locally pelletized feed to raise your fishes to table size. I recommend usage of good floating feed for minimum of six weeks and maximum of ten weeks. Follow up your feeding with rich, locally pelletized feed. However, you could use floating feed throughout if you raise your fish in concrete/synthetic rubber pond. This consideration should be critically considered if the essence of the practice is profit driven. There are however floating feeds made locally now. Which could substitute the locally pelletized feed.

5. The use of quality feed cannot be overemphasized in catfish farming . Whether readymade feed or feed formulated yourself , basic nutritional requirement of your fishes must not be compromised. Cost should not be the only guiding principle in the choice of feed. Do not compromise quality for price. If you are not sure of the quality of your locally pelletized feed, it is better you use readymade feed with proven quality guaranteed. Quality includes, the protein content, non or less water pollution contributor and attractant to fish.


6. Stop feeding once frequent or uncontrolled mortality is discovered on your pond. You can resume feeding once your fishes stabilize. Feeding fishes with health challenges can trigger increased rate of mortality . Make sure you increase feed given to recovering fishes gradually till they reach their normal health status.

7. Overfeeding is a waste of fortune. If only you can use camera to monitor wasted feed at the bottom of your ponds, you will see how much feed you have wasted. If you find it difficult to regulate your feeding , using floating feed all through will not be a bad idea. But again cost is of importance, so you have to learn the act of proper feeding.

Special credit and Regards to the writer, isn’t it? 😊

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