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Biography of Katy Perry

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Verily, there is not easy path to success; success consists of many failures and unrelenting efforts. This is the biography of Katy Perry, the sensational pop star.

 Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, professionally known as Katy Perry was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California, US to a conservative family. Her parents were pastors; she and her siblings were raised in a religious way. She came from a family of three children; being the middle child, she has an older sister and a younger brother. She was fortunate to have pastor parents; this exposed her to biblical teachings and enhanced her music career as she began with gospel music.

Katy Perry began her music from the church; her first experience of performing was made in the church. Her love for music grew tremendously from her tender age, age 8 precisely. She used to follow her parents around to any church across the country, from around age 4. She attended religious schools and camps as her parents were known to be staunch Christians; she attended Paradise Valley Christian School in Arizona and Santa Barbara Christian School in California during her elementary school education years.

As a teenager, Katy Perry was exposed to musical influence; at the age of 13, she had successfully learnt how to play guitar; this was a frontier to her music career. Though, beginning was not as rosy as expected as her parents were not in support of her music career. She crossed a lot of hurdles in order to wade off the threats of her parents. She was determined and focused despite all odds; she took her career prominent and never gave up.  Her parents were stern at her as they observe her loyal inclination to music; but this never got her eyes off the ball.

During this period, she signed to a Christian record label, Red Hill, and recorded her first album; it was a futile effort, nothing yielded and she was dropped. At age 17, she drifted her opportunity to Los Angeles in search of a greener pasture. She was fortunate to collaborate with one of the top notched producers, Glen Ballard; but she was quite unlucky as the deal didn’t last long. She then signed to Columbia records in 2004, hoping to break the ice. Again, it was a futile effort, she was dropped.

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Unrelenting Katy Perry kept the focus and continued to strive, despite all breakdowns, she kept perfecting her craft. Fortunately for her and her ebullience for a successful music career, one of the executives at Columbia recommended her to the chairman of Virgin records, Jason Flom. Capitol Music Group signed Katy Kerry and this deal changed her life for good. She rose to limelight under the management of Capitol Music Group. She recorded her second album, titled “one of the boys” with Capitol Music Group. In the spring of 2008, she released the much awaiting single, the controversial “I kissed a girl”; this was what the world was waiting for, it took her to places she never imagined. The song was a hit, made her the cynosure of all eyes and kept her on a pedestal. Her career started glowing on this note. The song aced all other songs in different countries.

Katy Perry released other hit singles and later released an album which was undoubtedly a commercial success for her and the record label, Capitol Music Group. Katy Perry became an established sensational pop star, known across the world when she released another album titled “teenage dreams”. Lots of album with huge successful commercial records sprouted out; the likes of “California gurls” and “firework” were huge success. She continued to dominate the music industry; this earned her many top-notched awards and nominations; she was nominated for Grammy best female pop vocal performance, several singles from her album rose to the number 1 spot on the billboard chart.

In 2009, Katy Perry appeared in her own acoustic special on MTV. That same year, she became engaged with British comedian Russell Brand while on a New Year holiday in India. The couple tied the knot on October 23, 2010 in India in a traditional Hindu ceremony; the wedding was a vibrant and much-talked event. It featured several displays and copious side attractions like: horse and camel possession,  fire joggers, snake charmers, dancers and musician. However, the bitter part of the story was that the wedding didn’t last up to a year, they divorced in December 2011.

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Presently, she is one of the popular and most successful musicians in the world; she is worth over $300 million. Despite all the pains and heart break she went through, she stood by her dream and this had manifest in her life for good. Katy Perry is very close to everyone’s lips when you talk about pop music. She has made it big in the industry and her legacy shall never be forgotten.

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