Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle Covenant Day of Favour Service

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-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
Covenant Day of Favour Service

*My Assistant Pastor came, “You didn’t tell us you were cleaning.”
*I said, “they don’t tell people. It is God who sees who is cleaning.”
*Stop pulling your shoulders in your Service unit in Church.
*There is nothing you and I have or are that is not by grace. Everything!
*There are some women who prefer to be the husband of their husband. Pride! It has a way of destroying people and lives.

1. Crave for the enduement of the Spirit of holiness. It is one of the 7 Spirits of God that rested upon Christ and no one convinced Him of sin – John 8:46.
Every spiritual empowerment answer to a genuine crave.
Isaiah 55:1, John 7:38 – It takes a thirst.
Matthew 5:6 – we can’t do it on our own, so He makes available to us the spirit of holiness that was rested upon Christ – Romans 1:4. The spirit of holiness was at work in Christ that kept Him immune to sin, let’s crave for that spirit. We love so much of breakthroughs but sustainable breakthrough demands the fear of God actively at work in us.
Isaiah 44:3 – it is a thirst that qualifies us for the outpouring of every aspect of the Spirit of God including the spirit of holiness. let’s demand for it, let’s crave for it, let’s come thirsty for it and then it will rewrite our story in grand styles.
He is there to pick you up anytime you step into ditch and then strengthen you to avoid another stepping into a ditch. He is always there and I know one of the most ignored of the 7 Spirits of God is the spirit of the fear of the Lord. Nobody cares: Oh Lord, endue me with the spirit of wisdom, counsel, understanding, innovation, creativity; where are you going with it?
2 Timothy 2:19-20
Depart from iniquity or he becomes an ignoble vessel.
All that desire this outpouring, lift up your right hand:
Prayers: I desire the enduement of the spirit of the fear of the Lord upon my life afresh today. I desire the enduement of the spirit of holiness upon my life, the kind that rested upon Christ, I desire that this morning, in the name of Jesus. To help me in my helpless state. Help me in my helpless state, You are the Comforter, the Master Helper. Help me in my helpless state. Holy Spirit, I can’t work this journey by myself. Father God, endue me with the spirit of holiness, the kind that rested upon Jesus, that made Him manifest as the Son of God. No one convinced Him of sin. Holy Spirit come upon me afresh and do what only You can do, in the name of Jesus Christ.

2. We must continue to engage the power of the Blood for our rescue.
Zechariah 9:11-12
You have been imprisoned by certain habits: turn to your stronghold.
Hebrews 9:13-14
Blood of Jesus, purge me inside out. Every time a strange thought comes your way that is contrary to the truth of God’s Word concerning your life, engage the Blood, fight back by the Blood for they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony – Revelation 12:11.
Don’t ignore the Blood. It is the only force that has power over your conscience. It has power to purge your conscience and my conscience of dead works to serve the Living God.
“No, Blood of Jesus!!! I overcome by the Blood”: you shout down that thought with the Blood.
-One thing I know is that every member of this spiritual family will make it. Everyone that chooses to make it here will make it.
-Everyone that believes in God’s ability to make it, will make it.
-Everyone that believes in the power of the spirit of holiness to make it, will make it.
Now it is a matter of choice – Deuteronomy 30:19
Our choice to live right, our choice to live a godly life, our choice to live a sanctified life will become a walk over when that choice is genuine, when it is from the heart, because sin was still reigning when Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself and he succeeded. Sin had just taken over when Joseph chose the fear of God and he made it. Now sin has been conquered, it is easier and cheaper for us to make it today than then because the authority of sin has been destroyed when Jesus went to the Cross. So it is a genuine choice that now remains.
A choice to live a life that pleases God, a life that does not turn God off, a life that is highly protective of our individual walk with God. That will make all the difference.
-I believe you are making that choice today.

3. Stop every evil thought before it graduates into an act.
You don’t stop the thought, you can’t stop the acts.
Mark 7:21-23
These thoughts result in the following evil acts if unchecked: adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within and defile the man.
“Somebody hates me.”: that is not the reason. They all have their roots in thoughts. Every evil act has its tap root in evil thoughts.
“I am just in this group. Otherwise, my class are not in this group and you know familiarity breeds contempt. You know because I am a Sanctuary Keeper, they think I am in their group?” – you have already left. You have left. Who are you pulling your shoulders on?
I said humourously, I was the first Sanctuary Keeper in this Ministry and if you check sanctuary keeping, it starts with our Ministry because I didn’t hear it from anywhere else. My Assistant Pastor came, “You didn’t tell us you were cleaning.” I said, “they don’t tell people. It is God who sees who is cleaning.”
Somebody came to Church by chance last Sunday and you say, he should “come and clean today”; he won’t come again. So I have to clean for them and pray over the benches that they would come. Dust the benches and quickly go inside and dress and become a Pastor. These things are normal. But you are sitting with people and you look down on everybody. You are saying, “I don’t need grace”, for God resists the proud and He gives more grace to the humble.
There is nothing you and I have or are that is not by grace. Everything!
There are some women who prefer to be the husband of their husband. Pride! It has a way of destroying people and lives.
-No one here shall be destroyed.
They all come from within. Before Nebuchadnezzar made that announcement, it was already on his heart because out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks – Matthew 12:34
See this great Babylon which I have built with my might, for the glory of my majesty. Oluwa ooo, who is a king like me on this earth? God, You need to tell me, You know any king like me on the earth?
Daniel 4:30-31
While the word was still in his mouth which came out of his mouth, he was struck. The first man to reverse evolution. They have not been able to explain what happened. Evolution supposed to be apes growing into a man which must be where they came from. I don’t come from an ape. Amen. But we had this man becoming an ape, as evolution reversed.
Anything called shame and reproach always come out of sin, pride is cardinal to that.
Stop the evil thought, engage the Blood to confront it.
If you are in bed, jump out of bed: the Blood of Jesus!!
Let your wife or your husband ask you, “what is happening?”
Response: No I am fighting.
It said, “if you don’t slap your wife tomorrow morning, you have lost your husbandry” and the thought comes to your mind, you jump out: The Blood of Jesus!
They say, “what is going on?” I am fighting the good fight of faith.
The thought comes to your mind: “pack your luggage tomorrow. Leave this house completely. This man will kill you.”
He hasn’t beaten you once. Then you start packing. He asks you, “what is happening?”
-Every evil thought comes under arrest today.
-By the power of the Blood, no one here shall be a victim of evil thoughts again.
Therefore, keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life – Proverbs 4:23
Don’t let your heart wander away. Don’t let it misdirect your steps. Don’t let it destroy your paths.

Prayers: Ask God for grace to take responsibility in living a godly life. Ask God for grace to take full responsibility on daily basis to live a life that pleases you. O Lord God, grant me grace today, to live a life that pleases You on daily basis, continuously. Help me to be sensitive and react against every trap of ungodliness in my life.
Thank You Father, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Very quickly, let’s look at keys to operating in the realms of supernatural favour.
1. Be Born again and remain so.
Acts 2:47
They just gave their lives to Christ in (Acts chapter 2) verse 41 and now favour attended to them on the spot. It is the heritage of the children of God. We are saved by grace through – Ephesians 2:8
And grace means divine favour. We are born of divine favour and called to enjoy God’s favour in our lives. When the early Church was coming out of Egypt, “I will give this favour in the sight of the Egyptians, that when they go, they shall not go empty” – Exodus 3:21
That is the Church in the wilderness – Acts 7:38,
I am launching out of Egypt into the Kingdom and I will give them favour as I launch them out. So favour is the birthright of every child of God.
Romans 8:32 – You and I become entitled to free access to all things that God can afford. There is no need of man that God that cannot afford. All things that God can afford becomes freely ours upon receiving Jesus, the Son of the living God.
Let’s look at a picture which many of us are going to enjoy this week.
Luke 15:22
The day the prodigal son returned, he was lavished with favour. He had no shoes when he returned oooo, he put shoes on his feet. He was in rags, He said, “remove that rag, put a robe on his neck. Ring! Who dash monkey banana? They put ring. Everything returned the same day he returned.
-There are many people here today, before the last day of this month, your struggles of the past will be like if they didn’t not exist.
This man who was struggling to eat with pigs; they threw a party and made him guest of honour. The father said, “I had called for this banquet in honour of my son. He wasted my substance but I am glad he is back. Help me celebrate.”
The senior brother came and said, “For what?”
He said, “you are ignorant. All these things that I have are yours. Have you ever made any demand for anything?”
He just lavished that boy with unusual favour,
-Many will be lavishly lavished.
That is a direct interpretation of the favour that belongs to the children of God. Those who wander away, when they return, He restores the favour.
-Many who have missed out of God’s favour will have them restored today. As you return, God will restore.
– As you choose to return, God will throw a party in your honour.
-As you choose to return, He will terminate your struggles.
-As you choose to return, misfortune will become history in your life.
-As you choose to return, He will rewrite your story.
Be born again and remain so.
That boy didn’t go out anywhere again, he had seen it. He saw it. There was no time that they said, “the prodigal son went out again.” Went out to where? He knew how he returned. I am not sure that robe even fits him, he had lost all the weight, lost every colour. You know walking bare footed when you are not a Fulani herdsman.
-You are set for a deluge of divine favour.
They know they can’t cross where we are. They are very convinced. No demon can possess them to try it.

2. Righteousness brings us into favour with God as in the case of Joseph and Daniel.
Genesis 39:3-5
And the testimony of Joseph, “but I fear God” – Genesis 42:18
The fear of God will always attract favour from God.
Then we had Daniel who purposed in his heart not to defile himself with the king’s rich food.
Daniel 1:8-9
Favour attends to everyone that truly fears God. Verse 8, he purposed in his heart not to defile himself, verse 9, He brought him into favour. So the chief Eunuch could listen to him when the order was given to go and destroy all the wise men…until the king bowed down and worshipped him – Daniel 2:46.
What kind of favour?
Just like a magnet pulls a piece of iron, so the fear of God pull favour after you and I. So important.
-No one genuinely running after God and His righteousness runs out of favour.
-No one genuinely running after God and the fear of God ever runs out of favour.
-You will not run out of favour in your life.

And that favour escalated and he became the ruler of the land of Egypt. Favour followed him to the Prison. Favour has no regard for your circumstances. Where favour is, favour is, look you can’t deny it. The prison is supposed to be the dungeon of misfortune, but Joseph had favour. Genesis 39:21-22
Then he interpreted the dream, the king said, “can we find a man as discreet as he is? Just set free him from the prison.”
Genesis 41:39-41
Everything turned and the fear of God made it happen.
-Watch the events of your life from now because God has finally brought you to your dream land!

3. Serving God and the interest of His Kingdom engenders access to His favour.
Psalm 102:13-15
Serving God and the interest of His Kingdom lavishes His people with favour. Favour!!!
Job 36:11, Luke 22:35
Serving God and the interests of His Kingdom bring believers into favour with God. You can’t have favour with God and lack favour with men.
Christ was in favour with God and in favour – Luke 2:52
They were in favour with all the people because they were in favour with God – Acts 2:47.
You can’t be in favour with God and be a beggar with men. No!!!
Your Church is a clear picture of God’s favour made plain. Don’t beg nobody, don’t beg authorities. Don’t beg no devil and yet galloping.
Psalm 30:7
God’s fearful favour makes kin fear. You come under God’s favour; He makes kings to fear. What are you talking about?
You mention my name to a witch:
Response: No please. Don’t mention that name. I abeg, I don’t want trouble
I want us to attack him.
Response: No, I can’t, I refuse, I resign, I am not a witch again, I retire.
Principalities and powers and human powers – fearful favour makes men fear you. When you come under the fearful favour of God, men and devils will fear you.
-It is your turn.
“I will give these people favour” and when He gave them favour, the Bible says, they couldn’t stand them on their journey, on their way to the Promised land – Exodus 12:36
I will put my fear upon all the nations: it is part of the expression of favour. God’s favour makes nations fear you – Exodus 23:27
Serving God and the interest of His Kingdom brings you into favour with God.

4. No one ever runs out of favour running after God.
Psalm 34:10
You are after God, good things will be after you. You let God lead you, goodness and mercy will be following you all the days of your life – Psalm 23:6
Matthew 6:33 – all these things shall be added to you without you having to ask for it. That is the wonder of serving God in truth and in deed. Get connected.
I made that choice at 22, I am now 23. My God, it is working, I can tell you with all my heart. It is working. Unapologetically, it is working openly. I have been shouting it before they started seeing it, I saw it before them that this thing works. They were winking their nose, I was just pushing on, pushing on. This thing works.
-You will begin to see that working in your life from now.

5. Sacrificial giving of financial resources in promoting the Kingdom of God procures favour for us.
Solomon went to the mountain and sacrificed. God said, “I have also given you that which you have not asked, both riches and honour.”
1 Kings 3:4, 13
It was an addition Sir. It flows among others through sacrificial giving towards the promotion of the Kingdom of God.
Haggai 1:8
It works. It was by sacrifice that God swore a blessing of financial abundance on my life, “my son, David, even if you don’t want to be rich, it is too late.” When you get under a sworn blessing, it shows. I am under a sworn blessing ooo. When God swears a blessing, whosoever comes against it will be crushed – Genesis 12:3
Because the blessing is from Me, who is the devil who will say why? When God blesses you, it is done.
When God swears a blessing on a man, the matter is settled, just stay on key with why God did it. Don’t descend from it, be on queue with it.
I have had unbelievable testimonies that are not ripe for sharing over and again. It is not once for all. Over and again because I am engaging again and again. Once and again, not once and for all. All you need is consistency in your walk with God and you will receive that this morning in the name of Jesus.
1 Chronicles 29:3-12
God makes great those who are genuinely committed to promoting His Kingdom. He makes them without them craving for it. It is the regular song that is committed to promoting the Kingdom of God with His financial resources at his level per time. If I give you 5 Naira, in those day, you will testify. You will thank God that, I was blessed by the Pastor today with 5 Naira. If you are in your Cell fellowship, you will share that.
Don’t eat it, sow it. At your level, sow it and your level will keep changing and changing.

In closing, divine favour covers all matters of life ranging from career and business breakthrough, marital settlement, supernatural change of levels, supernatural fruitfulness and many more. It covers all areas of life. By His favour, He makes you to stand out among others.
-It is your turn to experience this turnaround in the name of Jesus Christ.
Give God thanks because you are returning today with a baptism of divine favour upon your life. You are returning with the baptism of divine favour upon your life today.


-The kind of favour I enjoy from God, I enjoy favour from God, enjoy from all kinds of things, all kinds of places. Peter said, “such as I have, I give.” You must know what you have. I don’t weigh nothing Sir, God’s favour is my weight. Anything you think is my weight is favour.
-The favour that is stronger than prevailing circumstances. God said, He would build 10,000 Churches under global lock down and He did. My God, who can compare with your God?
-The favour that positions you above all prevailing circumstances. This morning we have crossed 18,000 new home cells. Stress free for this year. We are in the 9th month; we are not closed.
The Bible says don’t be slothful but followers of them through faith and patience inherit the promises. Don’t be slothful. You can’t get there as a slothful (person), there is demand on your life to get there. My God, can I tell you something: Jesus is seated at the centre of my heart. The life I live, I live by the faith of Him. He said, those who make Me first, I will shower them with favour. They won’t need to ask before I do what I do with their lives. You better understand how these things work.
This Church has been pursuing after God, consistently, persistently.
All the offerings they raise here: 3 minutes charge, 7 minutes singing. If they go beyond that, I will go there. God in the Morning, God in the Afternoon, God in the Night.
And He keeps adding colour to your life.
-In the name of Jesus, I decree a new heart for God in your life.
You don’t have to be a Pastor to follow hard after God. I wasn’t one. Jesus only called me 1981, I am talking to you about 1977, I am talking about 1976 when I signed up on Matthew 6:33. I had no calling, I wasn’t going into Ministry but I just allowed Jesus at the centre of my heart and I could see a bright future Sir. If I was selling pure water, it would work. If I was selling firewood, I would have my place in God. The moment you have God at the centre of your heart, there is no limit to your rise in life.
-Therefore, I decree grace that will give God His place in the centre of your heart and cause favour to keep showering on your life.

Next Sunday is our Special Miracle Service, I saw a picture of the event on Sunday. There shall be waves of instant, undeniable manifestation of God’s power, this coming Sunday.

Come prepared for it, it is going to be your greatest experience till date as you see God in raw action.

Come prepared, get all the cases that have are said to be special cases, that have no solutions, medical science has come to its wit end and the people are just gasping, waiting for their day of departure; Jesus will reverse it.

-Whatever looks like a special problem in your life, He will turn it into a special miracle.
Come prepared, come ready, come with a heart that is panting for God and you will not be disappointed.

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