Bishop David Oyedepo at Faith Tabernacle Covenant Day of Marital Breakthrough


-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
Covenant Day of Marital Breakthrough
Today is our Covenant Day of Marital Breakthrough. Like I said, breakthrough is not your ambition, it is your birthright.
The salt of the earth; the light of the world – Matthew 5:13-14
It’s your birthright. You are redeemed as a breakthrough entity.
-I decree marital breakthroughs for anyone here under any form of marital siege.
-For anyone under any form of marital spell such as marital delays: just about to get married and everything scatters again; every generational curse responsible for where you are in your marital life:
tensions, temperature, pressure every day; the source of it, by the anointing of today is cursed. Amen.
-You are leaving here liberated by the power of God.
Genesis 2:18 – God knows what is good, He knows what is not good. He created us.
Every good thing is your birthright in Christ – Matthew 7:11
If marriage is good and He will give you any good thing that you demand for, then it is part of what He wants to give you.
There are those who are married, but they have not seen the goodness of marriage.
-Today marks a new dawn in your married life.
There are those who are on the line, they have been there for quite some time:
-Today, the chains that have held you bound are broken before your eyes today.
Because your Father is the One that sets the men in families – Psalm 68:6
God knows there are people that are bound with marital chains, He says, “He brings them out.” It is His will to bring them out of those captivities.
-Every captive of hell concerning marriage, that makes you wake up in the morning and wish that the end has come; that makes you wake up in the morning, “Jesus, come quickly!!”
Everything that connotes uncertainty in your married life comes to an end here today.
Ephesians 6:12, Matthew 13:28
-Whatever the enemy has done to defile, to corrupt, to molest anyone’s marital destiny, that siege is over today.
That daughter of Abraham believed that the Prophetic Word was for her: the same day, on arrival from the Church, as she received that, the husband was packing his load, wherever he went and as she arrived at home, trying to cook in the kitchen, the husband had arrived (documented testimony). Same day!
Every day is God’s day, the day you believe is your day!
-I pray that you will make today your day.
-With your faith, that you will make today your day and it is your day.
-Every siege of marital delay is destroyed today.
-Any agent of the devil that has vowed that you will never get married, they go into silence today.
-Any diabolical power, satanic power holding down your son or your daughter from getting married, that siege is shattered today.
Remember, by a prophet, the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt and by a prophet was he preserved – Hosea 12:13
By divine privilege, I am one of His Prophets that God sent to bring people out of the dungeon and horror of the wicked.
-In the name of the Lord Jesus, whose I am and whom I serve, the One who sent me, that yoke on your marital destiny is finally destroyed today.
-That yoke on the marital destiny on your sons and your daughters: they are finally destroyed today.
-Anyone set for marriage this year, under the sound of my voice, in this Commission worldwide is declared married: gloriously married, not mechanical marriage, not ‘arrangee’ marriage; with the clear hand of God on it, that shall be the testimony of every such individual.
-The battle is over!!!

  1. Back to the same thing – Be born again and remain so. God’s agenda is exclusive reserve of His sons and daughters who are members of His household.
    Be born again. Don’t let the challenges of marriage push you to the side of the devil. Be born again and remain so.
    Don’t put your hope on anything else other than your God or the frustration continues. Be born again and remain so. He cannot stand a double dealing. Be born again and remain so.
    And watch how He comes through for you as He always does.
    Except a man be born again, he cannot be a partaker of the blessings of God and this is one of them – John 3:3
    Be born again and remain so.
  2. Stay in love with God. Don’t let circumstances becloud you and separate you and God.
    Stay in love with God!! – 1 Corinthians 2:9, Romans 8:28
    Make this year your most spiritually robust year as you keep engaging with every instruction from Heaven and God steps in to change your story.
  3. Remain committed to Kingdom advancement endeavours, for that is the platform upon which God adds all things that others are dying to get to us, including marriage, peace; marital joy and harmony
    breakthrough in marriage; destruction of all marital yokes behind marital delays and all that stuff. He adds those things to us and for free.
    When God adds, no devil can remove. Stay committed.
  4. Beware of pride: Behind the tension, the temperature and pressures in many homes today is pride from either side.
    “You should know I am the husband of this place”: There is no contention and there is no election.
    Submit yourself to your husband: “My husband, this man!”
    Behind that temperature is you fueling it. You are fueling it and you say, “I cast you out devil”: satan is laughing, “i didn’t come to your house, see how they are telling lies. God, see how they are
    telling lies.”
    The time you were talking, satan is across the Atlantic, somewhere else, he says, “God, can you see now, i am just here and they say i am the one generating temperature…they are lying.”
    Allow Ephesians chapter 5 verses 23 to 30 lay hold on you: take it as a seed and plant it and commit it. You will enjoy peace and serenity. Peace like a river, no games.
    Beware of pride: It has thrown many, many decent people naked. Beware of pride!!
    You can’t be the wife and the husband at the same time: that is what you are trying to be. It is not normal.
    Husbands: wake up and also win the respect of your spouses. They mustn’t be chasing after you for money for food that you will eat. No. People don’t get respect, they earn it.
    They earn respect Sir. Earn the respect of your spouse – 1 Timothy 5:8
    There could be challenges because you are partners, you are working together, that is not a problem. But you will be doing ‘Omo jaiye jaiye’ all around town, it is not normal.
    You know ‘Omo jaiye jaiye’ – it has no English interpretation, because I have been trying to, I used to be an Interpreter for an Evangelist but I can’t get that one: ‘Omo jaiye jaiye’, ‘O jaiye lo’ (Yoruba phrase)
    These are simple things, these things are very easy.
    Now watch me: you know I am a local man. I have never bought a piece of socks, I never bought for our children when they were growing up. I don’t buy food, I don’t know the price of any food
    That is not my area. I need my time for everything. So we have a set budget that goes for running the house and we are still in it and our house runs like a hotel. We are still in it.
    My wife is a very efficient manager. of those things
    “They want to buy bread”: They are looking for you. It is not fair. It is not fair on your time and then you start praying when they are coming. They say, “Okay, anytime you finish prayers.”
    I told the person in charge of my accounts, “don’t bring me anything to sign on Sunday morning, I don’t have time to sign anything. Bring in what I need to sign for Sunday worship on Friday.”
    The time is not there.
    It’s that time you will now wake up: Children, this is 1 Naira for your…I have never done it. When they were growing up, their mother was in charge of their offering, already budgeted.
    By the time you now go to town, you are now buying yam!
    One lady said to me, she said, “prices have gone up.” I didn’t know what it was before. How will I know now?
    When I was a bachelor, one woman was helping to buy some things: the way they insulted her, I felt so much her. I said, “Is that how market is?”
    “…Garri, come and steal it.”
    -The good news, every tension in every home goes off finally today.
    -Every miracle marriage resulting from this Service will never know crisis.
    -Every separation brought about by the workings of the devil, they are now restored.
    -This week shall be a week of commotion of testimonies.
    -Before the 7th anniversary of the Wonder Double Visitation, you will hear news: that what you are waited for years has finally happened, in the name of Jesus
    Give God thanks everybody. Magnify Jesus, celebrate Him, give Him glory, give Him praise. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    Now listen to me, no devil has power to resist the authority of your faith.
    How many here believe that? Marriage is good
    How many that marriage is good?
    How many believe that every good thing belongs to us on demand?
    How many believe that faith is up to taking delivery of all God says? How many believe that?
    If you will only believe, all things are possible for those who believeth
    -I see you settled gloriously. Amen.
    Don’t ever meddle with other source of expectation.
    Wait only on the Lord -Psalm 62:5
    “Jesus, whatever you cannot do, let it remain undone”, but He is what to what His Word says, when you believe, He creates it.
    -I see peace, joy, harmony, restoration created for you.
    -I see God bringing you to the one He has ordained for you in marriage, from the foundation of the world.
    -I see your marriage success as a testimony that will speak around the world. So shall it be.
    Give Him thanks and glory. If you caught anything from the Word today, celebrate Him for it. In Jesus precious name, we have prayed.

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