Bishop David Oyedepo at the Foursquare Gospel Church 66th Annual Convention ‘GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS’

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Bishop David Oyedepo at the Foursquare Gospel Church 66th Annual Convention themed ‘GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS’
Day 4, Morning Session. Part 1
Shall we give Jesus a big hand of praise.

Please let us rise for prayers;

Heavenly Father, thank You for this great Ministry and the impact in our Country Nigeria. Thank You for what the Foursquare represents and the ever-expanding nature of Your good hand upon this Church, receive our thanks in the name of Jesus.

Thank You for all of our past leaders of this great Ministry; thank You for holding their hands up and thank You for what You did in their various tenures. Thank You for the current leadership for the grace You have bestowed upon him by Yourself and how You have helped him hitherto along with his team. Lord, receive our thanks in the name of Jesus.

Thank You for what You did yesterday, we believe You that it will be greater today and tomorrow will be greater than today and so shall it be till the end of this Convention in the name of Jesus Christ.
Lord, speak to us Yourself today. Reach out to every one of us. Move us forward by Your word in Jesus precious name we pray.

One more time, give the Lord a big hand of praise and please you may be seated.

The theme of this Convention is “GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS”
We are in the last days; we are in the days of great things according to prophetic scriptures. Let me just start by commending the good hand of God upon our General Overseer.

The Bible says, remember the Lord your God in the days of your youth, before the evil days come when you will say, you have no interest in them. I thank God for the visible hand of God on your life and that for many years.


May that good hand be on the increase forever. You and your darling wife, you have just started, the best is yet on the way. You have not seen anything yet; you will yet see greater things and by the time your tenure is over, the one coming after you will go farther. This Church will never know downward trend. This church will keep going from glory to glory. I’m very blessed to have you around my life for this length of time. Be blessed and remain blessed. God bless you!

Let’s give the Lord a big hand for our General Overseer.
We are in the last days and we are in the days of the great and mighty acts of God. God’s prophets are God’s time keepers on the earth. For the Lord God will do nothing but He reveals His secret to His servants, the prophets. We have the sons of Issachar in Scriptures; they knew the times and the seasons of what Israel ought to do per time (1 Chronicles 12:32). We’ve been shouting about the end time move, when nothing was moving. God began to unveil that something is coming to be in our Country.

That Christianity will become a thing to be proud of. Then, it was a thing to be ashamed of. When you are called S.U, it means you are useless in the mind of many people but suddenly, the power of God began to fall and now, we have this kind of facilities we are having on this campus today, the University, the Camp sites. Nothing was available then; fellowships were holding in rundown primary schools, everything looks vague.

As poor as church rat was our identity but suddenly, the power of God began to fall. There is no particular department in our Nation today where frontline Christians are not occupying leading positions in spite of all the jamborees going on.

But check in the industries; construction, commerce, finance, economics, farming. You will find these strategic positions occupied by believers today. It wasn’t so before but we have not seen anything yet because we are in the days of the great and mighty acts of God.
You’ll find churches starting universities; how? To run a primary school was a problem and now you find universities all over the places.

About 80 per cent of the Nigerian Private Universities today are run by Christians. That was not there before. God is just unveiling His agenda of His great and mighty acts.

  • This Church will not be left behind!
  • These great days of the end time will keep speaking louder by the day in this Church in the name of Jesus Christ!
    I will be speaking on this subject:


“Fear not oh land for the Lord will do great things and the end result is that, my people shall never be ashamed.” That’s God’s agenda: He’s come to wipe away shame and reproach from His church and the Church is not a building or an organization, it is a people.


So God has come to wipe out every trace of shame and reproach from our lives and in this convention, no one returns with any trace of shame on his or life (Zephaniah 3:17-19).
God is out to change our identity to give us as His people, praise and fame in every land where we have been put to shame and that means, you will never know shame again.

  • God will turn the shame of His people to praise and fame.
  • He will give every one of His people a new identity of glory and honour. No more shame and reproach!
  • Your business will not crash; your career will not fail. Your health will be a testimony.
  • He is out to wipe away shame and reproach from His people.
    How do we access this realm of great and mighty acts of God?

It is how much He shows us of His great and mighty deeds from His word that we can experience. He said to Abraham, “lift up now your eyes and look northward, southward eastward and westward; for all the land which thou seesth, unto you will I give it”. How much He shows us is how much of His great and mighty acts we can experience (Genesis 13:14-15, Isaiah 43:18).

God wants us to know what He is about to do or what He wants to do with our lives and how much of that we know will determine how much of His agenda we can experience.
Daniel 11:32
Revelation is the breeding ground for experiencing the great and mighty acts of God. He began that scripture by saying, those who do wickedly against the covenant, He will corrupt with flattery, He will turn them to mockery. It is no magic; the great and mighty acts of God, they are products of our revelation of Him.

How much of Him we come to discover will determine how much of His acts we can experience in our lives. Therefore, revelation is the breeding ground for the great and mighty acts of God.

Psalm 45:1-3
You have a ride in a world of struggles because of access to the truth put to work in righteousness and meekness to learn more, you just keep scaling new heights. Revelation is the breeding ground for the great and mighty acts of God in our lives.

Isaiah 60:1-8, 15, 22
We are in the time where small ones shall become a thousand and a little one as strong nation. He said not by the arrangements of man, it is my agenda; “I the Lord will make it happen”. Now watch it, we are in the days of the great and mighty acts of God and light or revelation is our access to it. I pray that everyone here will take responsibility to go for light at whatsoever cost. That’s what set the pace for our tomorrow; the light we receive today is what determines what we experience tomorrow – so important.

  • Again, my prayer is that no one in this Convention and no one member of this Church shall be left behind in the name of Jesus Christ.

Now, how do we access revelation?

  1. It begins with being born again with proofs. “Unto us who are redeemed is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom”. Anybody can get the stories but only the redeemed can access the mysteries, the secrets of God embedded in the space of scripture is what we call mysteries.

They are the hidden secrets of the Kingdom. Anybody can access the story as long as you are literate but the mystery is exclusively reserved for the redeemed. So one must be born again, not the new birth that has no proof, where nothing has become new.

The same old person; one can be a pastor and be the same old person, there is no connectivity. No!
Everything is still as old as it was, so where is the proof of new birth? You can do anything; you are still okay. That is not the Bible.

Anybody can tell the story; you can even be a professor of New Testament and not be saved. It is so important, many are just reading the Bible, it has not made any impact on their lives because they can’t access the secret (Mark 4:11).

  1. Meekness. The meek will He teach the way that he shall choose (Psalm 25:9). Without meekness, you can’t access revelation. I said in a meeting last night; until you become a dummy of Christ, you cannot dominate your world.

Whatever God says is the truth. God never lies. Your opinions are irrelevant. God says it, it is settled. If it is not settled with you, you can’t be settled in life. It takes meekness to learn anything from Heaven. Jesus said, “Come unto me oh ye that labour and are heavy laden, I’m going to give you rest.

Come and learn of me. I am meek and lowly”. The proud cannot survive in my class, I am meek. So if you are proud, we can’t walk together. And you shall find rest for your soul.

It takes meekness …and Moses was very meek above all the people on the face of the earth and the revelation that Moses had, no one had that privilege. God confided in him on how He created the world. Where was Moses? There was no man on the earth but he was so meek that God could entrust such delicate insight to his hand. He is not a medical man, yet, he provides all hygiene principles of life. No!

Unusual insight. Why? Unusual meekness. The Meeker we are, the greater our access to revelation. That’s why I’m sorry for this generation; “I’m a man of myself. I should have a say on my life, I’m not a dummy”. Good! You are wiser than God, you are smarter than Him, so lead yourself.

Very important, it is not the rigour of the study, it is one’s positioning that determines how much access you will have to light. The moon has no light of itself. We are told it just position itself at a particular angle and reflect the light from the sun, so we call it moonlight.

There is no heat generated on the moon, it is generated by the sun and the moon just reflects it. So when we stand correctly, light flows, revelation flows. You don’t have to struggle for it.

  • I believe the days of struggle to know what God is saying is over in our lives.
  1. Our genuine love for God (John 15:15).

When we become His friend, we become His confidant. He unveils to us light without struggle. Abraham, my friend and I heard God saying; “Can I do anything here without telling Abraham? He is my confidant.” How? He was God’s friend (Isaiah 41:8, James 2:23) and he had express access to light. What to do to move from one level to another, he had that express access.

When we are truly in love with God, our access becomes open and free (1 Corinthians 2:9-10). God has no problem revealing His deep things to those who are genuinely in love with Him. We have the example of Paul, remember the Bible says, love is as strong as death (Song of Solomon 8:6) and Paul said, “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21).

What shall separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus? He was madly in love with God. He enjoyed unusual access to revelation. Nearly half of the New Testament was channeled through Paul, unusual depth. Even among the apostles, they couldn’t stand the level of light he was walking in. He was a man that was madly in love with Jesus.

You don’t need to start struggling with all verses, all translations, Greek to Hebrew, Hebrew to Greek…

Most of the time when you don’t want to obey God, you will start looking for other translations. Just to cover up for what you don’t want and there are many all kinds of Bible today.

Caution: there are some Bibles that don’t have the blood of Christ at all in them. Occultists are writing Bibles now. But this “thus saith the Lord” (KJV) is the one I’ve been using all my life. It suits me. All the truth I got there is working. I’m not changing it.
Glory to God!

Paul had unusual access. Let me show you this:

1 Corinthians 4:16, Paul said: “I knew nothing by myself. I learned nothing by myself, I’m just enjoying the revelation of life as given by Christ. No man taught me these things but by the revelation of Jesus Christ. So he was a man of unusual access to revelation (Ephesians 3:1-5).

Because he had an unusual heart for God. You can’t have a heart for God and not have access to His secrets.

Thank You Jesus!

  1. Through prayer of enquiries (Jeremiah 33:3). Prayer to know, not prayer to receive. People don’t pray that prayer anymore, they pray to get. They don’t pray to know, so they don’t know. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. Prayer to know is superior to prayer to get. If you know what to do to get what you want from God, you won’t have to cry; just plug in by faith. Do what He says and it is done. Jesus Himself knew what He will do; blessed five loaves of bread and two fishes and it multiply supernaturally.

Prayer to know, the Master operated by this working knowledge of the truth and always commanded exploits. The Psalmist said, open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.

It is loaded in your book but I want my eyes to be opened to see it. David prayed: “shall I pursue these hosts, shall I overtake them, shall I recover all? and God said, now pursue for thou shalt surely overtake them and without faint, recover all”.

Prayer to know – the Philistines are gathered here, shall I go up? Yes, go up; you shall overrun them. Then he prayed when they came another time, “don’t go up, you wait”. Prayer to know; call upon me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that thou knowest not.

In those days when we began our first church work in Kaduna, the Church was crawling and I said, “God, why is this Church not growing?” Then I put up a three days prayer with four of the young people and then God showed me what to do, four points. It has kept the Church growing till forever.

He showed me a layer of darkness over the roof and I said; “what is this Lord”? He said that is the blind folding weapon the devil uses to misinterpret what Jesus is doing in that Church. Now deal with it; “You foul spirit of darkness, get off that roof now!” and I saw it folded away. My eyes opened like a carpet.

The destiny of the Church opened up. He said, when I came to the world, somebody had to tell somebody to come and see. So hit the streets and tell the world, come and see what Jesus is doing in this Church.

So we began a “Come and see Crusade”, March 1984. Number three, keep teaching life applicable Word; teachings from my Word that apply to life and keep that Word fresh.

As the grass grows, the sheep will come for it and keep the grass green and the sheep will lie down there. What a joy! We began to pursue that and pursue that and we are still pursuing it till now. Prayer for light is superior to prayer to get; prayer of enquiries to know what to do.

Prayer of enquiries will open doors to revelation. Say with me;
“Prayer of enquiries will open doors to revelation”. He said if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, let him ask in faith. “I don’t know, Jesus show me what to do. I don’t know this thing.

Jesus, show me the way to go” and then He’ll show you.

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