Bishop David Oyedepo International Youth Convention 2021: In Pursuit of Excellence

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– Bishop David Oyedepo
International Youth Convention 2021: In Pursuit of Excellence
Day 5, Impartation Service
Anointing Ministration

Excellence is hard work!
You are in the marketplace; they don’t play there.

They trade there.
No vegetable-like believer ever commands exploit.

The spirit of excellence is fed by knowledge because wisdom is applied knowledge.

So settle with the Bible, settle with anointed books that will help expand your understanding of scriptures. Read books authored by people with proofs, you find what they have found, you will experience the same thing they have experienced. Not just any book.

Somebody is talking about something, make sure he has a proof of it, those that listen to him are proofs of it or he is not qualified to be read.

You are in Ministry, somebody is talking about Church Growth, make sure he has a proof of it.

Otherwise, he is not fit to be read.
Be followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises – Hebrews 6:12
Not those who explain it, those who inherit it.
Somebody is talking about family life, make sure he has the proof of it, or he is not worthy to be listened to. Wisdom demands that you should be selective.

But please listen to me, the spirit of God feeds on knowledge.

The Holy Ghost is fire but you need wood to keep the fire burning. A burning fire will burn out without wood. But you need knowledge to grow in wisdom.

Paul said, “the books and my notes” – 2 Timothy 4:13
No lazy man has a future, “the books and my notes.” You can’t grow in wisdom without knowledge. Wisdom is how to put knowledge to work.

A number of you will be going today, we will be finishing early, but wherever you are, understand the place of meditation in the Word, to access light in finding solutions to bugging issues around your life.
Acts 5:20
That Book has an answer to every question.

The Bible has an answer to every question in this life.
Are you in business, are you in career, are you in the Military, are you in the Police force, are you in Immigration, are you in fisheries, are you in farming?

Anything you are in, there is an answer in the Book to any bugging question that might arise.

Settle down with the Word, settle down with anointed books and engage in quality meditation in searching solutions to issues of interest to you.
He said, “quench not the Spirit” – 1 Thessalonians 5:19
You can quench it; you can starve the spirit to death.
The spirit of man feeds on the revelation of the Word. When you don’t give the Word to the spirit, it quenches.
Quench not the Spirit.
You can quench Him.
I hosted an interview one time and they said, “what do you do with your time?”
I read and I think!!
Is there any day I don’t write? No, I can’t see the day.

That a day passed and I have not put something down, what is wrong with me? There is some light coming that needs me to catch, then walk with.
-Somebody’s story is changing.

The wisdom that set up Covenant (University) and Landmark (University) came through searching and readings and now developing a concept to run the new project. Sir, it doesn’t flow ordinarily.
I, Daniel, though gifted, understood by books – Daniel 9:2
Daniel was unusually gifted but he needed books to boost his understanding, to keep his understanding in line.

You have so much to do, you can’t be found among playboys. You are in the marketplace; they don’t play there. They trade there.

So trade your time for value. Trade your time for value!
I read 8 books before we got married, in a quest to find out how to make it a hitch free marriage.

I read 39 biographies of Ministries before setting out to full time Ministry so I could be equipped with those who know and who went before me, so I can tap into it and avoid their mistakes.

I read volumes and volumes of Church growth materials.
Excellence is hard work!

They are those who are in business today, they don’t know next to nothing about that business. Nothing.

They are just:
What are you doing?
Response: I am in business
What kind of business?
What do you know about it?

Just go to the market, open the shop.
He knows nothing.

That is not how to have excellent performance. It takes accurate application of knowledge to experience excellence. You just must know and then know how to put it together.
Somebody’s story is changing.
Anointing Ministration
Say with me, “every gift of the Spirit feeds on the Word of God. When it is not fed, it stands the risk of being quenched, so help me Jesus to constantly feed your gift in me with the Word, the Word in season, the right Word, the sent Word at all times. So help me Jesus.”

This Oil in your hand, after being blessed is turned to the Holy Anointing Oil and will release the Spirit of the Lord upon your life.
David anointed in the midst of His brethren and the Spirit of the Lord came upon him from that day forward – 1 Samuel 6:13
When that Spirit came upon Jesus, “what wisdom is this that is given Him that such mighty works were wrought by His hands?” – Mark 6:2
The Bible says the Spirit of the Lord came upon Him and what comes out of the Oil is the Spirit of the Lord, the same – Luke 4:18
That excellent spirit made Daniel a faithful man, a corrupt free man, a man with excellent performance. Every thing rounded up in it.

David was said to be as smart as an Angel of God and his habit, “O, how I love all thy laws, it is my meditation all the day long…” – Psalm 119:97-100
“I love thy law” and you know what they said about him, he guided them skillfully, by the skillfulness of his hands and the integrity of his heart.

So you find this spirit of excellence carries integrity along, carries supernatural skill along.

-In the name of Jesus, by this Anointing, the diverse manifestation of this Spirit of excellence shall be seen in your life.
I declare the contents of your bottle this morning as the Holy Anointing Oil.
-It shall continue to deliver values in your life.
-It shall continue to make a difference between your life and others.
-It shall turn you to an amazement among your peers.

-It shall change your story supernaturally.
One of our daughters here read the book, ‘Towards Mental Exploits’ which we call now intellectual whatever and jumped from behind to the front; made a First Class in school.

Light: you know these things are stirred up as you read materials that are relevant to your need. It goes on to quicken the Spirit of God and unleash His benefits in your life.

Don’t sit down there and bemoan your failure. That is not you, that is not where you belong.
-From now, everything that people pity around you will be turned to testimonies of envy.

All that believe in the efficacy of this mystery of the Anointing Oil, put a little on your fingertip and straight to your forehead; begin to make your declaration of your deliverables:

-This is upon my head today as the Spirit of excellence in all my ways: excellence in my spiritual life, excellence in my studies, excellence in my business, excellence in my career, excellent health. I receive it this morning.

In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
Finally, they that do know their God, they shall be strong and do exploits – Daniel 11:32
Wait a minute. Exploits place a demand on our strength for delivery. A man at 120 going to the mountain. No vegetable-like believer ever commands exploit. You are going to take a shot of this Oil for one thing:
“…quicken your mortal body” – Romans 8:11. Bring it back to the fullness of strength. Now, you will never find any man or woman of exploits that does not exhibit strength and vigour.

You could see that in Christ – Luke 12:50
There is no vegetable-like person that command exploits. There is always a demand on your physique, a demand on your system, a demand on your vigour.
Romans 8:11 – make alive your mortal body.

So, everything that weakens you that cannot be identified by anybody else and when they identified it, they couldn’t do anything about it, whatever weakens your system to be a candidate for exploits, as you take the shot of this Oil, they shall be turned to testimonies.
Thank You Jesus.

I can’t explain, except by grace what has kept me on my feet till now.

I can’t explain, but I have not had a life of my own in the last 40 years. It is not normal but normal people can’t command abnormal results because like begets like.

I have not seen myself going on vacation, I am not saying you should copy it, I am just saying, I can’t tell where the strength is coming from.

Yet, I can stay here now till 3 pm, without needing to sip water if I don’t have to.

I am asking today, that whatever weakens anyone’s system:
You stand to pray and in 5 minutes, you are already dozing.
You have never finished a book once. That you are reading a book and you finished it.

You read the Bible; you are tired.

You sit down, you are tired.
A man was called at 80 and he was pushing and pushing till 120. His natural force was not abated, his eyes were not dim. What kind of man?

The Spirit of God at work in him.
-That same Spirit enters you and I afresh today.
One of my mentors said, “a lizard in Nigeria will not become an alligator in America.” It is not running around; it is finding out what is wrong with you and then take a new position.
-Therefore, every chaff within anyone’s system here shall be burnt with unquenchable fire.
-Every organ of your body shall be preserved supernaturally.
-None of you shall die young.

-If Jesus tarries, you will enjoy a good old age. Your natural force will not be abated, your eyes will not go dim, you will not be carried to the toilet in your lifetime. They will not bathe for you in your old age.
In the name of Jesus, all that believe in the efficacy of this mystery, take a shot and celebrate God.

Give God thanks!! It is a new day and a new dawn. A new strength has come into your spirit.
In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
IYAC 2021
Response: In pursuit of excellence.
In pursuit of excellence
Response: IYAC 2021
Give the Lord the biggest clap of praise. Congratulations for this successful convention in the name of Jesus. CONGRATULATIONS! In the name of Jesus.

Joseph enjoyed favour as a slave, he enjoyed favour as a prisoner.
Wake up and take responsibility early so you don’t end up a liability.

You are no longer a crying baby. You are now a man and a woman of worth, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Service tomorrow for your thanksgiving is only the First Service so if you are around here, come in for the 1st Service, that is the Service where you will have the opportunity to give God thanks for what has happened.
Enjoy the best of time.

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