Bishop David Oyedepo warns the Winners Family against Bitterness


Give this Prophetic warning to the Winners family.

Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st,2nd and 3rd service @ Shiloh Thanksgiving service

– Beware of bitterness. Heb. 12:15

– Beware of bitterness against leadership all all levels,

– Beware of bitterness against the testimonies of others.

All these things stop you, if u don’t stop them.

– Bitterness in your heart is what cause bitterness in your life. Acts.9:5

– Don’t mess up with God, stay focus and wish others well

– No one will miss his place in this more than conqueror era.

– Bitterness against the anointed is deadly.


– Bitterness against your spouse, bitterness against the church etc. Let it stop.

I heard from the Lord, warn them from blocking the way against others…

Why this warning:-
Ezek. 3:18-20

Bitterness is one of those hidden things that trouble many. Caution!!!

God will not consult anyone to change your story.

Stop bitterness before it stop you. It can be destructive.

Stop sowing seed of bitterness to others.

Bishop David Oyedepo.


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