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  • Pastor Dr. W.F. Kumuyi at Divine Solution for All Abuja Global Crusade, Day Four
    Father in Jesus name, we thank You because of showers coming from heaven. We have no complains, we know that you are the sovereign God and you do whatever pleases you. As the rain comes tonight and nothing is resisting it, we ask that your word will come, your salvation will come, your healing will come, every good thing will come upon us tonight in Jesus name. Confirm it in every life in Jesus name we pray.
    Tonight we want to look at the word of God, I am reading a story to you and this story will tell you how to break down every barrier against divine solution.

Nothing should stand between you and divine solution, if you look up to the Lord tonight that solution will come in Jesus name.
Wherever you are listening to this message solution has come to you. Some people did not have divine solution because there is a barrier and that barrier is what we are going to clear away tonight in Jesus name. That is why my topic tonight is BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS TO DIVINE SOLUTION.

The story is the story of a king called Belshazzar, he made a feast and he called concubines, wives, ministers, all people that are big names in his kingdom.

They came together and they drank, not only that they drank they used the vessels that was collected from the house of God.

They were all making merry and it was all for evil and unto iniquity. That is a barrier to divine solution because God is holy. Iniquity will bring a barrier between you and divine solution. All evil acts, evil speech, evil thoughts bring a barrier between you and divine solution.

All of a sudden, a hand came from heaven and was writing on the wall and it wrote in a language that Belshazzar did not understand. Even though he did not understand, it terrified him. He forgot about all the wine and feast before him and called all his astrologers and said “please come and interpret, the writing of God”.

The astrologers were not children of God and those who are not. Children of God cannot read or interpret the writing of the Almighty God and so they could not read the writing on the wall. That made him more terrified and then the Queen came to him and said “there is a man in your kingdom, that man his name is Daniel and he has the Spirit of the Holy God inside him. Because he is righteous he can read the writing of his father”.

They called in Daniel and the king said “I have heard of you but can you read the writing that the astrologers and the Chaldeans could not read?” he promised Daniel all manner of gifts if he could read the writing.

Daniel said yes I can read it but keep your gifts to yourself and he read the writing and he also interpreted the writing. The long and short of it is that Belshazzar was a barrier to his blessings. Daniel reminded him about his father Nebuchadnezzar that had a big challenge and divine solution came from Heaven. He said if he had done like Nebuchadnezzar his father, divine solution would have been his own but now he had put a barrier between him and God.
I am going to look at the details of the story as I tell you how you by the grace of God will bring down every barrier between you and divine solution.

All the barrier, all the stumbling block is broken down tonight. When the barrier is broken down, healing will flow in, power will flow in, favour will flow in.

  • all the good things of heaven will flow into your life in Jesus name
    Three things I am looking at tonight –
    Point 1 – Willful, Wanton and Obstinately Wallowing in Corruption.
    In the life of Belshazzar, he was willful in sin. That means if he wants to sin nothing can stop him. He didn’t limit himself of anything at all, he had liberty to do evil at any given time. He was obstinate even when the life of his father could have served as a warning for him, he was obstinate. He wallowed in corruption.
    When Daniel came to him, he said “you know the story of your father, your father too was proud. Your father was an idol worshipper, your father experienced the judgement of God but he humbled himself”.
    If you are going to experience the divine solution, there must be:
    I. Humility.
    When you come to the Lord in humility you are not saying, I am high and I am higher than God. That is what happened to Nebuchadnezzar and things changed in his life.
    II. Honesty
    Nebuchadnezzar was honest, he said he lost his mind even though he was a king. He didn’t try to cover it up.
    III. Holiness
    When someone is humble and he confessed his sin and turn away from them, he is honest and say “unto the cross I cling, it is that, that brings Honesty, Humility and Holiness to a person’s life.
    If you are going to have divine solution, all the barriers to humility you take away, all the barriers to honesty you take away, all the barriers to holiness you take away.

Anything that is sinful whether in thoughts, words or actions you take away. It is that that opens the door for divine solution.
Nebuchadnezzar had mental problem because of the judgement that came upon him. Because all the barriers were taken away, he got healed. When humility came, honesty came and holiness came, he received divine solution.

God loves holiness because God is Holy. His nature is holy, the heavens are holy, when you come to the Lord in holiness, doors of divine solution will open for you.
After seven seasons of mental illness, Nebuchadnezzar came back, you would think that no body will accept him anymore, but his Honour came back and also Happiness came back.

  • Tonight happiness will come to you.
    By the time of Belshazzar, Nebuchadnezzar had gone to heaven. The same man who threw Shedrack, Meshach and Abednego into the fire in Chapter 3, if he could still make it to heaven then there is hope for you to make it to heaven too. If you act like Belshazzar after knowing the story of Nebuchadnezzar, you set a barrier between you and God.
    Let me tell you a little bit about Belshazzar
  1. That man was haughty, no respect for God, no respect for the vessels of the house of God and no respect for any moral lifestyle. He was haughty, if you are haughty, you don’t listen to the Bible or your pastors, take care that is what brings a barrier to divine solution.
  2. He was hypocritical.
    He knew the way to find favour with God, he knew the way that his grandfather has taken but he abandoned that.
    Are you hypocritical? You know the right but you do the wrong. You know the direction to go but you go the opposite direction. You act as if you never read the Bible, you act as if you never went to church. You act as if you don’t know that Jesus brings salvation.
  3. He was full of hatred
    He hated the people of God, he hated the worship of God that is why he brought the vessels to drink from them.
    Do you have hatred in your life? Hatred for the truth, you hate everything that the Lord has set up for your salvation. That is the way of Belshazzar.
  4. He experienced helplessness
    He called the astrologers and they couldn’t help him, at the time of his despair who would he turn to now. He didn’t even know Daniel and Daniel was there. Daniel was a public figure that everybody knew.
  5. He was in a state of Hopelessness
    He forgot all the beer, he forgot all the feast and was hopeless until the queen came. Even when the queen came he didn’t repent because he had
  6. Hardness of Heart
    Are you like that? As we are going through this divine solution crusade and other people are calling upon God and the lives are turning around but there you are with hardness of heart. Belshazzar ended up in hell.
  • You will not end up in heaven.
    Point 2 – Weighed, Wanting, only Worthy Through Christ.
    It is not enough to read the Bible, there must be somebody that will come as an interpreter of God’s mind. Daniel had come and read the writing on the wall and then Daniel said I am not going to only read, I am also going to interpret.

Daniel said The Lord has seen what you have done and He has looked at your Kingdom and has numbered your years and it is finished. And under a few minutes, he could have said “I am sorry Lord forgive me” and in the few hours remaining like the man on the cross who would have gone to hell in a few minutes but he said “Lord remember me in your paradise”.

He made the proper use of the little time remaining.

  • You will not miss your chance, you will not miss the divine solution in Jesus name.
  • I pray you will make wise use of the opportunity of salvation in Jesus name.
    Daniel 5:22-28
    Belshazzar was weighed by the Lord and found wanting, check your life, the Lord is going to weigh you by the commandments of God and by the word of holiness. Weigh yourself on the scale of the demanded expectation of holiness coming from God.

Belshazzar was wicked, he was not only living in sin alone. He was leading other people to hell with him. Belshazzar was wayward, there are people like that who can’t go straight in the path of righteousness.

When God sees a person is wayward and unpredictable, He sets a barrier between Him and the divine solution. If you come out from the crowd today and you say “Lord here am I enough is enough. I want to follow you Lord, the Lord will forgive you.

Belshazzar was weak in character and worthless, he couldn’t save himself or his concubines. Everybody is weak like that, the only way to be worthy is to come to Christ, then the Lord will make you worthy. The Lord will take away all that worldliness and worthlessness and make you worthy.
Point 3 – Willing, Washed and Made Whole at the Cross
Isaiah 1:18-19

  • Tonight He will wash you and you will become whiter than snow.
    If you don’t have the honesty and humility of Nebuchadnezzar then there is no salvation. If you don’t come willingly to the Lord to wash you clean then there is no salvation.
    Christ is the only worthy one.
    Revelation 3:19-20
    When you open your door, Jesus will come inside and make you worthy. When the saints of God, the people who are saved, the people who are washed you will be there.

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