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– Brother Pius narrates his miraculous deliverance from death by ritual killers at the Glory Dome.

This brother was kidnapped and added to others also kidnapped in a bus and they became five passengers, that was all he could remember.

The next time he (Pius) opened his eyes, he was in a strange environment, it was an underground building.

On the same day they brought them to the den, 4 of those other people (all males) were executed right before his (Pius) eyes.

The explanation is very gruesome so we won’t go into details. Before they execute, there was something like a necklace (charm) they would hang on their necks.

So, if the oracle accepts, the person is taken out for execution. The execution was right before his eyes.

That happened to the first person, the second person, the third person and the fourth person. They placed the same on him (Pius) it didn’t work.

Earlier, Pius had been to Lagos with a bottle of anointing oil blessed from this Commission (Dunamis International Gospel Centre) and that he used daily as his cream.

So, it was a strange occurrence, they (kidnappers) said nobody comes to this place and returns back alive.

Going further, Brother Pius narrated how they placed the charm on his neck and it didn’t work and they said to him, ‘where are you coming from?’. He answered Abuja.

They said, “who is your father?” He asked them, is it my biological father or my Spiritual father?

He told them ‘my father in the Lord is Pastor Doctor Paul Enenche’. That was when the man (one of the Kidnappers) started shaking.

So the kidnapper asked if he had anybody’s number he could call to come and pick him from their custody?

He (the Kidnapper) said that they are not after people’s money, that they use people to make money. So, he said ‘I don’t have anybody’s number except my father in the Lord’.

He (the kidnapper) said, if it’s your father in the Lord, we can’t call him. If you can give me another person’s number.

He said, I don’t have anybody’s number apart from my father in the Lord. The Kidnapper said okay, this guy (his colleague) should take me to the room where they executed the other four that were kidnapped.

The next day, they still placed the charm on his neck but it didn’t work.

So, they (the Kidnappers) said since everything they were doing wasn’t working, they (the Kidnappers) said they were going to waste (kill) him
One of them was standing with their boss (the head of the Kidnappers) and was holding an AK 47 riffle so he shot at Bro Pius.

Before now, Brother Pius stated that he takes along his Sanctuary Keepers Identity Card with him anywhere he goes. So, when the kidnapper shot at him, the bullet went straight to where the ID card was in his pocket and fell on the floor without hurting him.

So, the man went back. He tried shooting the gun again but this time, the gun refused firing.

He was like what happened to this gun, he was hitting the gun because the gun couldn’t fire again. In the process of hitting the gun, he turned the gun to the ground, and the gun fired at him and killed him.

He continued his ordeal in the camp of the Kidnappers; On the third day, the very day he stepped into their camp, he met one of the Kidnappers) that was kind to him and advised him not taste or eat any food or water given to him by them which he obeyed.

In Pius’ words:
That same night I had an encounter with our Mummy (Dr. Mrs. Becky Paul-Enenche).

Mummy came to me and said son, what are you looking for up and down? Why are you moving up and down? Stay one place!

She gave me food in the encounter and I ate the food.

Since that Thursday night till now ( Wednesday of the new week), I have not eaten anything. And no hunger. Even that food was special.”

The victim continued;
That was how the boss(the head of the Kidnappers) said, what kind of boy is this?

The other kidnapper that was kind to the victim gave him a phone which he used in contacting his Home church leader.

The Home leader now sent a text message to the Senior Pastor, after which the Senior Pastor, Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche made some brutal declarations which was, that the victim would be released after more losses on the part of the Kidnappers under twenty four hours.

One of those days, the victim (Bro Pius) was with the phone, the boss (the head of the Kidnappers) walked in and caught the victim with the phone in his hand asked him what he was doing with a phone.

As the head of the Kidnappers held the phone, the victim said he heard a sound of a text message on the phone even though at that point the phone had gone blind.

The victim said he knew it was the reply from the Senior Pastor, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche.

The victim said the boss ( head of the Kidnappers) went away with the phone. This other kidnapper had died from the misfired bullet from his riffle. The boss (the head of the Kidnappers) this time around went to sleep.

Pastor Adah narrated that he got the distress call from the victim’s home church leader at about 1am on Monday morning and presented the matter to the Senior Pastor, Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche after the ‘Early Will I seek thee’ service.

So Pastor Paul Enenche laid hands on Pastor Adah’s tablet and said, under 24 hours, the victim would be released and more deaths in the camp of the kidnappers.

The boss of the Kidnappers) took the phone, that was the last he saw and went to sleep that night.

The following morning, the boss couldn’t wake up.

The boss died in his sleep. So one the Kidnappers woke up to meet the corpse of their boss and they said, what is happening here?

If our head can die then nobody is safe here but we will not release this young man, we will rather waste him. And they put him(him) in the car and took him to the bush.

The victim said three of the Kidnappers took him into a wilderness to waste him.

Brother Pius continued that 2 of the Kidnappers standing in front of him with AK 47s and the third kidnapper who has been kind to him stood apart.

The 2 Kidnappers started shooting at him (the victim) but to no avail. Pastor Adah narrated how he counted seven bullet holes that couldn’t penetrate the victim’s body.

The victim stated that as the Kidnappers were shooting, the bullets were falling off his body like groundnuts. It was at that point that one of the kidnappers said, who brought this boy ( the victim) here?

Then one them ( the Kidnappers) that took hold of his hand from the market into the car were among the two kidnappers that shot at him. He rose up his hand and said I was the one that brought this boy.

He thought it was going to end like that, the other kidnapper turned and shot at him and killed him.

Pastor Adah continued; he the victim told him that the Kidnappers said since they can’t kill him,they were going to make him mad.

The victim said they took old of him and all of them trekked for another miles into their car.

The victim stated that one the Kidnappers that was kind to him gave him hundred thousand naira and the victim said to him, I can’t collect this money because this is not a clean money.

So, the kidnapper removed his sim card from his phone and gave him (the victim) the phone to call his people to call his people to come and pick him from the wilderness.

Pastor Adah narrated that on that day when he met the Senior Pastor, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche about the case of the supposed victim. He said the Senior Pastor, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche made a decree.

That decree was made around past seven after the ‘early Will I seek thee’ service.

Pastor Adah said he got the call from the victim’s Home church leader at about 8 in the evening, after service.

The young man (the victim) was released under 24 hours and was able to established contact.

Long story made short, this is a bundle of testimony and he is here to give Jesus all the praise.

To God be the glory?

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