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Many believers in church believes that he or she will be rich the moment they have business idea plus capital to execute like that, am telling you tonight it is not true, many of us have been praying, o God 50,000 (fifty thousand ) and my life will change, you have watch too much advert in the media saying fifty thousand can change your life and who want to be a million and so forth and many people have prayer, God this idea if only you can give me 12 thousand and every time you praying God is living you to the word and you are saying God you are a wicked person.

Can I tell you the truth, be honest those of you who got the money why are you not still rich?

Because you say if I can have just 20000 to start that recharge card business give me 6 month and God have given you 3 years nothing has change, terrible mindset.

So you see people running to banks for loans, many of our parents many ministry are living in this kind of error.

We believe financial freedom is equal to business structure plus capital, many of you will thank God tonight for not getting the money cause you would have blow it off and be angry with yourself .

Follow me tonight and at the end of it we will pray and ask God to help us…….financial freedom is not financial abundance ..
…the degree to which you are financially free is hinge upon your understanding of principle governing wealth creation and keys to sustaining it, when you lack this you will struggle for long in your finance.

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