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Aliko dangote happens to be one of the successful enviable men when it comes to business in this particular part of the world this man happen to be the richest man in the black man land, that’s Africa, being the richest black man in the world is not just by accident or he wake up to become like that, there are things which this particular man has sacrificed.

Aliko dangote might look like a civil and refined businessman but behind this, are an uncontroversial, very tactical and a strategic business magnate. He has soared above many competitions while building his own empire.

The Dangote group comes into existence as a small trading business in year 1977 but today has rouse to become a global business firm that controls trillions of naira, I won’t want to bored us with the story of his early beginnings, because I know a lot is being said about this man on daily basis in this part of the world.

He is a global business man that controls some certain market not only even in Nigeria but outside Nigeria, his is well known in that cement industry, sugar market, oil and gas just to mention few. An average Nigerian will rarely find it difficult not to lay hand on any of dangote product in a full week.

As this saying will always behind every success is a bowels of secrets, when talking about secret here, what I meant is talking about hidden work, hidden treasure, hidden wisdom  that this man has applied to his business that’s has brought him this far.

We will quickly be looking into some of this hidden secrets that as a young business person or someone who is planning to go into doing business can apply to run faster than you can ever think;

  1. Quality product. This is one the things that can help you quickly gain people trust, that’s it about business being able to gain peoples trust so that even when your product is currently scarce in the market they can wait for as long as it will take because they know when it finally comes out is a quality product that is coming. It is very rare to hear anyone complain about Dangote’s product, I personally I have not come across anyone saying something bad about any of Dangote’s product. I tell you this particular virtue as a way of making your business to jack up as fast as anything. I tell you many ruin their business with the inability to be consistency with producing quality goods. This is one thing that this man has mastered and has kept him above in every market.
  2. Ambition. I tell you whatever future you desire you can’t just drop into it by accident, luck is not what brought dangote where he was today, it is as a product of quality ambition he has for himself, he has always say and desire that he wants to dominate the economy and be richest man in Africa, I made mention of quality ambition because having ambition is not the issue but working towards achieving your ambition is what makes it a quality one.
  3. Spirit of business. Seeing the engagement of this man into all sector he finds any opportunity makes you to see that the spirit of business that dwells inside of him, I am very sure what eat thinks is business, he sleeps business and dream business that is the part he has chosen and he is well acquainted with it.
  4. Manufacturing. In an interview with this particular man Aliko Dangote, he said the biggest move for him in the business sector is moving from the position of being a trader to a manufacturer. If you desire to really make progress in this business sector be willing to go farther from being just a trader to a manufacturer.
  5. Be independent. This is one of the virtue anyone willing to go very far in the business sector should possess, looking at it very well the early begin of this man who became a global icon now, even though he had the privilege to be born from a wealthy family he still stand on his own and still find a way to make waves in every sector in found himself, it is important to have an independent spirit. Am very sure when this man started at that time and claiming that he wants to be the richest black man then independently, there will be a lot of people that will be looking at him as though he is only joking, but his success is very obvious today. I tell no one emerge without paying a price, there is always a place of sacrifice.

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