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Calabar has made me believe things I doubted… 🤔

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🔴 Calabar has made me believe things I doubted… 🤔

Last night, at about 18:30, I hired the services of a taxi driver to get to Inyang street

Along the way I saw an old woman of about 75 years old who was walking alone with her cane . It was blowing dry and cold and it affected me so much that I asked the driver to drop her off where she was going before dropping me off at the destination. And that I was going to increase the judged rate.

The driver parked near the old woman and I told her: “Mom, get in, we’ll drop you off where you’re going to.”

She refused to come inside of the cab. I insisted until she finally agreed.
After we gotten to where she lived, she went down in front of a mini estate and we left.

Arriving to my destination I saw that the old woman had forgotten her walking cane in the cab.
The next day I went to where she lives to return her cane.

I got into the yard and I found a woman older than the one I helped the day before.
So I described the old one I’m looking for and the older one asked me to wait a minute.

She entered the house and came out with a photo. I immediately recognized the old woman I’m looking for.
And the older one announced her death which took place 12 years ago!

I then exclaimed “I don’t think so! Yesterday I was the one who helped her get home here in this yard.”
The older one asked me to accompany her to the cemetery she will show me her grave.

God! I took courage and we went to the grave site. She showed me the grave, actually the one I’m looking for has been dead for 12 years!

And on the grave there was a package meant for me (weird) and a letter that says :
– My daughter, I know you are a good woman because I knew you were going to come back and give me back my walking stick. That is why I left you this treasure to express my gratitude to you.

Take this package and open it.

Quickly, under the gaze of the older woman, I opened the package… JESUS!

There was in the package all these lies that you just read because I realized that people don’t read anymore.

This is my contribution to help you read. It’s not only Chinmark’s matter or Bianca’s resetting slap that you will be rushing to read.

Dem do me so I say make I do una back. I don revenge 😁

Enjoy the rest of your week 🏃🏃🏃

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