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For years now Lagos has been known among others for its Traffic. Some years back the governments were able to reduce the level of traffic in some of the major roads. Even with that the traffic in Lagos has not been totally controlled.  Some of the reasons for the traffic are just unnecessary.

The question is what is the cause of the traffic gridlock in Lagos?
Here are some of the causes of the traffic gridlock in Lagos.

  • Buying and Selling
    Buying and selling on Lagos roads is not a new thing and it has also caused a lot of traffic jam on Lagos roads. Some people just like to waste time; what they would buy in less than 30 seconds it takes them more time.
  • Police
    The police are not left out in this; they also contribute in the traffic jam in Lagos. They tend to stay and put road blocks where it is not needed just because they know that if they put one there they will make a lot of money collecting bribes from people.
  • Accident
    Accidents happen, it can be minor and major but some unnecessary traffic jam can be caused by some minor accidents. For example some people will just stop in the middle of the road just because another car hit their pointer or bomber. They could as well move to the side of the road and settle the problem.
The Lagos Traffic Situation: Implications on a Thriving Economy - Taxaide

  • Broken Down Vehicles
    Most times cars without good or powerful engines move on the road carrying a lot of load that needs more energy than the vehicle can give and it eventually breaks down in the middle of the road causing traffic jam.
  • Danfo Drivers
    These drivers are the road masters of Lagos. They drive recklessly and they want to do some crazy maneuvers on the roads. They also affect the traffic by trying to pick up passengers causing unnecessary traffic jam.
  • Bad Roads 
    Though the road network in Lagos has improved, there are still some  bad roads and that contributes a lot to the traffic jams and car owners can’t do anything about it. They have to slow down in order not to spoil their cars and with the population in Lagos that can cause a traffic jam.
    I’m using this medium to urge the government to repair the roads.
  • Stubborn Drivers
    Some drivers are just so stubborn. They can’t wait for their turn, they bypass traffic lights and some other drivers will follow and that will affect the control of the traffic light.
  • NURTW Levy Collectors
    Those guys are just like tugs. They just want their money and they don’t care about other cars and with that they cause a lot of traffic.

These amongst others are the reasons for traffic gridlock in Lagos and I really want everyone to take note of it and make amendments so we all can have a better Lagos.

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