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-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘CHARACTER AND DESTINY’ at Power Communion Midweek Service, Glory Dome.

Thank You Master, thank You Adonai. We worship You Lord.
Thank You for breaking the yokes and the chains in Jesus Precious Name.
Give Him the clap of hand as you take your seat.

The Subject tonight is:

Establishing the connection between Character and Destiny.

Psalm 1:1-3.

The Bible makes it clear that there’s a very strong connection between a person’s character and their destiny.

There are people who spent the rest of their lives in jail because of character. There are people who died before their time because of character. There are people who are in great position of power, authority, influence in the Kingdom because of character.
It’s generally confirmed that strength of character determine strength of destiny. Church Gist. It’s confirmed that people of strong character cannot end with a weak destiny. That people of strong character are people of strong destiny.

Examples abound in Scripture.

1. Joseph: he was a man of very very strong character. Strong financial integrity. Church Gist. Where Potiphar kept everything under Joseph’s care. We have read that over and over again.
Genesis 39:5-6.
And there was not a pin that missed under Joseph’s watch because a man of character was in charge of the place.
Did you know one of the greatest challenges we have in our generation is the challenge of reliable people, dependable people, faithful people, trusted people, trustworthy people.
Psalm 12:1.
You know there are people you are busy thanking for doing you favor and they have massively cheated you without your notice.

You say, ‘O thank you so much, what a favor? I couldn’t have been to able to get this thing or get at this thing’. He said infact, you really know what I passed through to be able to get this or that for you. Infact, I denied myself my commission. But he has dealt massively with you without your notice. And we are not talking of crook/419 yet. We are talking of Brother in church you trusted.
That’s the reality of the world in which we live.
Genesis 39:9
Joseph had financial integrity and also moral integrity.
There are young girls today that are specialists in people’s husbands. And there are those who are interested in pushing somebody out to take the man. The man is already made. He has money, he has influence. That is the better one.
‘ I don’t want to go and suffer and get a fresh man’. And vice versa, there are men like that too.
I met a young man many years ago and I said what kind of woman do you want to marry? He said, I don’t want to marry any jobless girl.
So, what kind of woman do you want to marry?
He said, I want to marry a woman that is already made. She has a house, she has a car.

2. Queen Esther: She was a young lady with a very strong character. She was a lady with financial integrity and victory over covetousness. She was humility personified.
Esther 2:15-17.
Esther’s destiny was achieved on the platform of character.

3. Daniel: Daniel we will refer to as a man of ‘notorious integrity’. He was such a person where even his enemies couldn’t find his fault. And as he was such a man of strong character, he was a man of strong destiny. That was a man that would not touch or taste corruption.
In Daniel 1:8, Daniel 6:2,4. That was Daniel, a man of notorious integrity.
That man outlived four kings; he outlived Nebuchadnezzar, outlived Belshazzar, outlived Darius the median, outlived Cyrus the Persian. The kings came and went, character kept him.
Connection may fail but character won’t fail you. Charisma takes people up, character keeps people up.
Your connection may take you up but it’s your character that keeps you there.
Your certificate may open the door, your character keeps the door opened. Because there are doors that opened for people that couldn’t remain opened.
Daniel had a very very strong destiny on the frequency of his character.

4. Paul the Apostle: Paul the Apostle was the most impactful Apostle. He had the most explosive and impactful destiny of all the Apostles. Church Gist. And what was the secret of Paul the Apostle? Character…
1 Thessalonians 2:10.
Don’t forget, by his character, he became one of the most prolific Apostles. Prolific in the books he wrote, in his character, in the testimonies he experienced, in the impacts he generated.
Your behavior determines your becoming. How you behave today determines what you will become tomorrow.

My mother told me that when they were young ladies growing up and then somebody wanted to marry a wife, they will ask the woman to maybe go to the house of her mother-in-law and then they will deliberately put coins and things under the bed and scatter it around. And say, the girl should go and sweep the house and then this thief girl that they forgot the money under the bed. She will then gather all of them and pocket them and said I have cleaned the house. And then by the time they checked the room and see the ravages of the thief, they will package her back to her mother and say bye.
The story will go round, ‘ that girl is a thief’ . In the village, that is her own has ended.

My mother had that experience where they sent her somewhere and cleaned the room and she harvested all the money and returned it back to the people.
2 Timothy 4:6-8.
By the time I work well in character; moral integrity, financial integrity and all the aspect of character we shall be looking at, there’s no devil that is devilish enough to stop my destiny.

5. Our Master Jesus : John 14:30.


1. Character attracts Divine Presence: when you are a man or a woman of character, you attract Divine Presence.
Genesis 39:1-2. Genesis 39:21.
When you are a man or a woman of quality character, you don’t struggle for the Presence of God.
Psalm 24:3-5.
You see in the Presence of God, the Potentials of man are released and your potentials are your vehicles to your destiny. The Presence of God is the guarantee of the future.
Exodus 33:14.
The quality of your character determines the intensity of Presence you have.
When you see a criminal, you feel the devil around him. When you see a herbalist, you feel Satan around him.
And when you see a genuine child of God with the Spirit of God, with the fear of God, with quality character, you feel God around him. And that Presence of God is more than enough to cause you to become anything under heaven.
It doesn’t matter who you don’t know, if you know God you know too much.
So, stop struggling to know people, start struggling to know God.

2. Character attracts Divine defence: your life is not vulnerable if you have a positive Godly character.
Isaiah 33:15-16.
When you are defended, destiny is guaranteed. 1 Peter 3:13.

3. Character attracts Divine favor : Esther 2:15-16, Psalm 5:12.
And that favor opens your door. That favor makes it your turn again when it has not gone round.

4. Character establishes joy and fulfilment: Psalm 51:10-12.
There is a joy that accompanies salvation. There is a joy that accompanies the clearness of conscience. There’s a joy that accompanies positive and Godly character.
And why is that joy necessary? Because the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10b.
Because the joy of the Lord makes you win battles. Proverbs 24:10.
When the conscience is not clear, joy disappears.

5. Character facilitates the boldness of faith: Proverbs 28:1.
When the conscience is clear, the boldness is intact.

There are prayers you can’t pray if your conscience is not clear.

1 Timothy 1:19.
A good conscience is a stabilizer of faith. A good conscience is a strengthener of faith.

1 Timothy 3:9.
If you want to operate mysterious faith that is responsible of mysterious miracles then you must keep the conscience clean.


1. Every price necessary to be paid to maintain Godly conscience is worth all the cost.

2. If destiny must be fulfilled, character must be in place.
To be who God wants you to be, you must live how God wants you to live.


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