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Despite how hard his first name can be hard to pronounce, every Nigerian can pronounce it with ease. That’s how popular Chinwetalu is in Nigeria and beyond the shores.

One of Nollywood finest and versatile actor, famed for having a phrase for every movie which usually sticks long after the movie is acted and watched. “Ekwensu e romancing mami water”, there you have it from Chinwetalu.

To watch online on how he was brutalised by some illiterate Nigerian soldiers for wearing the Biafra flag cloth is heartbreaking. No literate soldier will see someone of Chinwetalu caliber and assault talk more of beat him, drag him on the floor and allegedly whisk him away to God knows where.

Chinwetalu is a known promoter of the Igbo race, very sympathetic to his Biafra heritage and he has never hidden him. The Igbos especially the youths see in him a symbol of the Igbo liberation. They listen to him.

Seeing him wearing the uniform publicly today should have been one strategic timing for the Army to romance him, play with him and give him convincing reasons on how Biafra is important but Nigeria is more important.

This was a chance they should have held him and make a public hero of him and they missed it. With the army adoring him while wearing the Biafran cloth, he would have been convinced of the Nigerian project and become an ambassador of One Nigeria that the Igbos should stay in and his teaming fans and Igbo brothers will buy into it.

But no, the illiterate ones who have no idea of patriotism showed their overzealous behaviour and have now created more hatred for the institution and the Nigerian government. They blew up the chance they had and no amount of remedy can correct this now.

Wherever the legend of an actor is, nothing must happen to him.

Written by Fejiro Oliver.

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