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D you know your association can determine your destiny? We live in a world where people have all kinds of association and relationship that is not affecting them positively, this is disaster in motion, when God wants to bless you, he channel the right people you way, the same way when the devil wants to destroy you, he can channel the wrong ones your way, and they are bound to bring the wrong influences to you and this can destroy destiny in no small way.

You have to be careful in selecting your association, it must be deliberate, the bible instruct us to love one another, that is a command, but friendship is a choice, not everybody can be your friend, you must carefully select those in your cycle, because they can go a long way to determine your destiny on the longrun.

This does not apply spiritually alone, but in other aspects and areas of life endeavors, for instance; there are people who come into your life and make you see your potentials, they can even discover your dream faster than you do, they see the best in you, they inject you with possibility mentality, they make you know that you can become great, you can be successful, you can be an achiever, you can get there, don’t give up, they literally inject you with positive vibes, you need this kind of people in you life, not the one that keep seeing your errors, your failures, your past and condemning you, because words are powerful, our life takes shape in the direction of whom and what we listen to,who speaks over your life matters a lot.

They determine what becomes of you, what you can achieve and more; you must be deliberate about the people you keep, don’t be sentimental about your relationship, if someone is not adding value to your life, it is okay to cut away from them, the devil is very strategic when it comes to ruining people’s destiny, we must not allow him, the bible says, for we are not ignorant of the devices of the devil, lest he gains an advantage over us, the devil knows how to channel your way, people who will distract you fro your assignment, or from your vision, that is why i always tell people, don’t move with people who are not heading where you are going, make mentor with those who are already in the top, those whose life represent the possibility and height you envisage.

Let us look at some examples in Scripture, look at the relationship of Elijah and Elisha, it was a positive and impactful relationship, by followership and servanthood, Elisha become double of what Elijah was in his lifetime, he was impactful and he did double miracles of what his master did, also look at the Apostle, someone like Peter, was able to do exploit because of his relationship with the Master, Judas jeopardized his destiny because he moved with a toxic people, he is always away from the master when others are with him, so he began to listen to the wrong category of people, which eventually led to his destruction, this issue of association is very important, you must be careful what you hear and what you listen to.

The Bible says, Faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the word of God, but do you now that fear also comes by hearing? Most times, discouragement too comes by hearing, I remember while i was in secondary school, there was this teacher that always say to some students, ” you guys are dullard, you don’t know anything, you are fools” it got to a point, those students began to see themselves exactly like that, and it affected their psychology, till that word became a reality in their performance in class, many of them go about believing that they are truly failures, this is how powerful words can be.

There are people today, who got into bad manners, bad and toxic lifestyle, smoking, drining, womanizing, robbery and many evil acts because they got into the wrong association of people, which led to their destruction. The devil is the one behind most of these evil work, but the bible says, resist the devil, and he will flee, so we must not be calm with wrong influences, wrong association, resist it quickly.

How do I choose right Friends and Association?

  1. Be a right person, let the light of God shine on your life, be a life to your world. Most times in life, we attract who we are, so make yourself a right person, a light and you will attract light naturally.
  2. Be Prayer; by praying, God will send you the right people you need in your life, remember when God wanted to reach out to cornelius, he sent peter and even before the people from cornelius got to where peter was, Peter already saw a vision from God about the next instruction, so by prayer, we are able to get God’s own people into our lives, which will move us forward positively.
  3. Be a Solution Provider: this means, think solution, think way out to the problems of people, this way you will not just attract the right people, you will also be able to change the wrong ones and get them to become right, people are attracted those who are resourceful and solution to their world.
  4. Be Kind hearted: This is so true, your kind nature can attract the right people to you, because we need more people with positive impact in this world of darkness,

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