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Questions and Answers:

  1. Which Pastor recently gave a testimony as published of 18 years issue of blood and what are the names of her children?
  2. a. Pastor Mildred Okonkwo
    b. Hadassah, Davida and David.
  3. “He does it quietly and goes” – Archbishop Margaret Idahosa made this statement during a recent CGMi conference about who?
    Bishop David Oyedepo
  4. Which Pastor mentioned at a past Shiloh that Bishop Oyedepo has a Thinking Room?
    Pastor Mensa Otabil
  5. God asked me to come here!
    Who said this recently on his visit to a Church , what church and where is it located?
    Pastor Enoch Adeboye at Love of Christ Generation Church Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S) .
  6. Nigeria is the largest revival Nation on earth.
    Which Pastor recently made this statement ?

Pastor Roberts Liardon .

  1. Which Pastor was gifted a Car worth over $100,000 in Winners’ Chapel by a Church Member?

Pastor Chris Abraham

A total of 72 responses were sent on the Church Gist Telegram Channel but no one got all the answers correctly.
This means no one will get the CASH PRIZE OF N15, 000 (or USD equivalent if not in Nigeria).
However we will reward the responder with the highest number of accurate answers (90 per cent) with a CASH PRIZE of N13,500 (or equivalent if not in Nigeria).
Though not all the answers were accurate, this is to appreciate the person for following instructions by providing the answers on the Telegram channel as requested.
Name: Maneh (Shadrach Aliu)
The Winner should kindly contact us on the Telegram platform where the answers were answered.
Congratulations to the Consolation Prize Winner.

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