Sister Gloria, a born again ,holy ghost filled believer goes to church every Sunday in her shirt or top and long skirt with a scarf on her head and she looks just like the saint that she really is 🤗.

But on Monday, sister Gloria goes to her work place without a long skirt, this time a short skirt (below her knee not above o) also without a scarf and this time, she is no longer a saint like she was on Sunday because she has suddenly backslided or it’s because she lives a double life.

Really 🙄🙄?

Seriously 🤷🤷??

Why now😏?

Religiosity has blinded the eyes of so many and that has so much programmed the mind of its victim, causing them to live, act, behave and DRESS differently in certain places thereby making them look like they are not genuine.

You don’t expect people to dress to work EXACTLY the way they dress to church but they can otherwise because it shouldn’t be OPPOSITELY different because decency is not only needed in church but also at your workplace and every other place you go to.

Why should you have in your closet, a dress that can be worn to parties or work but not decent enough for church meetings?


Yes, there are certain decorum put in place in church just to curb unnecessary issues arising not because they are sinful, but that doesn’t rule out the fact that it can be accepted elsewhere because I should be able to wear what I wear to work to church and wear what I wear to church to work because they are all decent clothes I’ve got in my closet.

This is my point, when people dress differently not oppositely when they are in certain places, it doesn’t change their state of salvation as far as they are decently worn. Some certain outfits worn to church can be combined with your work outfits and you are good to go again because they are both decent💁

So please stop expecting people to wear scarfs or turbans to work because you do, stop expecting people to wear long skirts and robes to an office, stop doubting one’s salvation because she wore makeup (moderate) on Monday but not on sunday. Start wearing your decent clothes everywhere.

Take decency everywhere. To the church, the market, the office, to the UK wherever. Respect the decorum observed wherever you go. If it’s not accepted, abide by their rules since they have reasons but if you can’t, don’t go there. Simple!

Your decency should be everywhere.
Decency is a state not an act.

©️Ojo Debby Omotayo
Fashionable yet Godly.

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