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By: Dr Paul Enenche

Many people come to church for different reasons; some come for miracles or for socialisation etc. but one of the main reasons to come to church is to come and learn


1. Profitless labour (Matt. 11:28)
This is where a person is labouring and there is no result
A man and woman married for 8 years and there is no child – that is profitless labour

2. Oppressive burden (Matt. 11:28)
This is that which weighs people down
It might be the burden of a lifestyle – alcoholism, smoking, drinking, gambling etc.
This is where your life is a concern to yourself and your generation

3. Restless existence (Matt. 11:28)
This is an existence devoid of rest; a life of no rest full of anxiety, fear, tension and anxiety
God has said He will give you rest if only you will agree to come and rest
Why have you come to church today?
What is the profit of receiving a testimony or miracle for your body to feel well but your soul ends up in hell?
Come and learn!

1. Accept responsibility (Matt. 11:29)
Look for instructions to obey
‘Lord is there anything You want me to do that I am not doing, for my life to change? Is there anything I am taking for granted?’

2. Embrace teachability (Matt. 11:29; Ps. 62:11)
Let God be able to teach you; let even a child be able to teach you
Until God can teach you, He cannot reach you.
Some come to church with an attitude like ‘What will he say that I have not heard?’ but there is a Voice behind the verse (Ps. 62:11)
God can use the voice of the pastor to give you instruction

3. Embrace humility (Matt. 11:29)
It is humble people that are hungry people, hungry for God.

Father, Thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I have come today to learn what it takes to labour profitably, to be delivered from burdens that are oppressive and to be delivered from a restless existence; I have come to learn of You, Oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we thank You for the just concluded Lafia healing and deliverance crusade. We appreciate You for Your power and principles that went ahead of us. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name. (Ps. 103:1-5)

Father, we take authority over reprisals and counterattacks of the devil against any of the healings, signs and wonders, and against any of the pastors, Your servant and his family; we declare they are neutralised, in Jesus’ Name.

In the name of Jesus, every cargo, luggage or baggage on my life, wherever you came from, you are going back there now! GO!


– Those who want you dead shall take your place in that death!
– Any man, woman boy or girl that is a concern in your life, today, Jehovah shall intervene in their case!
– Today is the end of experiencing the same pattern of failure and death with your family members!
– What happened to others that you know, that the devil is saying will happen to you, today, that declaration is cancelled!
– The expectation of the wicked against your life will never come to pass!
– Any area you need mercy from above, that mercy is released!
– Whatever has grounded your life and brought it down to the floor, that satanic agenda is arrested right now!
– Every stranger in my body, today is your end!
– The doors of favour, marriages, businesses are opened NOW!
– Every spell of death looking for you or your loved ones is cancelled!
– Anyone they have placed a curse on, today, I decree, the curse is broken!
– Every prison they have kept you, OUT!

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