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I am creating this trend to address one of the hurdles that many job seekers usually find difficult to cross. If you are looking for a job, attending an interview is what you cannot avoid. But unfortunately, being called for an interview is not a guaranty that you have gotten the job.

Perhaps you have been attending interviews with no job to show for it, something is wrong somewhere.

Erroneously, some have concluded that it is one witch from their village that is responsible for their ordeals. Well, you may be totally wrong.

What you don’t know, you don’t know. And you will definitely pay for what you don’t know in one way or the other.

Staying long in the job market beyond a reasonable period is one such price you pay.

A wise man said, “there is no mountain anywhere, every man ignorance is his own mountain”.

Have you got to think about it? Why is it that ten job applicants were called for an interview, and one person was chosen?

Have you ever tried to find out why you were not the “lucky” one?

Well, my mentor usually says, “what people call LUCK is not actually luck in most cases, it is when preparation meets with opportunity”. It is not how many interviews you attended that count. But how prepared are you for the job you are looking for?

This trend is to give Nairalanders that are looking for jobs an edge over others. In this trend, I will be giving you common interview questions you may likely be asked.

These questions are already answered in my favourite blog. But on this platform, I will not be the only contributor.

I believe that we have many HR experts and other people who are willing to share their experience on how they were able to land their dream job.

Therefore, it is going to be very interactive. But I plead with you, if you don’t have the answer, you don’t need to comment.

Nevertheless, all interested person can follow the topic.

So, let’s start with this interview question: Why should we hire you?
Tips: This is the opportunity for you to sell yourself. If you can’t sell yourself, nobody will do it for you. This question becomes more relevant, if you are applying for a sales and marketing job. If you can’t sell yourself, it is a clear indication that you may not be able to sell the company’s products or services

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