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Comprehensive Rabbit feed formulation practical guide

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Feed formulation is very vital in rabbit production because it is the only means rabbit farmers are able to achieve a desired nutritional needs
This is achieved by combining different percentage of food materials containing different nutrient composition.

Though feed formulation can be done by anyone, it is not advisable to formulate feed without prior knowledge of the rabbit nutritional needs.
Don’t forget that; the sole aim of rabbit feed formulation is to achieve a desired nutritional goal that aligns with the rabbits dietary needs.

This goal must be set out before starting the process of rabbit feed formulation, the same goes to other livestock.

In this shot write up , we will discuss rabbit feed formulation. The processes involved in the formulation of rabbit feed.

We will also discuss the required ingredients needed for rabbit feed formulation.

1) how to carry out rabbit feed formulation
2) Example of rabbit feed formula
2.1 The fat level in each ingredient are
3 Common Feed ingredients for rabbit feed formulation
We are going to focus on costing of rabbit feed ingredients and analyzing proximate nutrient levels in ingredients
To understand this topic very well, I will give out a feed formula that we are going to analyze and categorize its usage (Breeder, Weaner, Grower, Maintenance and Fattener/Finisher).

In formulating rabbit feeds, you need to begin with the end in mind by stating the purpose of the feed.

Let us assume that we want to formulate a Rabbit Breeders Feed.

There is the need for us to factor in the requirements for pregnancy, lactating and kits requirements before weaning.

rabbit feed
The next thing is to write out the nutrient levels that we want to achieve.

Followed by stating the formula to achieve the nutritional requirements, then testing of the ingredients should follow.

If it is not achieved, we need to readjust the inclusion level or at extreme case.

Introduce another ingredient to the formula that can provide us with what we want to achieve but bear it in mind that as you pursue one nutrient.
Other nutrient levels are distorted.
In fact, formulation of a very good feed requires deep knowledge about rabbit nutrition and capital intensive if you want to take your feed to Lab for testing.

Many rabbit farmers are not carrying out laboratory test.

STEP 1- I need to ask this question and answer it by myself. Which class of rabbit do I want to feed and what is its condition?

I need to feed Breeders that are currently nursing kits and those ones that are already pregnant.

STEP 2- What are the nutritional requirements that I need to formulate for the Breeders in Step 1?

In rabbit feed formulation, understanding the nutritional requirement is important.

I need the following nutrient levels to achieve success in my breeding program.

Crude Fibre 16-17%

Crude Protein Over 18-18.5%

Lysine 0.45%

Methionine 0.40%

Digestive Energy 2600-2650kcal/kg

Trace Minerals range of 0.4-0.5% (Iron, Copper Zinc & Iodine)

Crude Fat 3.5-5.0% max

Calcium (Actual) 1.10%

Phosphorus (Actual) 0.60%

Sodium (Actual) 0.20%

Potassium          0.80%

Magnesium        0.25%

Vitamin A          12,000 IU/kg

Vitamin D          1,500 IU/kg

Vitamin E           50 IU/kg

STEP 3- The next thing is to determine the method of calculating the nutrient in the feed.

Do I want the nutrient analysis to be accurate or I just want to use theoretical nutrient level for a rough idea?

I will prefer to take my rabbit feed to Lab for testing in order to achieve accuracy and avoid gambling.

It is advisable to take feed ingredients to the lab for testing before paying suppliers and after feed formulation.

Many feed ingredient suppliers adulterate raw materials to make abnormal profit at the detriment of rabbit farmers.

rabbit feed
Laboratory Test is very capital intensive but is good if you can afford it. To be continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t rush, it’s highly technical.

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