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Scripture:Isaiah 36: 4. And Rabshakeh said unto them, Say ye now to Hezekiah, Thus saith the great king, the king of Assyria, What confidence is this wherein thou trustest?

Beloved, I welcome you to another Moment of Daily Encounter! Confidence is another pillar of faith that is so vital in the operation of faith. No matter how strong your faith might be, once confidence is lost, faith will fail to deliver results. Hence, the Bible said;

Hebrews 10: 35. Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward.

Many have cast away their confidence either because of frustration, unfulfilled expectations or prolonged delay! This explains why some person who were on fire for the Lord while on campus as a student later fizzle out.

Some of them have waited patiently, then lost confidence in the word of God they once professed and when confidence is lost, faith is lost.

The devil knows that if he can break your confidence, he has succeeded in destroying your faith! So he will do everything possible to break your confidence, employ every tactics to ensure your confidence is broken.

What are the tactics the devil uses to break your confidence?

1. By sending voices/sounds(Isa.36:1-21): The story of Hezekiah and Sennacherib gives a perfect example. The army commander of the Assyrians Rabshakeh was sent to break the confidence of the army of Judah and he did that by words!

He spoke both in Syrian language and Jewish language all with the aim of breaking the confidence of Judah.
He began by asking a question:

Isaiah 36: 4. And Rabshakeh said unto them, Say ye now to Hezekiah, Thus saith the great king, the king of Assyria, What confidence is this wherein thou trustest?

Beloved, who has suddenly broken your confidence in God with his/her voice? What exactly did you hear that made you to lose your confidence in life?

While you were growing up in the Lord, you had so much confidence but now life has treated you in such a way that you lost your confidence! Hmmm! It is time to pick up your confidence again, your faith will deliver maximally when your confidence is boosted.

Brothers and sisters, you had your confidence until a certain guy/lady walked out of your life. He/she didn’t just walk out, he/she left with your confidence!

Since then you are no longer confident of yourself, please delete that mp3 that is playing in your head and get your confidence back. This is why we warn people of wrong marriage, wrong marriage could makes you loose your confidence.

Perhaps, it was the last interview you attended, that eroded your confidence, get it back and face life with determination to succeed.

No panel of judges should make you loose your selfworth or loose your confidence in life. Whatever you have heard that is driving you crazy quickly delete it from your mind now.

Probably because you experienced business failure before and that made you to loose confidence in yourself! Wake up, say no to that, go back with a renewed vigour, with confidence in your God and you will succeed.

If you have failed an exam before don’t allow the thought of past failure to make you loose confidence in yourself, wake up and shake yourself from the ashes of your past.

Most of us lose confidence due to what our parents have been telling us right from our childhood.

We grew up with a kind of mp3 playing in our minds of those negative images our parents have painted about life and and our self image, hence we lost confidence in ourselves and in the ability of God. It is time to turn a new leaf.

You can never make a head way in the school of success without confidence. You must be confident in yourself and in your God for your faith to deliver. Don’t have faith for anything when the courage to push it through is not there! (Josh.1:7)

Remember this; Heaven is real and hell is real! Don’t joke with your eternal destiny, prepare to meet your God.

Prayer points;

– Father thank you for your word to me today.
– Lord, help me not to cast away my confidence no matter what is happening in the name of Jesus

Prophetic Declaration:

– I prophesy every lost confidence is restored in the name of Jesus.
– You will succeed and overcome every trap set by the enemy to bring you down in the name of Jesus

From your brother Alex
God bless you.

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