-Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP
Psalm 65:11
Sing and rejoice because of massive change of story. Now this is a crowning month, the last month of the year and God’s best is forever reserved for the last.
-In the name of Jesus, your crown for the year, another man will not take.
“Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness” – Psalm 65:11
All areas of our lives, every area of our lives impacted. Dryness just ends.
Psalm 65:12 – That is impacting on all, old and young
Psalm 65:13 – “…they shout for joy, they also sing.” Give the Lord a shout of praise.
-That is Heaven’s verdict for the crowning days of the year and we have just entered the crowning month.
-Every area of our lives shall be supernaturally impacted.
Fortunately, it is still the month of Shiloh where God has vowed to release our balance of inheritance to us.
-Whatever pertains to you that is yet to be made manifest shall be made openly manifest this month.
Daniel 11:32 – “…those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits.”
What does it mean to know God? To know what God has provided and to know what it takes to get across. They rejoice, they shout and they also sing, to provoke the confirmation of Heaven’s verdict upon their lives.
Prayers: Hold fast that which thou hast lest another man take thy crown. My crown for these crowning days of the year, another man will not take.
Away with you every form of distraction.
Away with you every tendency of murmuring and complaining.
I am shouting my way to triumph.
I am shouting my way to a massive change of story.
I am singing my way out of every valley. I know heaven and earth may pass away, Your Word will never pass away.

This is my crowning month of the year and You crown the year with Your goodness and all thy paths drop fatness. Thank You for the crowning month of the year, it’s by Your grace, I have entered into it. I celebrate You Jesus. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
God is not a man that He should lie or the son of man that He should repent – Numbers 23:19.

He opened up the year saying it is our year of Turnaround and we saw Turnaround testimonies coming from every side.
-The balance of yours must arrive in this crowning month.
Whatever must turn has to turn.
Whatever you desire to turn must turn in the name of Jesus.
Therefore, the month of December 2021, the crowning month of the year is declared your month. No devil from hell shall rob you of what belongs to you.
-You shall keep singing from this month onwards.
-God is turning your mourning into dancing.
-He is turning anyone’s sorrow of heart into joy and rejoicing and so shall it be.
Thank You Heavenly Father. Give the Lord a shout of Hosanna.
Congratulations, by the help of God you have made it.

The devil never thought you will be in December, but here you are.
-You will see the end of the year. You will see the end of the next and the end of the next and the end of the next.
-God shall establish His covenant of a good old age with you and your household.
-Every siege of untimely death is finally off your life and your family.
-No one here will die young.

-It shall be said of this family, they don’t die young there, in the name of Jesus Christ and so shall it be.
The fliers for Shiloh is out: Shiloh 2021; More Than A Conqueror
Say with me, “Shiloh 2021; More than A Conqueror.”
When I say Shiloh 2021, like we do, you will say, “More Than A Conqueror.”
More Than A Conqueror: Shiloh 2021
Shiloh 2021: More Than A Conqueror and More Than A Conqueror: Shiloh 2021
-Something amazing is taking place in your life.
Just ask the devil, he knows the worth of these fliers.

One of our new converts got a miracle job, the details of it is so, even some people here will not believe it and so they arrested some people in their company. The company where he just got the job last week. They called for an emergency meeting where they going to decide what to do with some staff and they were all from his department.

They were stealing diesel and he told that he can’t do that, that he is a born-again child of God. They told him, “you will die in poverty.” While they went to sell the trucks of diesel that belongs to the company, they caught them. Now he is the latest newcomer, casual worker in the company so he went to the toilet and said, “Lord, you may know me but you know this Baba. Don’t let them sack me from here.

I don’t know where to go.” He got to the meeting, after all the thing was done, the white man now said, “even the Supervisor of this department is part of those that were sent away, but you look very reliable. You are now the Supervisor.”

-God will change the story of many.”
Prayers: Ask the Spirit of God behind this Commission to go forth with these fliers and turn it to a magnet that drafts multitudes to Christ and prepare them for a triumphant life, baptize them into the realm of More Thank Conquerors and lead them to Heaven at the end of their journey.


He is the One that named Shiloh, He is the One that set it up, Now prove it as these fliers go, in the name of Jesus. So shall it be.

The breath of the Holy Ghost rests upon these fliers and everyone that catches this is connected, is attracted and is present. Let it be the escape platform for multitudes. Let many escape death: Physical death, eternal death through this platform.

Let your Spirit rest upon these fliers and turn it to spiritual magnet, attracting multitudes to Christ in the name of Jesus.
Give God thanks, Give Him praise.

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