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Special Miracle Tips

What is a Miracle?

  • An act that cannot be explained be natural laws – Mk. 4:39-41
  • In-explainable but undeniable acts of God – Jn. 11:40-44

For instance,

  • Dividing of the red sea – Ex. 14:14-18
  • Quenching the furnace of fire – Dan. 3:17-28
  • Stopping the mouth of the lions – Dan. 6:10-23
  • A virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son; that is a sign – Is. 7:14-15
  • Turning water into wine. – Jn. 2:5-11

etc., etc.

Jesus is Lord!

What is a Miracle?

  • A miracle is a display of the supernatural acts of God in response to the needs of mankind – Jh. 6:1-2
  • The first, the middle and the last miracle Jesus did on the earth was in response to meeting the needs of men – Jh. 2:5-11/Jh.9:1-8/Jh. 21:5-6
  • Miracles are no accidents, they are the deliberate acts of God provoked by the faith of men – Matt. 9:21-23
  • Miracles are the deliberate acts of God provoked by the desperate faith of men – Mk. 10:46-52
  • You don’t wait for miracles; you work them – Phil. 2:12/ Is. 52:1-3.
  • Whosoever first steps into the water is made whole of whatsoever disease he had – John 5:2-4

What is the Essence of Miracles?

  • To destroy the works of the devil – 1Jn.3:8
  • To reveal the glory of God – John 9:1-3/ John 11:40
  • To draw souls into the kingdom – Jh. 6:2/ Jh. 11:45-47/ Acts 8:1-8/

Acts 9:34-35/ 36-41/ Acts 19:11-18 (50,000 / 30,000 pieces of silver).

You Must Believe in Miracles to experience them – Matt. 9:27-29

  • Only those who believe in miracles see the glory of God!
  • Miracles are not free they are acquired by faith
  • You don’t wait for it, you work at it!
  • It is the quality of one’s faith that determines the dimension of the miraculous that he walks in.

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