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Documented Testimonies

Monday, 25th – Saturday, 30th October 2021

Monday, October 25, 2021

Total Transformation Via Encounter with This Church

I don’t go to church any longer before I came to Canaanland, I had become an herbalist and a gangster terror, but God of Bishop David Oyedepo saved me. Though the devil tried to paralyze me, I woke up from sleep one night and realized I couldn’t walk again, a friend from Winners helped and anointed me with anointing oil and the mantle and I was able to walk again that same day. 

God of Bishop David Oyedepo and this commission delivered me from addictions of smoking, drinking, drugs and womanizing. He restored back my broken marriage. He raised back to life my dying eatery business and instead of dying, He opened an additional branch of my business. Glory be to God. 

As if that was not enough, I had been bleeding seriously each time I visit the rest room, I came to this past Sunday Covenant day of Vengeance and the God of Vengeance visited the camp of my oppressors. I took the Holy communion and declared Blood for Blood, that is, Blood of Jesus over any other blood, and to my greatest shock the issue of blood stopped instantly. Glory be to God. May the God of Bishop David Oyedepo continue to be my God till I enter Heaven at last. I will serve the Lord till the end. Matthew 6:33 works. Markins Oluwaseun Majasan

Insomnia Destroyed Via Encounter at Shiloh

Over three years now my husband has been suffering from Insomnia and has lived by drugs these three years. Two years ago, it grew worst. There is usually a strange movement on top of our roof, once it happens; my husband will not be able to sleep again until morning. someone invited us for Shiloh event, on Wednesday night of encounter, we came and as Papa was ministering my husband and I were determined and much focused. As if nothing happened, but when we got home, I wanted to give him his routine medical care, but he said to me, “honey I don’t think I can wait. I am very sleepy now and even feeling cold since I left that church.” To my amazement, before I could boil water for him to bathe, my husband who on his own has not slept for over three years without inducement slept off. From that instant, the strange movement on our roof seized and the symptoms of strange illness I am suffering also disappeared. I have come to give glory to the God of this Commission and for using his servant, Bishop Oyedepo. Mrs Elizabeth Onongiah

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Marital Restoration after 13 years

I have faced marital challenges for several years, we got married in 2001 I had a stillbirth in 2002, & when I didn’t conceive till 2004, I faced terrible challenges  from my in laws, then my husband went away with strange woman, who used many mediums to harm me and send me out of my matrimonial home, but in 2008, I joined this commission because I saw Papa in my dream rescuing my marriage. But this year, I decided to attend breaking generational curses, because I remember the same thing happened to my mother. My husband issued a divorce, and I ran to canaanland. I met Bishop and He said it shall be to my favour. I involved in sharing of fliers & winning souls, forgetting my challenges. The final trial was slated for January but I began to praise God as instructed waiting for my miraculous restoration, just 3 days ago after midnight praise, I hit my Shiloh mantle on the four corners of my bed calling my husband back home. Then in the morning, the lawyer called very early that I should meet my husband for reconciliation. To the glory of God, we are now settled today, and case withdrawn. This is what could not be settled for over 13 years, the God of Shiloh did it, I give Him all the glory. Adelaja O

The Siege of Death, Dumbness And Deafness Humiliated At Shiloh 2020

I was attacked by the siege of death for close to 2 months now. I was seeing myself in another world and hearing spirits speak to me. I was quoting scriptures and making confessions of Faith but most times I did not know what was happening around me. Suddenly I went Dumb and Deaf on NOVEMBER 2020. All medical examinations proved nothing was wrong with my brain, although my memory was intact. I could not hear anything people were saying and could not speak.

I came to Shiloh filled with expectation. During the Hour of visitation on the 2nd day of Shiloh 2020, I felt a sensation as if someone poured cold water on my back.

On the 3rd day, Night of Encounters as papa was ministering, suddenly something went off my ears and now I can hear and speak at the same time after been bound for one month, my captivity is lifted, GOD has humiliated the siege of death, dumbness and deafness in my life.            DCNS IJEOMA E.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Divine Health after Joining this Commission!

‘My family was plagued with the spirit of death; in one month, I lost two of my siblings. However, I joined this Commission, and the day I came, it was a Communion Service. While Bishop David Oyedepo ministered, he said, “I can never be sick!” That statement gave me some concerns, and the following Sunday, I came again, and he repeated the same thing. When I got home, I told my people, and they said, “Do not mind him oh, you better use medicine.” However, I said if it is true, I would like to see.  Since then, I stopped taking any dose of drugs till now. It has been fifteen years, and I have enjoyed divine health. I give God all the glory!’ Ahmed Sarumi

Debt Cleared at Shiloh

For some time now I had been indebted, and as a result I have not being able to sleep like every other person does. Each time I even manage to, I wake up in a shock of the debt.

Brethren, truly, debt is a burden to man. I didn’t have any hope of payment, especially because I didn’t even have a running job. During Shiloh as Bishop Oyedepo asked us, I wrote down that as one of the 3 requests I had on my expectation sheet.

Brethren, in the course of Shiloh 2019, I heard Papa read that bible portion that says “come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy burdened and I will give you rest”, I cried to God to help me pay up and Brethren, this was how the debt that gave me sleepless night was supernaturally cleared. 

Brethren, I didn’t have to rob Peter to pay Paul. God paid this debt without expecting a payback. I have come to say THANK YOU JESUS for finally giving me peace of mind. Limits are all broken in my life indeed. Ruth Onyegbile

Thursday, October 28, 2021

God Restored me back to the Faith with Goodness.

I want to thank God for restoring me back to the faith. I gave my life to Christ so many years ago, but along the way I stopped coming to church. I was not serious with God, then everything became very tough. Towards the end of last year, I decided to settle down with God and be serious about my walk with Him.  So, I rededicated my life to Christ and surrendered my life to Him completely.  I began to obey all the instructions passed down by the Apostle over this commission.I attended daily with Covenant hour of prayer daily.I began to be more faithful in my kingdom service. I gave to the poor like never before.Then I began to see positive changes in my life. God granted almost all my heart desires, Lack and want have become things of the past and I have good health. The constant headache I used to have has gone forever. I have not gone to hospital since then. My farms which were not doing well began to produce well.  My colleagues who used to look down on me before at work now give me respect and hold me in high esteem.  My house project which I have abandoned for 4 years has taken off and now to the roofing level. I give God all the praise. Banjo Debo

Healed Of Cancer And Gastritis By Prophetic Declarations At Shiloh 2019

I had total thyroidectomy surgery on Oct 15th 2019 as a result of a swelling on my neck that comes with severe pain which has also affected my voice. Further examination of what was brought out from my neck during the surgery shows it was thyroid cancer.  I was scheduled for next appointment by January with the results of the text.  I told myself that all these harassment on my health will end at Shiloh.  I came to Shiloh 2019 with great expectations and lo and behold my expectation was never cut shut.  In one of the encounter nights, when Papa asked us to write just 3 things that we want God to do for us. It was the major issue I wrote there. That encounter night Papa declared that as the Lord liveth that that night will be the end of such issues in our lives.  I believed the prophetic declarations by Gods servants. 

On getting home after the Shiloh departure, when I looked at myself at the mirror I discovered the swelling is no more there. I had to call my sister to show her too. I was full of joy. Thank you, the God of Bishop David Oyedepo, for confirming the words of your servant in my life. To God alone be all the glory. Onyinye M

Friday, October 29, 2021

God of this Commission is Faithful

Papa prophesied that my slavery and servitude was over. I said the loudest Amen and keyed into the declaration.

On Thursday the 9th of January, God again said through Papa that He is taking those without even a local identity and turning them into Global Super Stars and Power Players. I also keyed into this and made it a prayer point for the remaining days of the month.

Today, I am here to give God the glory for His Faithfulness in confirming His Word in my life through His servant – the Apostle over this great commission.

I have, without writing any job application, been appointed the Managing Director of an International Publicly listed company at the age of 34. Not only is my remuneration more than 1,000% increase from my previous company, but I am also a shareholder in this new organization. I have come to return all the glory, honor and power to The Lord Jesus Almighty. Truly, what eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, have become the order of the day in my life. Akintunde Jeje

Blind Eyes Opened By The God Of Shiloh

For many years I have been suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, breast lumps and blindness as years progressed, I could not move around without assistance.                

My son had decided to come and take me to Benin for treatment when I was invited to attend Shiloh. However, I could not make it on the first day, but I came on the second day. On the third day when papa was ministering, he asked us to touch where we had ailments, I touched my eyes and my chest and asked God to remove sorrow from my life. Immediately I started to see clearly, and the pain ceased. I was able to identify my children and cross the road by myself. All the pain and eye problem are gone, I am totally set free. Praise the LORD!!! THERESA ODIA

Saturday, October 30th 2021

Menstruation After 40 Years!

I am over 40 years old. I had never menstruated as a lady. This health challenge had taken me to so many hospitals. I had taken so many medications, but all to no avail. If I were married, it would have been a different story, but I am not married. Also, I am not pregnant! At a point I made up my mind to hand over the issue to the Almighty God. During one of the Saturdays, I came to Canaan Land to seek the face of the God of Bishop David Oyedepo. When it was time for the Winners’ Satellite Fellowship (WSF), I went to the fellowship

During testimony time, people shared diverse testimonies of the move of God in that centre. I made up my mind that the same God would do mine. When the fellowship closed, I met the Cell Minister and told him about my health challenge, he prayed with me. As soon as he finished praying, something surprising happened to me right there! Brethren, I could not stand up from that spot where I knelt down, as blood started flowing there! That was how God healed me of that health challenge! Now I menstruate like a normal lady! I thank the God of Bishop David Oyedepo! He is faithful and trustworthy!”-Pamela, A.

Matt.6:33 Opened A Great Door

All this while, I have stopped praying for myself, in fact, I don’t have the huge to pray for myself again, just the Kingdom. I am a real estate consultant and have been believing God for more clients. After sunday service of Covenant of Open Door, I was so expectant and suddenly God showed up.

After midweek service, Bishop Oyedepo declared that no more dryness for contractors, consultants and every business, I shouted Amen. The following day I got a call from a sister telling me that one of her church member needs my service that he will call me

Lo and behold, the man called on Thursday 23rd of February and said “madam, I want to start a real estate firm, your services is needed urgently”.

To cut the long story short, we met on Saturday 25th of February and discussed.  I Got the consulting job immediately. I have come to return all the Glory to the God who only Him can do what no man can Do.  My landmark is now Matt.6:33 To God alone be all the Glory Mrs Sobowale Funke

Jesus is Lord!

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