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Monday, 15th – Saturday, 20th, November, 2021

Monday, 15th November, 2021

  1. Supernatural Turnaround via Encounter at Shiloh!

“I joined this Commission in October 2017. However, my story was pathetic I had to borrow money to attend Shiloh that year.Between that Shiloh  and the next one,for the first time in my life, I have a good accommodation and a car. For twenty years, I had been battling with a health issue, but God terminated it. I graduated ten years ago and tried my hands on several things, but none worked. From then till now, I have a multimedia business that is thriving very well. I return all the glory to the God of Shiloh!” –Uzoma Gabriel

  1. Career Stagnation Humiliated!

Towards the end of last year, things went from good to bad until I eventually became stagnated in my career at the end of November. I went to Shiloh for a restoration and I encountered God like never before. I engaged in intensive and extensive Kingdom Advancement Prayer Project, Outreach, Word and book study every day, from early morning till around 9 pm. I was busier than many going to work. I encountered clarity of purpose and multiplication of visions. God even gave a download of my involvement up to 70 years ahead.

I developed a Court Case with God, giving him forty-two (42) “reasons” He has to settle my career, ten (10) “guides” on when He should settle it and five (5) “verdicts” on to-what-extent should He settle it. All were backed up with multiple constitutional truths (i.e. scriptures). After many court room sessions with God, while I kept engaging, I kept celebrating God in High Praise and maintained gladness of heart and positivity.

In one of the services I attended, Papa declared during the Service that I should go take back my career that week. Meanwhile, there was an interview slated for me the following day (Monday). It was an Oil and Gas Company. I went for it and to my amazement, what was meant to be an interview turned to be a discussion and negotiation, as though it had been concluded before I arrived. I was given the job, same day, and it was even a higher position than I applied for. I officially resumed the 1st of November to the shame of the Devil.

I bless the Lord for not allowing the Word of His servant, my prophet, to fall to the ground. To God is all the glory! —Oyindamola Bello,

Tuesday, 16th November, 2021

God Restored me back to the Faith with Goodness.

I want to thank God for restoring me back to the faith. I gave my life to Christ so many years ago, but along the way I stopped coming to church. I was not serious with God then everything became very tough. Towards the end of this year, I decided to settle down with God and be serious about my walk with Him.  So, I rededicated my life to Christ and surrendered my life to Him completely.  I began to obey all the instructions passed down by the Apostle over this commission.I linked up daily with Covenant hour of prayer. I gave to the poor like never before.Then I began to see positive changes in my life. God granted almost all my heart desires, Lack and want have become things of the past and I have good health. Since I came back from the last Shiloh the constant headache I used to have has gone forever. I have not gone to the hospital since then. My farms which were not doing well began to produce well.  My colleagues who used to look down on me before at work now give me respect and hold me in high esteem.  My house project which I have abandoned for 4 years has taken off and now to the roofing level. I give God all the praise. Banjo Debo

  1. Healed via Encounter at Shiloh!

“In February 2010, I was diagnosed of cancer and was taken in for an emergency surgery. I was also told I had high blood pressure and tested Positive for HIV. However, I rejected the report and remembered the testimony of a sister who was delivered from the swarm of insects that followed her. That same year, I made up my mind to be in Canaanland for Shiloh and I attended the healing class. Thereafter, I went for test and was confirmed HIV negative. My blood pressure is normal and there is no cancer in my system. For nine years, I have never taken Panadol. I return all the glory to God!” –Dr. Francis Mwema

Wednesday, 17th  November, 2021

  1. Multiple Blessings via Shiloh Encounters!

“I learnt about Shiloh some years back. I was listening to one of Bishop David Oyedepo’s messages, and I have attended about three Shiloh editions.

During last Shiloh, Bishop Oyedepo declared that our suffering was just for a moment as he read from 1 Peter 5:10. He further said that God would settle all the issues of our lives. Immediately, I dived into it and God settled the following areas: 90-million-shilling debt was cancelled. God healed my son of a five-year heart challenge. My daughter also had liver problem for seven years, but God healed her too. 

Furthermore, I won a 12-year court case, and was paid 200,000 US Dollars. In addition, God gave me a miracle car this year. I give Him all the glory!” —Pst. Patrick Collins, M.

  1. My Genotype Changed to ‘AA’

“I joined this Commission fully in 2011. I believed God for a change of genotype to ‘AA’ as I was ‘AS’. This led me into several relationships which could not work out because of this same issue.

In the course of last Shiloh, Bishop David Oyedepo said, ‘Anything that has been a burden to you ends on Shiloh ground.’  He further said that whatever you cannot find in the Body of Christ would give way because from the beginning it was not so.  I keyed into it.  I also read some of the Bishop’s books and my faith was lifted.

He went on and said that if our prayers were not answered, it’s our fault. Then, the giant in me came alive and I engaged in prayers like never before.

On the third day of Shiloh, which was on Thursday, I went for a blood test to confirm my faith and I was told to come back on the last day of Shiloh. To my greatest surprise, my genotype had changed to ‘AA’. I give God all the glory!” —Ohaegbu Kingsley Eberechukwu

Thursday, 18th November, 2021

  1. Triplets from Shiloh!

“My wife and I have been married for about four years.  I can’t begin to give you the details of the challenges that she has experienced. 

However, at Shiloh, we were so excited as Bishop Oyedepo shared from scriptures about the expiry dates of challenges. He took us through several scriptures beginning from Deuteronomy through Corinthians to Peter, to Psalms and we ended in 2 Corinthians 6:2 which says that now is the accepted time and today is the day of salvation.  The climax was we writing it on a sheet of paper. 

The Bishop said that whatsoever we desired to be expired, we should write it on paper and declare boldly that it has expired.  We obeyed!

Though we have been married for almost four years, it seemed like 40 years. We told ourselves that we have listened to 30 years, 50 years, waiting but we don’t want to wait any longer. So, next year must be the year of the delivery of our biological children. 

At that point, we became angry in the spirit and said that they have to be children, not child.  To the glory of God, we have our triplets as the products of Shiloh!” Mr.& Mrs. Okunnaiya, P.

  1. Blessed with the Fruit of the Womb

We got married in 2014, for two years we experienced a delay in childbearing. So, we went for a test and the doctor said I had zero sperm count. I came with the report to Shiloh 2016 and attended the mother and father of nations beleiving God for a change of story. The night of dedication of babies, I received the word of God from the Bishop, who made me understand that the power that raised Jesus Christ would quicken my mortal body, I believed God and I knew my case was settled. In March 2017, we were led to open our house for home cell, that same month my wife took in for the first time. After two months she started spotting blood, but I remembered what the Bishop did when he had similar challenges. To the glory of God, the pregnancy was sustained and a day after Shiloh, my wife delivered a bouncing baby boy. – Tosin Adeyemi

Friday, 19th  November, 2021

  1. My Son Released from The Kidnapper By Divine Intervention

For almost two weeks my son went missing. I kept praying about the whereabout of my son and when I came to Shiloh, I told God that I wanted my son to be released instantly. On Friday, the 4th day of Shiloh during the morning session, papa Oyedepo declared that whatever issue that came with us to Shiloh is will not go back with us. I claimed it and started celebrating God for the release of my son even when I had not heard from him.          Miraculously, that same afternoon I called my elder son at home and he told me that my son is back home.

He was kidnapped along the by-pass Benin axis and he tried reaching me on the phone because the kidnappers wanted ransom for his release. But God of Shiloh intervened and he was released after almost two weeks of being held captive at the Word of God’s servant and without any payment . To God alone be all the Glory. Sarah chichi. H

  1. Turnaround From Zero Level To Next Levels!

“I joined this Commission in 2006. Since then, my life had turnarounds from zero level to Next Levels.  A giant loan was set into my business. Since then, we had been believing God to run this business, as this Commission operates debt-free. During Shiloh, I determined with my wife and we prayed about the loan. We prayed, believing God that we won’t return to next year Shiloh with that loan hanging on our company. Lo and behold, God has paid the loan today! He did not only pay the loan, fresh ideas came into the business, which  has turned the business round 1,000 times higher, more than we have been experiencing, since the inception of the business! Today, I return all the glory to the God of Bishop David Oyedepo!”—Oladeji, O. B.

Saturday, 20th November, 2021

  1. Seven Years Barrenness Terminated!

I came to Shiloh 2014 for the first time and sat at a very strategic position looking at my fathers in the faith, Bishop David Oyedepo and Bishop David Abioye. I saw no barrenness in them and in Canaanland so I cannot remain barren. I went back home after Shiloh and intensified my service.

When Wonder Double Phase one began, I complied with the instructions that the Bishop gave. He said we should not pray about our challenges but rather go after souls. I invested in souls; prayed for souls and had sleepless night praying for the Kingdom.

At the end of the Wonder Double Phase one, I was confirmed pregnant and the very last day of Wonder Double Phase three, I gave birth to this wonderful baby girl. We are here to return all the glory back to the God of Shiloh.    Mrs Igbinake Rukeuwe

  1. Marital Stagnation Destroyed!

‘For five years, I trusted God for marital settlement. However, I had been coming for Shiloh and attending the marital breakthrough class. But last year, my expectation was high. On the first day of Shiloh, I had an encounter. I saw Bishop David Oyedepo in a revelation and I told him what had been happening to me. He said, “Go, the spell is broken. Go and attract your husband in five minutes.” I then gave all I had for my Shiloh sacrifice. During the cross over service, the Bishop said that there shall be no carryover. He further said that before 12 p.m. our blessings would get to us. I stayed back and prayed while I trusted God for a miracle. Before 12 p.m. I met my husband, and we got gloriously married.  I give God all the glory’! – Mary Omolola Oladele

Jesus is Lord!

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