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Covenant Hour of Prayer: Documented Testimonies

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Documented Testimonies

Monday, 1st – Saturday, 6th November 2021

Monday, November 1, 2021

Delivered Of Strange Sickness

I want to give God all the glory who rescued my life from destruction. I was sick for nine months and it was a strange sickness that even the doctor could not say this is exactly what was wrong with me. I kept on praying and going out for soul winning then I read a testimony of someone who read “Rescued from Destruction” and started divine physiotherapy, so I did exactly the same thing. Then I started getting better progressively.

During the first pre-Shiloh encounter service, papa told us to write JUST ONE THING we wanted God to do for us and that the next 7-days would be a week of harvest of testimonies and he said we shouldn’t pray about it anymore, but we should keep THANKING AND PRAISING GOD. That week I was slow to comply initially due to the persistent pains but during Covenant hour of prayer papa kept talking about obedience, so I started thanking and praising God the pains notwithstanding. I and my mum came to Canaanland to praise God and I knew the siege over my health is actually over. Today all pains are gone, and I am perfectly restored and made whole. To God alone be all the glory.  OLOMINU DAVID.  

SS turns AA

I want to give God all the glory. For the past ten years my two children have been SS blood group, but shortly after the hour of visitation on Thursday during Shiloh 2020, papa said every sickle cell anemia is destroyed I key into it and took my children for a nearby hospital, but when the result came out it was still positive with SS then I got angry and tore the report saying to myself this is not my children report and moreover this is not what papa said I kept trusting God with my children as we were part of the impartation service on Saturday. again papa declared the same prophecy. As he anchored on the benefit of Shiloh sacrifice when I participated by emptying my account. On Monday I took my children to hospital to run the same blood group test and behold the SS became AA. Instantly, I have come to return all the glory to the God of Bishop David oyedepo. Joseph Ademu

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Conception After 5 Years Via Prophetic Declaration

For five years I believed God for the fruit of the womb. As a result of that, I started running a series of tests. Some of the tests revealed that I had blocked fallopian tubes and some other things. I was booked for a procedure this Month (October 2021), but in the cause of this I started taking Holy Communion and anointing myself every morning. Last week Sunday (October 24, 2021), God’s servant Bishop Oyedepo instructed us to write One thing we wanted on a piece of paper and I wrote hitch-free pregnancy. To the glory of God on Wednesday October 27, 2021, I was confirmed pregnant.”Alabi Oyindamola, 09021292972

  1. Debt Cleared at Shiloh

For some time now I had been indebted, and as a result I have not being able to sleep like every other person does. Each time I even manage to, I wake up in a shock of the debt.

Brethren, truly, debt is a burden to man. I didn’t have any hope of payment, especially because I didn’t even have a running job. During Shiloh as Bishop Oyedepo asked us, I wrote down that as one of the 3 requests I had on my expectation sheet.

Brethren, in the course of Shiloh 2019, I heard Papa read that bible portion that says “come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy burdened and I will give you rest”, I cried to God to help me pay up and Brethren, this was how the debt that gave me sleepless night was supernaturally cleared. 

Brethren, I didn’t have to rob Peter to pay Paul. God payed this debt without expecting a payback. I have come to say THANK YOU JESUS for finally giving me peace of mind. Limits are all broken in my life indeed. Ruth Onyegbile

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Healed of Kidney Disease!

‘For three years, my son had kidney related issues; he could not eat like normal human and walk. But in 2019, we came to see Bishop David Oyedepo and he prayed for him. Thereafter, miraculously, he began to walk and eat. Now, to the glory of God of Shiloh, he is well and had been reaching out to souls. During the lockdown, while all the churches were closed in Togo, he went preaching the gospel and within eight months, God gave him a car. Now, we have started building our house. I return all the glory to God!’ Sylvia Goeh A.

Divine Favour and Healing via Prayer!

‘During the lockdown, I fell sick and was rushed to the general hospital. I was in coma for four months and because of the bill, my family left me at the hospital. However, a lady came to my ward and she told me about Shiloh. One night, I cried and called on the God of Bishop David Oyedepo, the God of Shiloh to heal me and if He does, I would appear in that Shiloh to show forth Is praise and heard and healed me. Three days later, a man that I did not know before came and said God told him to come help someone. Lo and behold, my bill that was half a million was supernaturally paid. Now, I am healed, and my debt had been settled. I return all the glory to God!’ Gloria Jatto

Friday, November 5, 2021

Healed of Hole in the heart and Low Calcium Level

I have come to return all glory to the God of this commission, a prayer answering God, who never fails for healing my 4 months old baby from low calcium level issues and hole in the heart. My son jitters and when i took him to the hospital he was said to have a low calcium level and some other health issues, I did all i was told to do, yet his calcium level keeps dropping day by day until I attend Shiloh 2020. I prayed like never before, I prayed to God to supernaturally increase his calcium level and heal him of the hole in his heart and behold I took him to the hospital on the 16th of December to check his calcium level and when the result came his calcium level has supernaturally gone up, the glittering is gone and he is made whole. I have come to return all Glory to the God of my father bishop david oyedepo!!to him alone be all the glory forever and ever. Amen. feanyi ifunanya 

Release from Prison Via Pre Shiloh Encounter Service

“My son who lives abroad was arrested at a grocery shop in February 2021. He was placed in Police custody without any accusation of any crime. Efforts by his lawyer to bail him out proved abortive. I met with Papa (Bishop Oyedepo) in September and he declared that my son would be released by divine Favour. I received and believed the prophetic declaration. Last Sunday (October 24, 2021), when Papa declared Operation One Thing At A Time (where we were asked to ask God for one thing), I told God to confirm the word of His servant by releasing my son. On Wednesday October 27, 2021, my son was released. I have come to give God all the glory.” –Omolade Abigail, 09158576950

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Healed of Spinal Cord Injury at Shiloh!

‘In 2019, I had a spinal-cord issue, and it was not as a result of an accident or carrying any heavy load. After the close of work that faithful day, I wanted to stand up and then realized I could not. Thereafter, I had a surgery, and I almost lost my life. I was bedridden and never knew when I urinated or defecated on my body. That same year, in December, a lady spoke to me about Shiloh and despite my condition, she drove me to Canaanland. While I heard the Word, my healing began to take place. Now, I can walk, and I have been driving myself. Also, I have been controlling my faeces and urine. I return all the glory to God!’ Oloyede Omotayo

Career Breakthrough Via Prophetic Instruction.

‘’During the first pre-Shiloh encounter service which was held on the 24th of October 2021, Bishop Oyedepo instructed that we write down one prayer point and pray over it with faith to receive an answer. In the company where I work, I’m a marketer and I have a target to seal up a deal. I told God on that day that as a marketer, I need Him to seal up a deal for me. I kept thanking God after the prayer. To the glory of God last Thursday, a customer called in and said he was coming to the company and when he came, he sealed up a deal on my behalf.” –Naomi Ifeoma, 08034425093

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