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Pastor Gbile Akanni at RCCG Australia Pacific Virtual Conference 2021 Tagged ‘Covenant Keeping God
The Covenant Keeping God, vis a vis we working with Him in that Covenant. I started with the story of the covenant God made with Abraham and what and how he walked into it. We read Genesis 17, which eventually we couldn’t get into it because of time.
Genesis 17
I emphasized yesterday that God is not just a Covenant Keeping God but all His covenants are always a contract or an agreement between himself and another person. All the time God wants to make covenants, He looks for a man to enter into the Covenant with. Several times God has entered into covenant with individuals, the Covenant He has entered with them became a blessing to not only those people but to their entire generations.

Because God wants to enter into a covenant with a man, as long as the man keeps the terms of the Covenant, God continues to honour His covenant even to a thousand generations.

What I want to deal with here is that as far as God is concerned, He will never break His covenant, whatever He says will come to pass but because a covenant is between someone and God, it becomes necessary that we look at how to walk in covenant relationship with God so that God who is willing to keep covenant will freely bring to pass all that He has spoken concerning us in a covenant relationship.

Genesis 17
God spoke continually about what He wants to do in Abraham’s life but there are two things I want you to join me with.
I want to say again that once God enters into a covenant with any man, God keeps it.

God is never a covenant breaker and everything that God says when He enters a covenant, He is able to bring it to pass, He will not break His covenant.

There are few things I want to use the life of Abraham to illustrate. In Chapter 15, the Bible noted that God entered into a covenant and that was after Abraham had encountered Melchizedek and had opened up his heart to God and has refused Sodom and the King of Sodom.

God expects that regardless of any interruption that comes that you stand by the terms of the covenant in your life. God’s covenant in a man’s life is a divine trust, He expects you to keep that divine trust.
Every time, a clear time commitment of His eternal purpose for a man’s life, it is that God is taking that man into trust. God is a covenant-keeping God. We might just think that we will get blessings but I want you to know that God’s covenant with a man usually transcends its immediate particular enjoyment or pleasure, I want you to know that every covenant that God enters with a person is everlasting and that means it goes beyond your ordinary needs. It means God is entering a covenant with you sometimes on behalf of generations coming behind you.

How do I walk in a covenant relationship with God who keeps covenant?

God is a covenant-keeping God, that is established. Because God keeps covenants that is why we are here.

The covenant He made with Noah is still here till now because God keeps covenant that is why what He said concerning Abraham, the Seed of Abraham, is why we are here. The Covenant that God made with David that I will raise a son from you who will sit on the throne forever, it is because of God who keeps covenant that we are here.

What I am trying to say is that God is still wanting to make covenants with men and women. As far as God is concerned, God will keep His words, God will never swallow His words, none of His promises will fall to the ground.

Even when you are not there again, God will be there to fulfill the promise He has made.
How do I work in a covenant relationship with God who keeps covenant? To me, that is the major challenge.
I am using Abraham as an illustration.

In Chapter 14, God came and struck a relationship with Abraham. I said yesterday that God came just before Sodom was going to strike a relationship with Abraham and Abraham met with Melchizedek just before the King of Sodom will come, it looked like a divine interaction.

When God wants to take you into trust, God is jealous about anything concerning you. Many of us who wants to walk the covenant relationship with God, it is not just with the benefits of your personal self but the benefits of the generations coming after you. He is jealous about your life, He is concerned about what you are doing.

When you are a man covenanted with God, God is too jealous to share you with someone else.
If you are going to walk in covenant with God, you must understand the jealousy of God over your life.

He says I am a jealous God, I tolerate no rival. When God enters into a covenant relationship with you, He wants to possess you. A covenant relationship with God is totally possessive. If God cannot possess the man He wants to go into a covenant relationship with, that relationship can not go on.

How do I walk?

I must walk with the understanding that being a man in a covenant relationship with God, I cannot belong to anyone else.

The marriage covenant we discussed is only but a shadow of the Covenant that the Lord Jesus is having with His bride. The relationship God has with a church is like a marriage.

Once we enter into a covenant relationship with God, it is possessive, God doesn’t tolerate rivals. God himself must possess you one hundred percent.

By the time we got to chapter 15, God came to him and said to Abraham in a vision saying fear not, I am your shield, your exceeding great reward. Once you enter into a covenant relationship with God, I want you to know that not only that God owns you, God allows Himself to be owned by you. If you look at all the people God entered into a relationship with, you will see it coming over and over again.

When God took the Sons of Levi and they decided to belong to God in a covenant relationship, God said I have taken the Levites to be mine, they will not have any other possession among their friends, I am their possession.

God is willing to possess the Levites and God is willing for the Levites to possess Him.

When I am in a covenant relationship with God, God is deliberately willing to allow himself to become your inheritance in life, to become all that you are longing to have and so when a man has entered into such a relationship with God and God is very possessive about him, God also satisfies that man with Himself. May the Lord give you an understanding of this.

The Bible noted that as God spoke to Abraham and entered a covenant with him in chapter 15, the Bible noted in verse 18, as far as God is concerned, all of those that were appearing to be alive over the land that God has covenanted with Abraham, God himself is saying I have given them to you. In the time of the covenant, God said you won’t enter into possessing it yet because the iniquity of the Ammonites is not yet full so your children are going to go to the Land of Egypt, they will be there for four hundred and thirty years before I will bring them back because we must follow due process.

The iniquity of Ammonites must be full so that when God begins to drive them out, there will be a rationale for doing it. God himself in order to work out His relationship with you, He wants everything to make his covenant come to pass in your life by every means. Every rationale, legality, requirement that will make God’s covenant in my life to come to pass, God himself is willing to take it.

If you will enter into a covenant relationship with God and God takes you into trust and you are walking with Him as a man who wants to keep the covenant, may I say to you, every legal requirement, every rationalization, or every prerequisite that will make the covenant of God in your life to come to reality, God himself is going to work it out.

When I look at the life of Abraham, for God to give him the land He has promised, God himself was going to meet all the rationale and requirements to make it possible so when you see the others being pushed out, it is not only that God has said they should be pushed out but God has waited for them to behave in such a manner that their being taken out of the land will be justified because their iniquities has come to an end.

Every covenant relationship that God makes with a man, many times, God sets a time for it and when God has set a covenant that is packaged in a particular time for it to come to pass, it will be required that I walking in a relationship with him in the covenant must be able to work in his time, Habakkuk 2, the vision is for an appointed time.

When God spoke about when He is going to bring His Son as a part of the Covenant, there was a time for it and when the time for the covenant to come to pass comes, nothing can stop it God will make sure there is no delay, it will come to pass because God who keeps covenant also gives the time for the covenant.

How do I walk with God in a covenant relationship?

I must walk with his timing. A man of covenant with God does not make haste because you already know that God keeps covenant and that if what God said has not happened, it is not because it will not happen it is because what God said is the time in that Covenant relationship has not come. As a man who is walking with God in a covenant relationship, I must walk with God’s time. There are many people who know that God has a promise for their life but because they are not careful to find out what is the time for it, they have either moved earlier or moved away or broken the covenant because they thought that it delayed.
Something happened in chapter 16, just like God spoke to him in chapter 15.

Does it happen to a man who God wants to walk in a covenant relationship with that God has just spoken something wonderful to you and something suddenly came in to disrupt it? Just as I saw in chapter 14, Sodom was coming to disrupt what God wanted to do but God intervened.

In chapter 16, I am seeing another interruption. Whenever I look at a tragedy, this verse is a very great tragedy in my mind. After ten years of walking in a covenant relationship with God, the enemy came, when you want to walk with God in covenant relationship, I will like you to mark the issues I am raising here. The Bible said Sarah spoke to Abraham, God has not given me a child, go into my maid which was directly contrary to chapter 15, the Bible said Abraham hearkened to the voice of Sarah. That little bible verse was the same way Adam missed the purpose of God, Adam hearkened to the voice of his wife in doing what God said he should not do.

When you want to walk with God in a covenant relationship, you need to be deliberate, you don’t take any instruction from anywhere else except in deliberate obedience to what God has said.

One of the terms of a covenant relationship is that you are going to walk directly with God, you are going to be very diligent in obeying God’s words. If you listened yesterday, you will note that our Father in the Lord said, the Bible says If you are diligent to harken to the word of God, then this and this will happen, a man that has a covenant relationship with God must be careful to obey God and obey Him alone.

You must be deliberate, any voice that comes must be subjected to the will of God. You cannot afford it, God’s eyes are on you, God has brought you into a place of trust and God is saying to you at a time like this that I want to walk with you. You must be careful not to deviate from God’s words to you.
I noted that the Hagar that Sarah was talking about was the girl they picked when they went to Egypt, when you want to walk with God, your steps are very important, where you go or stay is very important. By the time we are ending chapter 16, the Bible said Hagar bore Abraham a son and Abraham called the son Ishmael and Abraham was eighty-six years old when Hagar bore Ishmael.

In-between chapter 16:16 and 17:1, you will notice that there is a gap of thirteen solid years of no record, of a broken fellowship.

Because God is a covenant-keeping God, even when the one with whom He made the covenant has misbehaved, God cannot break his covenant even when you decide to not be faithful to Him. Your disobedience may bring you into trouble or push you out but God never fails to keep His covenant.

In chapter 7:1, what exactly are you seeing there, if you go to chapter 15 you will notice that He was introducing that after these things, chapter 16, talks about ‘now’ but chapter 17, there was a phrase, the Lord said I am the Almighty God, did you see a new introduction. Walking with God in a covenant relationship, we need to maintain an unbroken relationship with God because for the covenant to come to pass and to live in the reality God has designed for it between yourself and Himself, there must be continuity. I want you to be deliberate, what are doing about keeping your relationship with God. The man that God is keeping a relationship with ought to pay attention to making sure that your walk with God is steady even if the enemy tempts you, you need to come back quickly, it is very critical.

God has a covenant with your life but something has happened and you have derailed and you are somewhere now in a position, you are not in the center of God’s will, God has brought you into this Conference because of this covenant that He started with your life, He cannot break it.

The Bible said I am the Almighty God, walk before me and be thou perfect. The word be thou perfect means be wholesome, stop being scattered.

Abraham fell on his face and God spoke to him in verse 4, He said as for me my covenant is with you, for you, you have changed but I have not changed because God is a covenant-keeping God, I say to you, He doesn’t change. Even though you have been drifting, I hear God saying, look, as for me, my covenant is with you.

I want you to know that when God came to Abraham and said walk thou before me, covenant relationship with God requires a walk with God. All the blessedness that will approve to your life as a result of the covenant are nothing, they will be added to your life but one principal matter is walking in a covenant relationship with God. Walking in the understanding that God is in my life, I cannot walk as if I am any other person. God has a divine arrangement in my life for which He has entered into a covenant with me.
Covenant relationship that God enters with a man is also a progressive covenant. From stage to stage, God comes to renew it. A covenant relationship with God is never stagnant and as you are growing in your walk with God, that covenant continues to get renewed moment after moment, that relationship is being renewed practically in your life on a daily basis.
Because God never fails, Hebrews 6.
I will like you to know first that God is not unrighteous to forget or overlook your labour and love which you have shown for His namesake. Because God is a covenant-keeping God, he is not unfaithful as to forget you.

I know that God cannot forget me, no matter where you are located, he doesn’t forget a man with whom he has struck a covenant. If you are a man that God has entered into a covenant relationship with, in Christ Jesus, He will never forget you because He never forgets. Isaiah 49 says can a woman forget her sucking child?

That she will not remember the child of her womb, they said yes, she may forget but I the Lord I will never forget you. Imagine that every day God sees you engraved on the palm of his hands. He keeps covenants and never forgets whom He has made the covenant with.
I need to request of you, Hebrews 6.

We are talking about men that God made covenant with and they have entered into the fullness of that covenant, there are things they did;

  1. They are diligent, Abraham had opportunities to return to the country he was coming from but because he had seen what God has spoken concerning him, he was diligent.

The Bible says I do strongly desire that each of you to show the same diligence and sincerity all the way through. If you are going to walk in a covenant relationship with God, I request for each of you to show diligence all the way through.

Attempted Christianity has no reward, only those who endure till the very end shall be saved. What God has said, He will do it, the way God has spoken to you, we will see it come to pass.

Those of us that will walk in this covenant and see it come to pass, we need to show the same interest, we do not need to become spiritual sluggards. Every covenant has time, God is preparing the rationale to bring you into the covenant. Don’t become spiritual sluggards. Sluggards cannot fit into God’s covenant.

The covenant relationship God has with you, God is working at it in His goodness and all you need to do is to rest and have total confidence in God’s ability to bring to pass. When God made His promise to Abraham, God said there is no one greater, there is no other surety we have that God will fulfill His covenant apart from God himself.

Every word God has spoken is a point, God cannot say something to me which He will not bring to pass. When God says I by myself, that means you should settle every uncertainty in your mind.

I want to say to you, how can you walk in a covenant relationship with God? It will require patience, endurance, inner strength coming from the inside that God who has spoken cannot fail and this is what kept some of us going over these years.

We know what God said concerning us, many years ago, God spoke to us about what He is doing in the Body of Christ that is in the 70s, that ‘certain denomination, I will visit them,
I will bring revival to the place’. It was difficult to believe but because God spoke, we are seeing God work, some of us came from nowhere, from obscurity and the Spirit of God said I will give you a voice among men, it was difficult to believe but because God is a covenant-keeping God, He has kept His words.

Whatever God is saying concerning you, I want to strongly urge you that you will stand up to it.
I want to ask God that as we are going to conclude this Conference that you will deliberately put your hand in the hands of Him who keeps covenant and walk in a covenant relationship with God.

This meeting is not about Abraham but you, it is that God is about to enter into a covenant relationship with someone for the sake of the earth, for the sake of this generation, for the sake of the nation you are.

Wherever you are, just kneel down before the Lord and say God I am hearing that you are a God that keeps covenant with particular persons and you have covenant particularly to my life, I want to put my hand in your hands, I want you to give me the inner strength that will make me a follower, I want to walk with you. Has there been an interruption in your life? I see God coming back to you.

Say, Father, I am coming to you. Some of you remember what God used to say concerning you and everything seems like it is not going to come to pass again, can you come back? For Abraham, he had to come back and be circumcised, whatever has to be done to your life today, let it be done. Don’t let us end this Conference without you renewing the covenant relationship.

Before your deviation becomes big can you bring it and lay it before our Lord, say Lord make me a covenant keeper with you, cause me to walk in the midst of your purpose for my life. If there are sins that came between you and the Saviour, this is the time to confess them.

The Lord is saying my covenant is still with you and He is stretching His arms saying come up again.

The reason why you didn’t die in that situation is because God has not given up on His covenant with you. If you are now a spiritual sluggard, ask God to renew you.


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