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Cristiano Ronaldo: I have achieved my Dream – I have made a landmark
Impact in the History of Football

Cristiano Ronaldo believes that with the amount of trophy that he has won, he is one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Christiano Ronaldo added The Best FIFA Men’s Player award for 2016 to the Ballon d’Or that he won, capping a stellar year in both Real Madrid and Portugal. He ended 2016 with Champions League and Euro 2016 winner’s medals, as well as one for the Club World Cup, prompting a string of year-end accolades.

Even with Lionel Messi’s dominance of the period that they have shared, Christiano Ronaldo’s legacy has been secured as one of the football’s greatest.

Christiano Ronaldo stated to FIFA’s official website;

“I have no doubt that I am already a part of football’s history, this has always been my major goal, since I started playing: not only to become a player, but to be a star and to constantly strive to be the best and I did it: the trophies speak for themselves – the titles, the individual awards, and the records.”

“It is a source of great pride and it motivates me to keep on working the same way I have been doing so far.”

Based on an awesome year with club and country, Ronaldo said:

“I have said it a few times: this has probably been the best year of my career. 

“Winning the trophy with the national team makes 2016 a very special year as it was a first for Portugal and obviously it plays a big part in it. Real Madrid winning the Champions League and then the Club World Cup, which is the best possible manner to finish the year

“2016 was a spectacular year and a truly special one. I have no doubt that it has been my best since I have started to play football.”

Christiano Ronaldo is truly a legend and he knows what it takes to be a footballer and that is what makes thousands of people around the world appreciate him and love him.

To Christiano Ronaldo, his Country, his Club and his Fans we say congratulations.

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