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Cristiano Ronaldo Produced About $1 Billion in Value for Sponsors on Social Media

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Cristiano Ronaldo, the only player that some people finds pleasure in hating and criticizing but still keep setting records on and on. He is known to be the biggest star in the most popular sport in the world which is football. He was born on 5th Feb, 1985. He is a Portuguese professional player, who also plays forward for his Spanish club, Real Madrid and his country Portugal. He became the global soccer icon in every phase of last year soccer game.

It all started last year with his club, Real Madrid, after winning the Champion’s league title in May 2016. He also led the senior national team of his country to its first European Championship last summer, before helping his club Real Madrid capture it first La Liga in five years ahead of rivals Barcelona and Messi, he continues the run for his club again after helping his club to claim another champions league, which makes the club the first club to ever claim the title two season consecutively.

Ronaldo also makes it to the top of his individual accolades with his fourth world best player of the year award, as well as his 600th career goals and also his 100th goals in champion league matches. One of the biggest beneficiaries of Ronaldo’s success was his sponsors, am very sure his sponsors will never regret sponsoring him because he has always bring value to the table. They racked up $936 million in media value across his social media accounts in the last 12months ending, according to Hookit, which tracks sponsorship value in social and digital media. The tally is more than seven times any other sportsman.

The heavy usage of social media and the largest following of any athlete is what make the combination of the value of this popular footballer called Ronaldo. It was recorded that he posted 580 times over the 12 months with a sponsor mention or inclusion of logo. The person that was able to make it to the next highest was recorded to have posted 255 times which was Barcelona’s Neymar. Even the Ronaldo’s 277 million followers are 68% higher than that of Neymar, who was able to make it to the second position in the ranking by 165 million followers. He added incredible 62 million followers in the past year, and his Facebook fans alone of 122 million that happen to be more than the population of many countries in the world, even his fans on Facebook alone is more than any other person on the planet.

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. I tell you this guy has really stand out in the career he has chosen, Ronaldo was also recorded to have 927 million interaction (likes, comments, shares) and video views on his sponsored post, for an average value per post of $1.6 million for sponsor like Nike, Herbalife, Abbott labs and Tag Heuer {the sum total of his interactions and video views were 2.4 billion, including non-sponsored posts}.

Ronaldo was the highest paid athlete in the world, for the second straight year with $93 million, including $53 million which is also generated off the pitch from sponsors and licensing deals. Even sponsors recognize the value that this guy brings to the table. Nike inked him to a lifetime deal at the end of 2016, which was account to worth about $1 billion.

Cristiano Ronaldo Followers on Social Media | ALWAYS FUTBOL

The most popular sport players dominate the list of athletes delivering the most interactions and media value for sponsors. Credit the popularity of the players, team and sport itself, which touches every corner of the globe widely. Athletes who have involved the major social media platforms, to make them accessible by their fans have done the best job to grow their followings on social media into the millions, says Hookit CEO Scott Tilton. Athletes like Ronaldo, Neymar, Bolt, Zlatan, Messi and Bolt have capitalized on this opportunity to create a constant and active media properties for themselves where they can control content, messaging and brands they endorse to generate massive sponsorship value.

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