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Let’s just leave this here for record purposes.

I posted this response right here on IG 6 days ago. Shortly after I posted, crude oil price went up and dollar USDTNGN, dropped from its high of 630 to as low as 511 in 5 days. It is now at 533. How did I know crude oil would rise and boost the naira? By studying global economics and supply and demand. This is what our leaders should be doing. Making informed decisions based on proven economic theory, not trial and error. Meanwhile, I believe the 2021 budget was created against a $40 per barrel benchmark. Crude oil futures just crossed $81. That is double the benchmark. I hope our leaders will use the extra savings properly and not squander it. Selah.


I believe more Nigerians and especially more believers should spend more resources understanding global and local economics, law, history and politics. There is a reason OPEC and its leading nations are so rich and powerful. Even from afar, they control wealth, command influence and make decisions that affect us and our future personally. These are crucial times. Everyone has their own agenda/value system and they are patiently pushing it.

The Church in Nigeria has done well, but recent events both locally and globally, as revealed in the media show that maybe we are not as aware,as intentional and as impactful as we often boast to be. Prayer and preaching is great & effective. But they are just the foundation. The younger generation should understand the times we are in and build strategically on the foundation that those ahead of us have laid.

If we don’t become more competent, more strategic and more intentional, we and our children unborn will lose our livelihoods, lifestyle and even our lives to a value system that doesn’t have the interests, peace & prosperity of all at heart.

Let all the sons of Issachar who understand the times and seasons and know what the house of Israel should do rise! 1 Chron 12:32

My recent posts are a clarion call so that they hath an ear, let them hear. Selah

Let me rest my case here and go back to my stance of not publicly commenting on the state of our Nation.

God bless Nigeria.

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