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It is no news that Davido asked his friend to donate 1million naira each as a way to prove that they love him, and like play, it happened, and several millions entered his account until it hit 150million naira while we thought that was enough, we received a shock that make it clear that, over 200million as been donated into his newly opened wema bank account, to the extent that the bank had to place a restriction on debit transaction on the account, they wanted to know how come he had several millions of naira coming into the account so fast like that.

It was like a dream but it happened for real, his rich fans went all out to prove how wealthy they are, by donating that amount of money for him, but the main question on people’s mind so far as been how will davido spend the money? he actually made some fun of it by saying, he wants to clear his rolls royce at the airport, so he will use 100m naira to do that, but amazingly we discover that he didn’t use the money for anything personal, as he declared he will add 50million to the 200Million Naira donated so far and give them out to the orphanage homes across Nigeria, it is obvious that DAvido rather prefer to give and be a blessing to the world than to amass wealth for himself an personal consumption.

Like the saying goes, givers never lack, Davido as proven that he is a giver indeed, this one incident as spark a lot of reaction on social media lately, with various people sharing their thought and opinion about the situation.

See what he said below;


I wish to express my sincere gratitude to my friends, colleagues, fans, and the public for the generous expressions of love in recent days. In my usual playful manner, I requested a few days ago that my friends and colleagues send money in celebration of my birthday. The response and outcome exceeded my expectations, as I received about NGN 200,000,000.00 in less than two days. I truly appreciate everyone who donated hard-earned funds and I am very thankful for your generosity.

I have always been passionate about giving back and helping people. In view of this, I am delighted to announce that all the funds received, totaling NGN 200,000,000.00, will be donated to orphanages across Nigeria as well as the Paroche foundation. In addition, I will be making a personal donation of NGN 50,000,000.00, bringing the total amount to NGN 250,000,000.00.

To oversee the distribution of funds to beneficiaries, I have established a five-person Disbursement Committee. Members of the committee include:

1. Mrs. Titi Adebayo– chairman of the committee.

2. Professor Jonathan Nwosu– secretary to the committee.

3. Professor Yahana Joel Asabe of the Northern Nigeria Seventh Day Adventist union Conference.

4. Pastor (Dr) Oyalabu of Spring Time Development Foundation (SDF).

5. Professor Uloma Onuoha

The committee will compile a list of orphanages across Nigeria. They will determine the number of children and their needs at each orphanage, and then divide the funds accordingly. The committee will also determine the portion of the money that will be donated to Paroche foundation. To maintain transparency, the committee will make public the names of the beneficiary orphanages and how much each will receive.

A list of all beneficiaries and their verified account details will be submitted to Wema Bank, who will then be instructed to credit each beneficiary’s account.

My goal is to do this fundraising every year to celebrate my birthday and give back to people in need. It is my hope that my friends, fans, colleagues in the industry, and the public will continue to support me as I drive this cause.
Once again, I express my sincere gratitude to my friends, colleagues, fans, and everyone that made this possible. God bless you all.
— We rise by lifting others, Davido.


Watch the video below;

What do you think about this decision of his ? Do you think he as done the right thing with the money?

Drop a comment below let me hear from you.

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  1. That is a Highly commendable deed from Davido. With deeds like this, There is no way Davido can Escape the Blessings of GOD here on Earth .

    Having Said that, I would like Davido and Everyone all over the world to understand that Being a Philanthropist is a good and Commendable act BUT it is not a Substitute for the SALVATION of your Soul. It is not a Substitute for us to have Eternal life in Heaven.

    Eternal life in Heaven is Solely and Exclusively by a Genuie relationship with JESUS Christ.

    So in all our Philanthropist activities, Ensure you Surrender to JESUS Christ and Live for HIM and to HIS Glory.
    This is what truly Matters for our Eternity.

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