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This is one of the shocking news i have seen in Nigeria lately, so it is possible for someone to become a multi-millionaire in 24hours? and am not talking about some 2 or 4millions o, am talking about over 121million plus, Davido is a popular musician in Nigeria, he is a celebrity and just few days ago, he requested for some money from his friends.

He said he as been giving people money for many years, and as the saying goes, we rise by giving others, he said he wants to know those who are his true friends, and he said they should give him one million naira each, this sounds like a joke, but it actually turn out real, i mean very real, see what he said below;

Now, did you know in less than 3hours after making that request, he got over 70million naira in his account?

This may sound unbelievable but to show you, we are not faking the news, check the screenshot below and see what he posted;

I thought that is actually enough until i see the shock of my life, i discover folks kept sending money to him, as at this morning, he as gotten 121million naira from his friends all over,

You will also see the list of celebrities who gave him money below.

Watch the video below;

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