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Dead come back to Life testimony at Dunamis Glory Dome

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-Pastor Paul Enenche at 2022 Overflowing Grace and Glory Fast, Dunamis International Gospel Centre,
Day Eleven.
Somebody give the Lord a big clap of hand. I want us to celebrate this Prayer Answering God. There is a song I heard at the Faith Tabernacle;
🎶 Prayer answering God, You are worthy of praise🎶
We serve a drastic prayer answering God. Let me read a testimony to your first from Kubwa, Abuja;

“I want to thank God for His divine intervention in my family. A relation was brought from the village on Sunday evening to my house for onward journey to another family. When we woke up on Tuesday for our family devotion, she told us she had a dream that she died and I declared immediately ‘God forbid! Not in this house.’ We had our devotion and prayed with her.

Then at about midnight that same day, she started crying that her body hurts. I then said she should take paracetamol, so that in the morning we will go to the hospital and check what was wrong with her. I prayed for her again and asked her to go back to bed.

On Wednesday morning, we started treating malaria after medical consultation. She took the first dose of medication and slept off.

She woke up in the afternoon, few minutes to 1pm and came to the sitting room and laid on the couch. I then left her there and entered the kitchen to see what I could prepare for her to eat. When I was done cooking, I called her to come and carry the food but there was no response from her, only for me to go and check and saw her on the floor laying face down.

I then thought that she laid down on the floor on purpose. So, I told her to get up that the tiles were too cold for her to lie on but there was no response. I tapped her, no response, raised her hand, it dropped. I shook her, no response.

Then I knew something was seriously wrong. She had passed out. I started making demands on the God of this Commission and praying and with the help of my aunty in the house, we raised her and dropped her on the couch and continued to declare that; ‘There shall be no loss.’

We then used a spoon to force her mouth open and then administered the Communion of escape and oil of preservation blessed by God’s servant Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche and at once, she suddenly jerked back to life and opened her eyes. It was like she was coming from somewhere far. I have come to return the glory and honour to God Almighty for not allowing the enemy to stain my praise.”

This is the fourth case since this fast started that people that are dead, some confirmed dead by the doctors, that have been raised back to life, under 11 days.

  • I prophesy to you today; everything that is dying or dead in your life is coming back alive now!

Let me say something to you because I want us to do another praise to this Prayer answering God. December 2019, the world became ravaged beginning from China with what they called coro and to the best of our knowledge, it is laboratory manufactured pathogen – biological instrument.

There is something they are investigating in America now, called “the Gain-of-Function experiment”, where you take the V**** and multiplied its mortality rate. That is, if it infects a person, it could only cause fever. Then try it and let’s see how you infect a person and cause death and if it was 30 per cent mortality rate, let’s see how it can make it 70 per cent. Terrible, public money funded experiment.

The suspicion is that, this demonic V is once such. Came on the scene, before you know it, the world is been overrun, people are dying in mass. In some quarters, everybody who was sick was meant to be confirmed to be coro.

There are doctors who resigned in that season and then terrible predictions, before anything started, that Africa’s street will be filled with dead bodies. The target was Africa. Unfortunately for the devil and their agents, God who frustrate the tokens of liars, maketh diviners mad, disappoint the vices of the crafty, so their hands cannot perform their enterprise. He frustrated that enterprise!

Africa people were standing kapraka like Iroko tree and the death was happening where they said Africa would die. Before you know it, injection production, contrary to every laboratory injection process in history. Injections are meant to be produced and then tested on laboratory animals for two – five years sometimes or more, so that if it is toxic or not, let us see what it will do on the animals. But this one was finished straight and pushed on human beings. The human beings became the laboratory animals. So, you see people falling down, dying of cardiac arrest on the spot after injection – all manner of things happening and then, lock down, face mask; everything.

We said it at the beginning, that this is a demonic agenda; an agenda from the pit of hell. From the same quarter where they said there would be dead bodies in Africa, from that same quarter, they said until the whole world is injected, things will not come to normal.

That is, as it is now, everybody should still be locked out until you show injection card, probably you are not meant to come out. Then, this is for an ailment that is 99 percent curable.

I’ve seen people who come to me, when they are talking, I know what they carry. Just one dial and it is off, yet the whole world must be locked down because the Gospel of the Kingdom must be hindered and the anti-Christ must test the ground to see how the world will respond before the real mark of the beast comes. But who is he that saith it and it cometh to pass when the Lord commanded it not?
The other day, Spain said they cannot continue like this, the people have to return to normal; they consider this as normal flu, normal cold and then, the British Prime Minister came out yesterday and made a broadcast to the House of common. He said;

  1. By next week Thursday, mandatory certification is to end.
  2. End of compulsory use of coro injection certification.
  3. No more working from home; people to return to the office.
  4. British Government will no longer mandate the wearing of face mask.
    The use of face mask in classrooms no longer required.

That is nothing but God answering the prayers and putting the devil and his agents to shame. The wisdom for the rest of the world is to follow suit and Africa that follow everything without any sense; just follow, follow – to them, everything that is white is right and if it is black, it has to be bad.

Government of nations, some collecting money to enforce somethings and sharing of money and all that and put their people under bondage. Shame to the devil and to the agents of hell.

God is a praying answering God. When we speak at times and some people think we are mad people or they think that we are speaking from some realms, I want you to understand that God in Heaven hears and He perform the word of His servant and the counsel of His messengers.
I want you to celebrate, even if it is for seven more minutes; that is, every other prayer we are praying shall be answered.

  • Evil in Nigeria will also end very soon. Wicked men; sponsors of killers, those who think they have pocketed the destiny of this Nation, they will begin to die one after the other!

This is freedom for the Gospel. We were meant to have crusade in England, just before the lock down. It was already announced and then, the lock down arrived and I made up my mind; I won’t shift nowhere – one inch until this demonic thing collapses. I can’t step at an airport or somewhere and they say, bring your injection card.

You can’t get it! Don’t feel bad if you have it. I told God; “You know the Gospel must be preached and some of us will never…, so open the gate.” Last December, we prayed and said; “Let the nations be opened up unconditionally because this end time Gospel must be preached, then the end shall come and God is opening it up right now!”

So when I got the news, I said, get ready. We are going to fix dates for all the places, chase the devil back to hell. I want you to take the next seven minutes and let us celebrate the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
Lift up your right hand and just worship Him, honour Him, adore Him. Very, very quickly; SECRETS OF THE SUPERNATURAL.

One of the things God has said to us in this year is that; this year of Overflowing Grace and Glory will be a year of very drastic manifestations of the supernatural; a year where people will stand in awe, ourselves will stand in awe and wonder, what is happening?

There are things that will happen around you, not only will people who know you will be surprised, you will be surprised. There are things that will happen in our Church this year, it is already happening; finger in the sky, not only will people who know us be surprised, we shall be shocked.

What is that leads us to that realm?

1). Love for God – genuine passionate love for God (1 Corinthians 2:9-10). The supernatural is reserved for lovers of God; it is not just church they love; they love God and the devil knows they love God.

Those who know them know they love God. Those who hate them know that the love for God is tangible.

2). Walking in the Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:9-10, Romans 8:14 and 19). When you know how to pray a lot in the Spirit and you know how to be led and be guided and be directed by the Spirit and walk by the Spirit; you walk the realm of the supernatural.

3). The knowledge of God (Daniel 11:32, Philippians 3:10). Don’t just know church; but know God. Someone should be asking God today; “show me that side of You that I don’t know yet.” Somebody said if you want to know Pastor Paul, listen to his songs.

That side of You, a permanent longing for more… The knowledge of God, it pushes you into dimensions of power (Philippians 3:10).

4). Faith in God (Hebrews 11:6, 32-34). Faith in God that is a product of the knowledge of God, in knowledge of His word, that makes you to dare what others dread; is a secret of the drastic supernatural.

5). Assignment for God – Soul winning assignment (Mark 16:20) Whatever be your career, level in life or duty on earth, if you will commit yourself to the assignment of winning souls, letting people know about their creator, connecting humanity with divinity, you will never lack ability and miracles. Your life will be filled with wonders.

Acts 1:8. You want to see God like you have never seen before, go all the way out and connect souls for Him.

Yesterday, I said if it is possible to take a casual leave, three days out of it is total dry fast or drinking of water without food; asking God for next level of your life and direction. The remaining four days of it is to hit the road, rescuing souls for God since full time work didn’t give you time to work for God. What a way to live!

6). The heart of worship. When you are not a grumbler or murmurer; when you are not a complainer, you will see wonders (Acts 16:25-26). When an earthquake happens, it makes headlines in the news. It was a headline making miracle that happened because they sang praises.

Exodus 15:11
Fearful things happen in the climate of praise. The lifestyle of Worship; When your life is surrounded by His praise and worship it positions you in the realm of the supernatural.

7). The life of holiness (Exodus 15:11, Acts 24:16). A conscious that is void of offence is a secret of the supernatural.
You want to see the drastic supernatural in your life? What do you do?

Love for God, walk in the Spirit, know God (possess the knowledge of God, press to know more of God), exercise faith in God, be on assignment (soul winning assignment for God), possess the heart of worship (Don’t be a murmurer, possess the life of holiness.


  • Those oppression you used to experience before now cannot continue during this fast. Still seeing spirit husband or spirit wife is an abomination. Still eating in the dream is an abomination!
  • Every stubborn, rebellious devil that has followed you into this fast, today is their obituary!
  • I decree today the nightmares, the demonic torment that has been a challenge around your life, tonight; they expire forever!
  • Every devil coming to look for you overnight, what they will see is instant death. What they will see is fire, destruction and disaster in the name of Jesus!
  • I prophesy upon your hands, I declare your harvest shall look for you from the north, south, east and west. What is yours, no devil can divert. Receive it now in Jesus’ name!

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